Falling for Innocence: Episode 9-16 Review (Not a Recap)


I finished watching this show when it ended a little over two weeks ago, so this review is a little bit late, but it is still fresh enough to complete the series review. Anyways, I think I am one of the few that actually enjoyed this drama. I was really iffy about the whole heart transplant arch, but it worked well, if as an audience, we suspend belief and just went along with the craziness of the show. The villain is nothing to write home about, except for the fact that I just wanted him to get caught so that we could move past the same repetitive storyline…bring down company, villain likes the heroine, heroine doesn’t like what villain has become, villain will make sure heroine suffers if she doesn’t like him back, hero is hopelessly in love with heroine. Heroine losses her spunk we saw in the beginning episodes and becomes a yes-girl to the hero. Ahh! You know the typical stuff. Yea, this doesn’t sound like I enjoyed the show right?
Well, what made me tune in every Fridays and Saturdays were the actors. Each and everyone carried their role so well. The villain really is a bland character that could have easily been a caricature, but Yoon Hyun Min was fantastic in playing a crazy, one-sided villain. I didn’t like how he was written, but Hyun Min-sshi makes creativity looks so easy. Like seriously writers-nim, give this guy a lead role.

Anyways, I will rate the drama based on likeability/recommendation to watch after the review.


Min Ho and Soon Jung
It kind of felt weird to see them fall in love after a series of violent and angry attempt at Soon Jung from Min Ho. So after the heart transplant, when Min Ho was slowly developing a new him and seeing him constantly drawn to Soon Jung, I was a little bit uncomfortable with that, even if he began acting like a bumbling fool around her. Yes, it was cute and was unavoidable, seeing he is supposed to be acting upon how his new heart emotions (suspend belief guys), but it just came off wrong. What bothered me more were Soon Jung’s feelings toward Min Ho.

Maybe it is the way Kim So Yeon acted out the transition from indifference to love, but I just didn’t buy how she was selling it because for Min Ho, I could understand his reasons, as for Soon Jung, I felt that she was just acting nice and available (always there for her boss) because she is that nice of a person and she felt pity for her child-like boss. Also, the fact that as a character, Soon Jung was just there, like there really wasn’t more to her than her smiles, her understanding her weird boss and just being there as his “medicine”, which was another pet peeve of mine ( the heart issues) but I am not going to talk about the flaws of this show. I do wish she was given more substance than being “just there.” In the earlier episodes, we were given that notion that she is a tough gal who knows how to fight, but as the show went on, her spirit died as was just all about saying yes to Min Ho. argh, I got irritated, but again, I won’t talk about the flaws. Bringing it back to my main point, I might have missed the transition to her loving Min Ho at the end, but once I just let that flaw not ruin the show, and I know violence should never be overlooked even in drama-land and as a wannabe feminist,  I had lots of issues with that. However, I don’t want to sound contradictory, but it was enjoyable to see their story unfold after Soon Jung became aware that Min Ho was the recipient of her former fiancé’s heart. They were as cute as flowers. Yea, there are a lot of contradictions, but isn’t it like that when you watch a drama. Hehe!


Joon Hee and Joon Hee
Yea, it is the same person. But, I am putting him against himself because he was seriously battling some complex issues. After killing his best friend and Soon Jung’s fiancé, Dong Wook, Joon Hee became a purposeless character. I mean we could agree that he was too greedy to chase after power that he lost his vision on his way, however, as the story progressed; he just didn’t have any vision. I felt like his mission in life was to destroy Min Ho and Hermia Corporation and just keep on doing it until one of them dies. It was like he had a grudge against Min Ho. It was a meaningless attempt to fight for power and position. He kept on reiterating to Soon Jung that he likes her and wants her. After she denies him like a trillion times, he vows to gain more power so that he can woo her over. Okay, idiot, it doesn’t work that way. His attempt to attack Min Ho and Hermia and failing multiple times just became laughable because it was just ridiculous to see someone who is smart to waste a good opportunity of using Gold Partners to actually advance himself to a different position, rather than use it to bring a cooperation down; all because of love. I guess love really is tricky.

Shoot! He claims to be a smart lawyer, but he chose to be dumb as he began to dabble into business, something he clearly knows nothing of because he never majored in it as an undergrad. You would think that as a lawyer, he would be smart enough to cover his tracks. It was like he was begging to get caught because he just didn’t know how to stop. He really was his own villain because he was getting self-destructive as he tried to bring others down.


Ok-hyun and Secretary Oh aka, Wendy and Tinkerbell
Have you ever seen cops who thinks that they are trying to find justice for those who were wronged, by going against the law, but in actuality they are just  bad cops because all we see is them not following protocol and endangering lives in the process? Oh yea, Ok-Hyun, or Wendy as she calls herself. First of all, I am still loss on the whole Peter Pan character reference, it makes no freaking sense whatsoever, but okay let’s role with it.

Wendy is a horrible cop. I get it, you want justice for your friend, but acting rugged and extreme will not get you the answer. The best way to fight for justice is actually use justice. It might be corrupt, but there is always a way around it where you don’t get corrupted along the way. I sound naïve, but trust me, I know about getting justice the right way, without getting tainted along the way. Anyways, not only was she a horrible cop, she was not a supportive friend. It is like she’s saying, “no pressure Soon Jung, but you know you cannot fall in love so quickly after you fiancé just died.”

I know it is not right, to most, to move on with your life so quickly, but guilt-tripping will not work considering the fact that people do need to move on, or they lose it due to constant grieving. Also, the living has a right to move on. People grieve differently, and in Soon Jung’s case, she seems to grieve faster than most, but she always has Dong Wook’s words at the back of her mind…”always smile and happiness last longer, or something like that.” I am too lazy to rewatch his philosophical spiel. But at the end of the day, as she began to work with Min Ho and secretary Oh, aka, Tinkerbell, hehe, she began to soften her craziness and her judgmental reasons and found love in the midst of it.

As for secretary Oh, love this dude. Hehe! He was one of the reasons why I tuned in because he brought the funny. Of course, he is one of the comic relives in the drama, but he wasn’t a random character. His role was meaningful as he was part of the people that made Min Ho progress as a person. I liked his friendship with Min Ho and I actually wished we were given a small back story on how they met, regardless, I loved their bromance. He was also a bad love guru. I am surprised to see him get with Wendy, but then again, it looks like Wendy has no standards. Hehe. Just like Dong Wook would say, why should you be sorry about falling in love or love can be found in unexpected places. Again, I am not sure what the exact words are.


Pa Ma and Min Ho
These two were the heart of the show. I loved how Ma was able to find his son again, even if it is through somebody else. It is like he gained two sons, Dong Wook and Min Ho, as they built a father-son relationship. They were good together and every time they were on together, I just keep replaying their lines again because it is so refreshing to see the lead have a good father figure, as compared to a father who is all about business.

Overall, I liked the show. Yes, the plot was repetitive with the same storyline carrying for 16 episodes, but what I liked was the uncomplicated story and less melodrama as it should be. It does have element of dark comedy, but the show didn’t take itself too seriously because it just didn’t.
4/5; 3.5/5

Source: credit photo Dramabeans

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6 thoughts on “Falling for Innocence: Episode 9-16 Review (Not a Recap)

  1. I agree with all. I didn’t buy into Soon jung’s love, but it is drama so i am like i will.just enjoy the show…lots of pretties and truthfully, there some insightful moments. Hehe. Also, i love your point on no right or wrong way in enjoying a drama. So spot on. Not all dramas will be everyone’s taste so i really cannot judge a person’s taste just because.it.doesn’t mesh with mine. I.can give my own opinion on the dislike, but that doesn’t mean you have to strongly dislike what i say. Take it as a difference in opinion and that is def why i like the diversity in blogsphere as you mentioned.

    Thanks for the comment. Drama Chingu. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh, I also had a problem with the constant violent actions of Min-Ho. But I still really hearted the drama in the first four episodes, I think I almost wanted to quit by episode 12 or something but decided to stick to the end. Im confused, I don’t know if Soon-Jung fell for Min-Ho for him or because he reminded her of her fiance in many ways. If the latter is the reason, I am not sure if that can count as true love?

    Also, I don’t think anyone is “right” or “wrong” in enjoying a show, regardless of the country, unless there is something morally unacceptable, such as say….incest being condoned for instance? Just something coming to my mind, but my point is, if you enjoyed it more power to you. Diversity of tastes is a beautiful thing in the drama blogosphere.

    Joon-Hee was an interesting character. You made some excellent point about him supposedly being smart but he not only doesn’t understand business, but doesn’t cover his tracks either. I was impressed with the sweet guy turned psycho overnight character that Yoon Hyun-Min played. Shows his versatility. He just became horrible overnight, and just wanted to destroy the couple, had no real purpose as you stated.

    I think the secretary and “Wendy” was a good pairing. Her rugged way and his sweetness complemented each other. I actually think she made a better choice than Soon-Jung, the guy is fun, patient, respectful and even married her. Mr Ma was such a great dad, and so understanding. His reaction in the end was wise and yes it was like he had found another son in Min-Ho. 😀


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