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I Remember You Episode 1 Recap

I Remember You Episode 1: Every Child’s Story began with his Parents

1 IRY 1An unknown face who goes by the name, Lee David, logs into a computer and goes through a crime scene photos of a murdered woman. He then narrates how he is about to retell his story, that was on pause, due to a request by someone who has captured his interest in telling his story.

At the station, three detectives, Min Seung-jo (Kim Jae-young), Choi Eun-Bok (Son Seung-won) and Son Myeong-Woo (Min Sung-Wook) are going through the same pictures we saw at the beginning, for evidence, when a female cop, Cha Ji An (Jang Nara), runs in to tell them about a murder case. They rush to the crime scene where they begin to deduce if the recent murder is related to a previous case which will make it serial case. Detective Min reminds the others that they are expecting a new team leader; they are not sure if he will be coming to the crime scene or not. Upon entering the crime scene, the cops are come in contact with a sexy, broad shoulder, Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) standing in the middle of the room. As soon as he turns around, Ji An voiceover says, “It’s that fellow.” He immediately tells the detectives that the recent murder case is the same perpetrator as the old case, therefore, it will be hard to find any evidence against the perpetrator. It seems like there is no suspect list as Hyun asks for it. Hence, he deduces that the perpetrator either own a yacht and a captain’s license, or knows someone who does, in short, the perpetrator is highly smart and powerful, therefore, it will be hard to catch him.

1 IRY 2The detectives gape at him in silence, while Ji An, who is familiar with Hyun, has a satisfying feeling that Hyun finally is in front of her. A man walks up to the crime scene, while the detectives query Hyun about the new information they are just hearing. Rather than answer their questions, he shushes them and points up to the roof as if there is noise coming from there and as they are in concentration, Kang Eun-Hyuk (Lee Chun Hee) enters the crime scene which breaks their focus. By that time, Hyun is stealthily gone as Eun Hyuk introduces himself as the new team leader. Ji An chases after him, while the detectives are pissed that they have been played. Haha! I love Kang’s reaction as he thinks they are referring to him, instead of Hyun. Hehe! Since they have been played once, they cannot be fooled again, so detective Choi is left the responsibility to do a proper search on Kang while the others chase after Hyun. Ji An gives a leg chase on Hyun as he is in a taxi. Hehe! He plays a game of slow-fast with Ji An who is getting frustrated by the minute with this childish antics. Dang, she has good stamina. She calls his name which startles him and as she turns around the corner about to give up, she literally runs in Hyun, who is standing in front of her. He asks how she knows him and she scoffs in disbelief as she flashes back to the past where she narrates that she has been stalking Hyun for the past twenty years, since childhood into adulthood. Maybe Hyun remembers her, but we don’t know as she immediately cuffs him to prevent him from running. Hyun is being interrogated as he tells the detectives that he received an email from the cops who are requesting his help about the case.

1 IRY 3Detective Min asks Hyun important questions about how he knows about the previous case and the recent case in the short amount of time he was at the scene, though his answer sounds legit, it is just said to poke fun at the “below average cops.” Hehe!  Confirming his identity, Lee David (American name), the guy from the opening scene, is an Associate Prof at John Jay College Criminal Justice in NY. He is free to go as the cops don’t have any grounds to detain him. I guess I do have to give names to this case, or I will get confused, but detective Choi would like to know how Hyun knows about the Dohwa-dong crime scene (the recent murder case) location unless he broke into their database to get information and all Hyun can say is that he got the location from Bangbae-dong crime scene (the previous case). Ji An now sees Hyun as a witness and tries to get info from him, but the conversation is interrupted by Im Ji Eun (Hyun Ji Soo) who says Hyun checks out; seems they are family. Kang tries to set authority as the new special investigation team leader, but Ji An chases after Hyun which leaves Kang flustered as he is not getting the respect he wants, while the other detectives respectfully leave. Oh pooh, don’t cry! In the elevator, Ji An wants to know Hyun’s reason of coming back to the country, but he is not spilling until she tells him how she knows him. After looking at Ji An intensely, he cannot seem to remember her. As he leaves, all she tells him is that he is not to leave the country since he is a witness. He thinks back to Ji An’s question on why he is back in the country.

1 IRY 4His real reason of his return is answered from his flashback in which he narrates that due to the email he received it takes him to the buried memory past of when he lost his dad and younger brother. Upon his arrival at the airport, he scans around letters and symbols and then places that to the murder picture of Bangbae-dong crime scene which gives him clues and signals about the crime. From those clues, he is able to narrow the signal—which are geographical coordinates in the picture that leads him to the other crime scene, the Dohwa-dong crime scene where he meets the four detectives. He wonders about the message of the email and if “that person and kid are still alive?” Returning back to his childhood home, he sees an visions of his young self, dad and younger brother eating dinner and reading together, but as he enters another room, he sees his dad laying in the pool of his blood, while is younger self is intensely looking over the dead body.

1 IRY 51996: Little Hyun is digging behind a tree when he is interrupted by his dad. His younger bro needs his help in finding his coloring book and crayons. As he goes in, his father’s gets curious about what his son was doing behind the tree and he sees Hyun buried a dead animal. The look on dad’s face seems highly worried as this might not be the first occurrence. As he turns around, he sees Hyun staring back at him, who tells him that he found the animal dead. Dad is at the juvenile penitentiary to visit a troubled teen, Lee Joon Young (Do Kyung Soo) while Joon Young tells the prison guard to open the window due to the smell. Upon entering the cell unit, dad sees the guard down, as Joon Young stands by an open window. During his interrogation,  Joon Young talks about how his mother’s memory keeps him comfort, but Dad is quick to reveal previous recordings of the talking about his relatives (mom, uncle and grandpa), which he doesn’t have. All dad wants to know is Joon Young’s real story, but Joon Young has nothing to share. Either Joon Young is a misunderstood curious cat or a psychopath as he says that as a child he was mostly curious about “why can’t people hurt each other?” Dad finally gets a name, Chief Superintendent, Lee Joong Min (Jun Kwaung-ryul). As he returns home, as a cop stops him to pay his respect on his leader, he also warns dad that there is a neighborhood attack on dogs, he looks worried as he creeps on little Hyun who is burying something. He jolts up from his sleep and Hyun ask if he is having nightmares. Hyun sees dad’s research files and says that the pictures of the subjects look normal, but dad counter and says that evil reside in normal people as well. He warns Hyun to be wary of strangers and try to behave like kids his age. With that, Hyun tells his dad that he washes himself off the household responsibilities. Hehe! To sum, he is going to be stupid and be a kid. Hahaha! Dad is taken aback. As Hyun sends dad to work, he stops him to ask the opposite question Joon Young asked, “Why do people hurt each other?” then he re-phrases the question to “why can’t people hurt each other?” If I am dad, I think I will be scared for Hyun and his mentality.

1 IRY 6Back to the present, team leader Kang finally gets his team’s attention and gives a back story about his background, but no one seems interested, hehe, as they think back to their different interactions with Hyun and his knowledge on the crimes. FINALLY A COP SHOW THAT IS HILARIOUS AND SHOW THE COMPETENCY OF THE COPS WHO ACTUALLY QUESTION THE QUESTIONS AND THE CHARACTERS. Poor Kang, I zoned out too! Hehe. Hyun finds his childhood drawings and compares a drawing of a two-headed boy with that to the picture of a two-headed man from the email. Cops already filled in Kang on Hyun and they either question Hyun’s background or their own competency on letting a forgery go. clap fo’ yo’ self, peeps. Kang suggests that they get Hyun’s cooperation on the case since he is more knowledgeable. Ji An volunteers herself in persuading Hyun to cooperate with them, if talking doesn’t work, then her looks will. Haha! Ajumma Hyun is cleaning his house, when Ji An calls him, like a psychic, he correctly guess that she is calling to request his cooperation on the case; he refuses and Ji An is just more irritated. Hyun scans his living room as he has a feeling that someone was recently at his home. He sees that his dad memo book is missing, but the cassette recording of Lee Joon Yeong on the shelf. Little Hyun is cleaning when he sees his dad suitcase on the couch, he calls, but the cellphone is in the suitcase. Dad is at the station with, then, detective Ji Eun who confides in dad that she is getting a divorce. Dad wants her help in preparing for Joon Yeong’s trail, who by the way is heading to the station. Little Hyun goes to the station to give dad his suitcase. He is a living genius as the cops test his skills, Hehe! He is so over the adults. Hehe!

1 IRY 7Dad takes a break from interrogating Joon Young and as he leaves the room, he doesn’t see Hyun who goes down to the interrogating room with NO FREAKING GUARDS BY THE DOOR. Joon Young invites Hyun in to wait for his dad. NOO! Hyun converses with Joon Young as he says that he is just curious as compared to scared of Joon Young, who he deems different from others. Joon Young tries to get inside Hyun’s head by asking questions about human brain development and is curious as to what adult Hyun will become. Hmm! Joon Young frees himself from the cuffs and holds onto Hyun’s hand to tell him a secret. Dad is told by Eun Jung that Hyun is at the station. Dad finally sees Hyun in the same room as Joon Young, but he sees them putting their index finger on their lips as a symbol of keeping their secret a secret. Dad takes Hyun out of the room when Joon Young says he will see Hyun again as promised. Joon Young gets into dad’s head as he uses dad’s fears and doubts about Hyun to correctly guess that dad is more worried and curious about Joon Young’s childhood because of his own son Hyun. Joon Young says that they are similar, hence he told Hyun about being smart and different. You can see the deep fear on dad’s face as Joon Young states everything he is scared Hyun is becoming.  Dad looks at his kids’ drawings and ask the little brother, Min, about the drawings; he says the drawings are Hyun, but dad shouldn’t tell Hyun that he tattled, also, Hyun shouldn’t be trusted, even though he is not scared of him. Hyun is sitting on a high cell-like bar as he stares down at the kids playing. Dad sees him sitting alone.

1 IRY 8Dad tells his doctor the symptoms of how a psychopath starts as a kid; bedwetting, arson and cruelty to animals. Doc suggests that they are temporary symptom of a kid who loses his mother at a young age. In his memo, dad writes down his thoughts as he states that he might be losing to the doubt Joon Young instilled in him. In the end, he calls his son a monster. Errr! Should little Hyun be reading his dad psychoanalysis of him? As the boys are sleeping, dad goes into their room and thinks back to Joon Young’s words of getting out of prison and paying a visit to Hyun. Dad vows to protect Hyun. Looks like dad has gone off the bonkers as he calls Hyun to the basement to tell him that he will be, locked up, living there starting from now, while people will assume that he sent his son to study abroad. He wants to protect him from the world and Jo…As dad is talking, Hyun thinks back to the conversation he had with Joon Young. Joon Young ask if Hyun’s dad trusts him. There are kids who are born pretty and some born stupid. Others are born monsters and this is all due to what society brands them as. What does dad call him? How does dad perceive him as?


OMG! THIS IS MY DRAMA RIGHT HERE! WHAT THE FREAK! OMG! WHAT THE FREAK! Pardon the length of the recap. There is so much that needed to be written down in order to properly set the tone of this drama. After episode 2, I promise to make the recap short. Anyways, WHAT THE HECK. This drama has it all; suspense, comedy, chemistry, mystery, dark. It is just that good. Starting from minute 1 I was hooked. Not a dull moment where I had to skip to get to the juicy part. I had to rewind in order to really capture the feel of each characters. Man! I am still shaking. It took 4.5 hours to do a recap and truly submerge myself in this drama. Okay! Enough of my spasm-squeal.

1 IRY 9

First of all, let’s talk about competency of cops. I think this drama has it. I don’t want to say something that will ruin it in the later episodes, but as of now, I love these cops. They think beyond the surface and actually question their information and sources. They don’t just buy whatever someone says and do NOT jump into conclusions. They try to see both sides to the story, but still have their doubts. They are not saying random guesses and basing a theory based on their feeling or assumption. They go by the new information that is given to them and actually question their new suspect motives. Love it! Also, love team leader Kang. I hope that he is a smart cookie and not just a comedy relief. Shoot, I ain’t complaining about Chun Hee bringing in the laughter, however, I do believe, that even though he makes us laugh, not intentionally, of course, he still has his brains. Giving the detectives the idea to cooperate with Hyun, is good. Though, he slips it in casucaully, it makes sense that he does it that way because he has to subtly become a member of an already closed team. If he wants to be accepted, he needs to definitely be the weird boss, but a smart one at that.

1 IRY 10

Now Hyun, mainly little Hyun because most of episode 1 takes us back to the past. Man, Joon Young I really don’t know what to believe. I do guess this is how psychopath works. They are so good at manipulating that you don’t know when they enter inside your head. Kudos to Kyung Soo for giving his all as a mysterious, yet jaded character. Just like superintendent Lee, aka, dad, I will like to know his childhood, so that I can know where Hyun is coming from. I do believe that because dad is so focused on his research, the statistics and data collected from his research is being projected unto Hyun. Hyun is a smart kid, a little bit awkward, but not to the point of becoming a psycho.

1 IRY 12

I guess dad is so deep in his research that he is using misguided analysis to characterize his son. Rather than being a father to two small kids, he is being a professor to his subjects, or kids. His fear of Hyun’s life, stems from the fact that Joon Young has gotten to his head about his original test subject, Hyun. Hyun takes the role of a father, a son, brother and a mom because dad is forgetting his responsibilities to his kids who just lost their mom. What’s funny is when dad tells Hyun to just be a kid and Hyun says to dad, sure I will be a kid, but I will not take care of the household. Yes, I was laughing when he says that, but there is some truth that resonates with it. He is the head of the household because dad is treating him as a test subject and forgetting that he is a kid who needs his dad. His fear and high doubts on the prisoners has gotten to him for him to translate his son’s actions and words into a monster. What is really sad is how Hyun reacts to the way his father looks at him. He is so hurt by his dad’s judgement on him, but as a smart kid, he just goes along with it.

1 IRY 13

Of course, he is going to act different when his father writes in a journal that his son is a monster. Hyun is his dad case study and it is really heartbreaking to see dad lose touch with reality as he tries to lock up his son in the basement to prevent him from the world, rather than from himself, himself meaning dad. I am more curious about little bro, Min, than Hyun and something tells me that he is the one who is troubled and is like Joon Young than Hyun who, by the way, might be covering for his little brother psycho acts. I mean who had goosebumps when Min told dad not to trust Hyun. Kids try to blame blame on someone else when they feel like they will be in trouble, hence he deflects the blame on Hyun. So, telling dad not to trust Hyun means that if Hyun decides to tell dad, dad, who is already doubting Hyun, will have more grounds to. Min is smart as well as he sees his dad is afraid of Hyun. We do not get to see their childhood through Min’s eyes, since Hyun says they are dead; Dad is dead, but is Min is????, however, as the story unfolds, we get to see more sides to the story.  As I described Joon Young, a misunderstood curious cat or psychopath, I think Hyun is misunderstood and curious because of what he sees Min doing, while Min is psycho whom Hyun is covering for. Poor kids. Then again, my analysis could be way off. Okay, I will stop here and continue more on character analysis in episode 2 with Ji Ah and Hyun and others. I’m still thinking of this episode. Can’t wait for the next! Eeck!





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