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EX-Girlfriend Club Episode 11 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 11: Trust!

2015-06-12_21.49.05[1]Soo Jin is in confusion as she compares Jo Geun’s words about wanting to restart his career, but bringing her along with him to fulfil her dreams as a producer and Myeong Soo telling her to take a break from work and indirectly telling her not to work with Jo Geun. It looks like she has made her choice as she shows up at Jo Geun’s office, the next day, doing menial work. She begs Jo Geun to make her work part-time as a clerk, but he refuses. He does, however, show her some legal work stating that they can resume work once they get Myeong Soo’s work back. In excitement, she calls Myeong Soo to break the good news. Myeong Soo assumes that they will need a new director and investors, but she doesn’t clear the air. As Myeong Soo is giving her 1,000 reasons of not working with Jo Geun, her voice echoes and he wonders about her where being, she lies that she is home when Jo Geun suddenly pops in to announce lunch. She quickly hangs up and texts Myeong Soo that her brother-in-law interrupted her, but Myeong Soo knows something is not right as he leaves the studio.2015-06-12_21.50.52[1]Jo Geun wants to start on a new project, but this time, it will be a romance genre. This surprises Soo Jin, but he quickly defends himself that people do change as he has now come to like romance. Myeong Soo comes in to see Soo Jin leaning too close to Jo Geun, though, she is just reading the new project on his laptop that he has on his lap. Oh, puppy seems to be marking his territory as he quickly questions what his “honey” is doing. Oh, it is his turn to be in the middle as he sits between them to separates them. He tells Jo Geun that though he appreciates him fighting for his work, he would like a different director with pure intentions to direct the movie. Jo Geun cheekily says his intentions are pure, but Myeong Soo doubts that. Soo Jin just looks lost as usual when these two men are together.2015-06-12_21.52.38[1]There is another side to the smile, people, a scary side, the passive-aggressive smile that mocks Soo Jin as she tries to apologize for not telling Myeong Soo that Jo Geun will be directing. But, he is not that mad, you know, if she does “some-some” for him. Hehe! She deviates the question to talk about the dream of being important people in the film industry. Being a supportive boyfriend, he is happy if she will be happy working for Jo Geun, besides, if the movie succeeds, so does he. The testosterones go out for a man-hood challenge drink where Myeong Soo straight up asks Jo Geun if she likes Soo Jin. Jo Geun doesn’t deny it, but he tells Myeong Soo to tread carefully over the line. Rather than call it quits, Myeong Soo challenges Jo Geun to see who can win Soo Jin’s heart.

2015-06-12_21.54.06[1]Myeong Soo does some background research on Jo Geun, with the assistance of Jin Bae. He is highly intimated at the credentials of Jo Geun and how well known he is in the internet world. Hehe! Ji Ah is in medication class, when she gets a texting non-stop questions texts from Hwa Yeong about Ji Ah returning back to MSG to take care of her business. Ra Ra is onset filming, but it seems the director is lost on how to place her on camera. Seems like she needs to lose weight, per director’s order, as she expresses her frustration to Hwa Yeong at MSG. Ji Ah is so pissed from the frantic texts that she rushes back to scold Hwa Yeong for disturbing her peace. Hehe!

2015-06-12_21.55.55[1]Yay, Eun Hye is back to join the team, but she is not the only one who wants to join the team. Myeong Soo states that he is there to do some work due to the studio being under-construction, besides, he likes bright things, since he is dark inside; words Jo Geun said to him during their drinking throw down. Since, the ladies are so clueless in reading facial expressions and voice hostility, Myeong Soo is there to stay. Hehe! The couples decide to communicate over texts, while they sit next to each other at work to have dinner. Plans are foiled when Eun Hye suggest they have dinner together since her boyfriend gives her spending money. Haha! Those words are so not empty in the ears of Myeong Soo, but he really wants to have dinner with his girlfriend who is more eager to take Eun Hye’s offer. Myeong Soo excuses himself to the bathroom, but before he leaves, he drops his credit card on the table for Soo Jin. Once outside, he tells her that that is her spending money since she sounded jealous that Eun Hye’s boyfriend gives her spending money. LOL! He is so stupid! Jo Geun is just silently fuming at Soo Jin and Myeong Soo’s work flirt.

2015-06-12_21.57.43[1]At dinner, Eun Hye tells Myeong Soo that one of her junior colleagues, a race car model, from Uni. would love to meet him. This pleases Myeong Soo, not only does he have a cool fan that wants to meet him, but he rubs his laughter in Jo Geun’s face. Though, Soo Jin is not pleased, Hehe, Jo Geun pettily adds fire to a burning wood as he asks for the racer’s age. Omg! I’m dying! Haha! Jo Geun is hilariously twisting the knife on Myeong Soo as Soo Jin is almost dying from jealously. Hehe! Myeong Soo decides to tell Eun Hye that he is dating Soo Jin, but she ain’t buying what they are selling. Oh! Geunnie! Soo Jin is still pissed that their relationship looks to others as just friends and beside he isn’t planning on seeing the race car model, is he? He wants to meet his fan and appreciate her, hehe! So, Soo Jin returns his card, but he tells her to keep it.  Hwa Yeong meets with a recruiter from an investment rival company to Young Jae’s. At work, Jo Geun disrupts the couple as they try to have alone time. Hehe!

2015-06-12_21.59.46[1]Everyone, except Jo Geun, is at MSG having dinner. Hwa Yeong is worried about the job because the company is a rival company to Young Jae’s. The ladies change the topic to a more exciting one about the movie castings on what actress will play them on screen. Myeong Soo tells the ladies to voice their input on the casting, which they gladly did, the next day, in the office. Ji Ah is about to close up later that evening, as she tells Hwa Yeong to go home. Hwa Yeong admits there is nothing for her to do at home and as Ji Ah is about to ride her, Young Jae comes in. Seems like Young Jae just wants Hwa Yeong to continue working for his company and not the rival. She is irritated at the fact that he only care about the company, but his last words are for her to come back (that in itself has its double meaning). Myeong Soo finds everyone buried in work as they frantically are looking for an back-up lead male before the investments review, since they one they had locked down has changed his acting direction. Jo Geun proposes that he will be their meal ticket on getting an investment instead.

2015-06-12_22.01.01[1]Myeong Soo decides to work overtime with Soo Jin since she and Jo Geun need to get their presentation in order. He is silently bothered by their interactions and closeness. Young Jae asks Hwa Yeong if she has thought over the proposal. Hwa Yeong wants to know who wants her back, but Young Jae flatly tells her that his father does. Slightly dejected, Hwa Yeong accepts the condition to return back to the company, but with her salary doubled, oh yea and she wants to work directly under Young Jae. And she is back, y’all! Soo Jin and Jo Geun put on their brave face as they present their ideas to the investors. Myeong Soo and Eun Hye are at the edge of their seats in the office as they wait in anticipation, while the investors are really grilling the investees and Jo Geun is hitting the answers being thrown at him out of the ballpark, which makes Soo Jin proud. Myeong Soo waits outside of the investors company to pick up Soo Jin after the meeting, when he sees Jo Geun grab an excited Soo Jin for a hug(they got the investment).

2015-06-12_22.02.33[1]Thanks goodness Myeong Soo didn’t leave the scene due to misunderstanding, instead, he boldly approaches the super excited Soo Jin and Jo Geun to ask Jo Geun what his real intentions are. As he is about to throw the first punch, he is stopped by Soo Jin, so they end up walking away together. Still fuming, Myeong Soo tells Soo Jin that Jo Geun likes her, but naïve Soo Jin doesn’t believe it. Myeong Soo is adamant about stating the fact that he just doesn’t like her working with him. She asks him a question I have been saying all day, “Don’t you trust me?” She finally speaks some sense into Myeong Soo about her having to endure his exes because she trusts him, but he can’t trust her even as she works endlessly to make sure his move is a success. With that, she leaves disappointed at Myeong Soo. Jo Geun goes to MSG for a drink. He confides in Ji Ah who wants to know what he likes about Soo Jin. Jo Geun likes the fact that even though she doesn’t shine, she is warm (approachable and comfy to be around). They end up drinking to their loss of warmth.

2015-06-12_22.03.36[1]Soo Jin calls in sick. Myeong Soo calls, but she is too weak to answer. Soo Kyung is irritated at the fact that even though the movie might be a success, the director and actors will be recognized, but not the producer. Jo Geun goes to Soo Jin’s home to see her (remember, Soo Kyung thinks he is Myeong Soo), but the misunderstanding is already cleared up as Soo Jin rectified the situation beforehand. Myeong Soo shows up, but Soo Kyung doesn’t welcome him with open hands. Soo Kyung and Ji Hoon go in to wake up a sleeping Soo Jin, meanwhile, the boys are having their manhood challenges to see if it works. Hehe! Soo Jin thinks she is having a bad dreaming as she sees Myeong Soo and Jo Geun rough housing, I mean fighting, by the entrance door.


Honestly, I was a little bit edge on how this episode will be written out, since the OTP are now together. Luckily, I was proved wrong. I laughed so hard, my tension headache left. First of all, I thought the couple were going to go to the beach, well I guess Soo Jin choosing to work negates that idea. Anyways, I want to say it was filled with fillers, but at the same time, everything that played out in this episode really wasn’t. Jo Geun still challenges Myeong Soo for Soo Jin, even though he knows that they are dating. However, he still doesn’t want to believe it because Soo Jin is probably the first person who he ever has to be comfortable to be around. I really want to slap some senses into him, like dude, get over it, but it makes total sense to go that route because we are yet to see Myeong Soo react to different men gunning for Soo Jin’s attention, just like his exes. It is all about trust and I was so glad trust is being brought up. In comparison to Young Jae and Hwa Yeong’s relationship, Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are not going to break up over some simple understanding. Yes, they will fight about it, but it is not a huge deal considering the fact that this is their first relationship as a couple and they are more hurdles to climb along the way. So, they need to set that basis of trust before they can move on.Screenshot_2015-06-12-20-07-06[1]In Hwa Yeong’s case, it is the opposite, neither trust each other enough to share their real feelings, so when a little drama came along that pushed them up against the wall. Well, I do like how Hwa Yeong is finally active in getting Young Jae back. She loves him, so she has the right to get him back even if he is being stubborn. Showing up personally at MSG means that he misses her, but he is too proud to say so. I like her active in her pursuit, but I don’t think we will see the crazy lioness, but rather a more careful, yet strong lioness. Make your pride proud, girl. Ra Ra was mostly no show, but she did bring some laughs, yet serious questions to ponder on; being an actress and owning her body. Love the topic to dwell on, but I don’t want to write an essay. Ji Ah, though quiet, is coming out of her haughty shelter and is beginning to feel wanted even though she tries not to admit it.Screenshot_2015-06-12-19-49-40[1]I just love how everyone found friendship in the midst of their loneliness. Each one of them is looking for something to fill their emptiness and it definitely wasn’t a pleasant first beginning, but it looks like it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Yes, they will still deny their new found affection for their weird group, but there is some sort of certainty that they got each other’s back. Well, I think. Hehe! Oh, call me silly, but did anyone feel some chemistry between Jo Geun and Ji Ah? Call me crazy, but I did!


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