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I Remember You Episode 2 Recap

I Remember You Episode 2: Hello, Monster

2 I remember you 4Dad speaks out of fear as he tells his 11 years old son that he will be locking him down the basement for his own protection. As dad speaks, Hyun gets teary as he thinks back to when Joon Young asked him how his father thinks of him (Hyun). Hyun yells at his dad to ask him what Joon Young has said, rather than lock him up in the basement as a monster. It does seem that dad hasn’t changed his mind as he homeschools Hyun in the basement, while little brother, Min plays upstairs alone. Two guards decide to teach Joon Young a lesson for his recent behaviors. One night, Joon Young gets a smart idea to slash the left side of throat. This calls for an immediate arrival of ambulance to the scene. On the way to the hospital, Joon Young thinks back to when he told Hyun that he has an anomaly; on the right side of his neck, no pulse can be detected; therefore, he is alive.

2 I remember you 5The night feels damp and eerie as dad and Hyun senses something cold in the air. It is Joon Young, who has come to pay a visit to dad. Dad calmly offers him tea, but when Joon Hyong ask about Hyun, the atmosphere changes to worst as Dad and Joon Young have an intense fight. Upon hearing the brawl, a worried Hyun pounds on the basement door calling his dad, while Min runs out the window. Hyun comes out to see his dad laying on his pool of blood. Err! What? Hyun tells his doctor that he doesn’t remember what happened that night after tripping and falling on the pavement. He does, however, remember meeting with Joon Young and reading his father’s memo. Dad’s buddy cop, Ji Eun, becomes Hyun’s foster parent. Adult Hyun thinks aloud, “What type of child was I?” The only person to answer that is Joon Young, who is Hyun’s inspiration to write a book.

2 I remember you 6A tired Ji An comes to a dirty home to see her aunt waiting for her with a huge bowl of kimchi. Saying the name Lee Hyun is good enough reason for an interested aunt to ask the guy Ji An stalked is back. Ji An tells aunt that she just needs to watch his steps now, rather than tell him of her “stalking” because she doesn’t know if he is a friend or an enemy. The only thing they have in connection is Lee Joon Young. Hmmm??!! Hyun listens to the old tape recordings of dad and Joon Young. As Hyun leaves the house, he sense that he is being followed, not only by the cops. Ji An meets with medical examiner, Lee Joon Ho (Choi Won Young) tells her about the Bangbae-dong case victim (case #1) death file. Ji An gets a call that Hyun is at the crime scene and as she leaves, Joon Ho smile fades away. Looking at the two-headed portrait at the crime scene, Hyun sees an infinity symbol on the painting. He thinks back to when Min drew the symbol as his signature, when they were little. He examines the room for more clues, but by the time Ji An arrives, he is gone. Super neat though, as she tries to trace his steps to see what he knows.

2 I remember you 7Hyun meets with his art buddy to ask him to help him track the owner of the two-headed painting with the infinity signature; a third murder to take place soon if the owner of the signature is not found. Art buddy is just irritated that Hyun still talks to him informally, like age-mates, since they studied in US, where everyone speaks formally; he is older than Hyun. Hehe! He even speaks in English, which he is just showing off. Hehe! The cops are still having a hard time locking down on a suspect. Ji An has to finally use her looks to win over Hyun’s cooperation. Hehe! Hyun is a guest professor at a criminology class. Ji An decides to drop in for a lecture and as she tries to get his attention, let’s say rolling off the ramp and screaming in class is not the best way to get the professor’s attention. Regardless, Hyun uses the opportunity, since, she is in front of him, to use her as a demonstrator.

2 I remember you 8Before he can cooperate with the cops, he needs to know who she is, since she vaguely leaves an impression on him. Hehe! Guess her looks didn’t work!  He tells her that both crimes scenes had purple flowers in them; purple symbolizes sadness or death, so the victims might have been clueless to what would happen next to them. The purple flower and death all goes back to the Greek mythology between Apollo and Zephyr who both loved Hyacinth. However, Hyacinth died due to their jealously over him. Anyways, the murder was premeditated and not incidental. The question to Hyun is why isn’t the third victim dead yet? The perpetrator changes his method of killing; first victim died of suffocation and the second died from an injected drug into the system. What makes case #2 different is that the victim was violently attacked. Basically, victim 2 was violently attacked due to a recent haircut, since victim 1 and victim 2, look almost the same. Ji An shares information from Hyun with her team. The important clue is a semaphore code, which was used by sailors; peace signs was devised from it, but originally it gives coordinates to locations.

2 I remember you 9Hyun meets with Ji Soo at a restaurant to ask about the Joon Young’s case files involving his dad. Ji Soo is curious as to why he needs the files; perhaps he is regaining his memories or the case is related to the women in the two cases.  Since that is not the case, she tells him that there is no file as she gives a dumb excuse that there was no evidence room three to four years before his father’s death. Ji Soo goes back to her office to look for the files, which do exist, on Lee Joong Min’s death (dad), which turns out to be a case that had to be covered by the police commissioner. Hmmm why? Regardless, the files are missing as she searches for it. Speaking of files, Ji An is looking through at dad’s files and on Hyun. It is bed time; Ji An sleep-brushes her teeth, Hyun listens to the tape. He calls it a night and climbs onto bed, laying in fetal position. He dreams of the time he sees his dad dead on the floor. Joon Young tells his to go to sleep as everything has gone according to plan. Hyun gives a little smile, and I am utterly flabbergasted at this. Nonetheless, Hyun wakes up from the dream/nightmare to have a drink.

2 I remember you 10Upon waking up from her sleep-brush, Ji An notices her bathroom window open. She thinks back to case victim #2 apartment window open. As she heads to the crime scene, rookie Saeng Joo calls to tell her that the victims were members at a hotel spa. At the crime scene, it feels like the victim’s presence can be felt, so Ji An tells the victim that she is just there to help. Looking through for more evidence, she feels the wind blowing from an open window, but she still goes on through the night. A good night sleep with a little bit of breeze does help as she comes across the killer’s signature that is decorating the fridge. A long awaited shower scene is cut short when Ji An decides to pay Hyun a visit to ask him for help on the signature. Though her team was able to solve it, the coordinates leads them to a location on the ocean; meaning the killer might be on a yacht in the ocean. Still in his bathrooms, Hyun is able to decipher the coordinates properly. The cops go the spa to get information on the possible perpetrator/next victim. They get a lock down on the possible victim #3 who is already on her vacation. Ji An calls the possible victim to alert her of the danger she might be in.

2 I remember you 11As the cops are rushing to meet the next possible victim, the possible victim, who looks exactly like the other two victims, welcomes her faceless guest inside with a smile; the same guest who was painting not too long ago, offers her a purple flower. I guess victim #3 is not going to film school to perfect her craft on poker face because as soon as Ji An is able to reach her and tell her that the killer is in her room, she breaks all façade of coolness which in turn alerted the killer. As Hyun is listening to the old tapes and Ji An is on time crunch to rescue the next victim. The tape recordings stops as Joon Young is speaking, when suddenly, Joon Young calls out Hyun’s name and speaks in present tense, like he is in the room, about wanting to see what type of adult Hyun will grow up into. Victim # 3 is trying to fight the killer as Ji An rushes up the stairs to the apartment. She draws her gun on the killer, just as a Joon Hyung tells Hyun, in the recording, that he will keep their promise and be by Hyun’s side. Hyun smirks and Ji An is about to blow some brains out.


Definitely keep watching is what I will say to y’all. Really, the suspense is there and that urging feeling to reveal Joon Young, I cannot wait. I want to know what Joon Young’s fascination with Hyun is. I mean maybe he does think that he are Hyun are similar in a way, so I do guess I am answering my question when I say that Joon Young wants to find the answers of what he has become or what he could have become by living through Hyun or seeing what Hyun has become. I think. Well, new character has been introduced, medical examiner Joon Ho, who shares the same last name as Hyun. He definitely is not Hyun’s little brother, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give off the heebie jeebies.

2 I remember you 3

As for the cops, I do guess I will sadly retract my words on the best cops ever. Sad face ;( because in this episode 2, they are proving to be slow on the uptake. I watched this episode twice (recap the second watch) and I was like wait, why didn’t they catch that? Why wait for Hyun’s information? They seem competent enough, so I will say that the writers are purposely writing their character that way in order to elevate Hyun’s genius self. I do like Ji An and hope she continues to keep her curiosity and look for more solutions without the help of Hyun. So far, I do see that she definitely has that capabilities, so hopefully, she can be an equal match to Hyun intellectually and knock him down a peg or two. Hehe!

Well, I am just curious about these questions. Why did little Hyun smirk after the death of his father?  How deep is does Ji An know Hyun and his past, that her aunt even knows about the case? Why is dad’s case being covered up? Is Hyun really a monster who sleeps in a fetal position at night to ease his guilt of whatever he is feeling? Hmm, well, only time will tell.


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