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I Remember You Episode 3 Recap

I Remember You Ep. 3: Thou shalt not murder, however…

3 IRY 1

Hyun listens to the tape recordings of Joon Young, who tells him in the present that he is watching him. Ji Ahn rushes into the intended victim, Ha Yoon Ji’s, apartment to find her lying unconscious, while the serial killer, Yang Seung Hoon (Tae In Ho), smirks at Ji An who points her gun at him. Hyun leaves his apartment to the station as Ji Ahn informs him that the killer has been brought in for questioning. Seung Hoon is the typical chaebol guy who has lots of free time on his hands, only issue is that since he is so bad at what he does, he is managing the family business in China. Hyun watches the interrogation from the other side as Seung Hoon is trying to get himself out of the mess he is in. Since, he has deducted that Seung Hoon is not Min, he makes his presence known as he startles the cops who are watching the interrogation. He gets permission from Planning Officer, Ji Soo, to quietly listen to the interrogation much to detective Myeong Woo’s annoyance.

3 IRY 2

Officer Seung Joo is at the hospital to get Yoon Ji’s statement of what transpired in her apartment. Meanwhile, Yeon Ji regains consciousness and sees a beautiful being, whom she recognizes, hovering by her bed. Though, the bruises on her are not too bad, she is still reeling in shock and refuses to give her statement and gives a lame excuse of what happened. At least, Seung Joo is smart enough to know that something is up as he thinks back to when he walked past the beautiful being, who is too good looking and young to be a doctor; he rushes out only to find him gone. Seung Hoon is still not talking, so Hyun takes matter into his hands as he disguises himself as a rookie cop and enters the room fumbling around. This makes Seung Hoon oddly comfortable at the eager rookie who just wants to get his first interrogation done, even though he doesn’t speak to male officers. Hyun begins to interrogate Seung Hoon and as he walks around the room to get to Seung Hoon’s side, Hyun gradually strips off his disguise and his layers of interrogation until Seung Hoon is just about to blow the lid on who is supports him since he is not smart enough to be a meticulous killer. ARH! Seung Hoon’s lawyer, the beautiful being, arrives.

3 IRY 3

Lawyer Jung Sun Ho gives Seung Hoon permission to speak, but Hyun notices something is not right with the dynamic. Sun Ho speaks with Jin Eun and team leader Kang about trending the waters carefully on his client, or else something might happen to their unstable Task Force Team. In one of the male fanciest bathroom I have seen at a police station, Seung Hoon confesses to Hyun, but Hyun needs solid evidence to prove his guilt and arrest him. He challenges Hyun of producing an evidence within 24 hours before he boards the plane to China. However, Hyun is not interested in Seung Hoon because Seung Hoon is just a puppet in the hands of the puppeteer. Hyun ask to use Ji Ahn’s computer to send an email in regards of the autopsy of the previous cases. Ji An and Hyun talk about how their hands are tied due to Seung Hoon’s connection and money as well as he claiming mental instability. Ji Ahn wants to catch Seung Hoon by all means and Hyun suggest if he should kill her for him. Fazed at first, Ji An thinks back to when she sneaks in the confession room to hear Hyun confessing that his father’s death is his fault.

3 IRY 4

Joon Ho tells Ji Ahn to ask Hyun for help, but that is not really going to happen because her response to Hyun was if he does kill Seung Hoon, she just want to know when and where. Hyun’s condition is that he will help her, but she shouldn’t show her face to him, it irritates him. Team leader Kang Eun Hyuk and Ji Soo speaks with their Chief who is reprimands them for arresting Seung Hoon without asking for permission, in essence, they should dismiss the case. Even though, Eun Hyuk is building the case, they are not given permission, without evidence, for a warrant. Eun Hyuk relys this message to his team, but he really needs to cut to the chase. Hehe!

3 IRY 5

Ji Ahn gets bold enough to go to Hyun’s apartment to ask for help since the cops have no substantial evidence against Seung Hoon. Hyun begins to talk after Ji Ahn showers him with praises on his intelligence and his shrewd methods, in essence, Seung Hoon should be caught by any means necessary. Hyun takes this as cue as he visits his friend at the art museum to collect the debt he owes Hyun. Yea! I think Ji Ahn just realized that maybe she bargained for too much after seeing Hyun coerce his art buddie into repaying his debt. Hehe! Rather than visiting art buddie, Na Bong Seung, who is in the same psych hospital, Ji Ahn visits Yoon Ji instead in a very nicely furnished suite ward to press her more on information about her attacker. Yoon Ji feigns ignorance to what Ji Ahn is talking about; Ji Ahn visited the scene of the crime with Hyun earlier in the day to gather hypotheses on why Yoon Ji was attacked and who she is protecting. As Ji Ahn leaves, Yoon Ji recalls when Sun Ho visited her at the hospital to collect the drugs hidden on her as he tells her that she is now an accomplices to crime.

3 IRY 6


Ji Ahn calls Hyun as he is having dinner that she failed to persuade the victim, nonetheless, there is still hope from the way Hyun sounds. Ji Ahn tries to invite herself to eat with him, but he declines. As the camera pans out, we see that his dad and younger Min are enjoying dinner time with him. OMG! Don’t know if this is sad or longing. Haha! By the way, Hyun doesn’t need his art buddie’s help anymore as he tells him to enjoy the night at the psych ward. Haha! Seung Hoon is about to leave for China. He calls Hyun to gloat about his escape, but it is not too long, after the plane lands in China, he gets arrested for drug possession. The cops get the tip that Seung Hoon has been arrested in China, but their excited gets shortened when planning manager Ji Soo finds out that Ji Ahn was the one who sent the email to the Chinese police to do an investigation on Seung Hoon since he resides in China.

3 IRY 8


Ji Ahn realizes that this is Hyun’s doing and excuses herself. She calls Hyun to know his whereabouts and he texts her an address. Ji Ahn gets to his house and is mightily furious at what he did; handing over Seung Hoon, a Korean, to a different country, China, for trial. Since, Hyun doesn’t practice in Korea or have any government backing, Ji Ahn is his safe bet to catch Seung Hoon as he uses her name for the investigation. However, that is not the main problem for Hyun, even though Ji Ahn is stewing from how Hyun twisted her words in catching Seung Hoon, it is Hyun turn to question Ji Ahn. How come she is at his home at the moment? Err, you texted it to her remember? Wrong? He texted her the wrong number of his home and he didn’t even put the street address, so how does she know where he lives?



3 IRY 9

How is Ji Ahn going to get out of this mess? Now that the series is finally set up, it is refreshing to see the characters, well Hyun mostly, bloom into this cool dude that knows what he is doing. I really hope that Ji Ahn will be written as someone who is an equally intellect in comparison to Hyun because I do not want to see her solely rely on Hyun’s ability to be able to solve crimes. I mean are the writers trying to say that the cops were so horrible at their jobs that Hyun’s presence is their saving grace from the team to be disbanded or for the cops to lose their position. Let them prove what their job titles actually mean. Hopefully, as the series expands, Hyun will be working with the team, however, I want them to be able to figure things out on their own. They are the Special Task Team, right? Be Special, Cops. Other than that, the introduction of Sun Ho makes me believe that he could be Min, but I don’t know??? It will be too easy if I got that right? If so, then show me how Min became this “monster” that he was and is today?

I just love the budding chemistry that these two have, but I hope it doesn’t overshadow the suspense of the drama down the line. It should be able to carry the potential couple as a team and not bring in the mushiness on love and heartbreak due to the fact that Hyun didn’t have enough of that as he was growing up, so as the show might want to claim. Speaking of Hyun, it seems that even though his father thought of him as a monster, he still loved his father regardless. The dinner scene took me off guard because it shows that he actually missed his family as compared to hating them for abandoning him. It is really sad to see, but at the same time, it seems like he has forgiven them for the past and he is trying to recreate and reconnect a future with them, if only it is in his mind. Ah, really a beautiful scene. Okay, episode 4 recap is next.


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