Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 9 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 9: The Confession

9 EGC 1The exes and Soo Jin are at the emergency room with Myeong Soo watching him get wound dressing from the third degree burn he got when he tried to save Ji Ah from the water/oil debacle. The nurse wants to know who Myeong Soo’ guardian is in order to co-sign the form. The exes argue on who to sign the paper, when Soo Jin suggests she would, they still argue, but Myeong Soo finally cuts them off and tells Soo Jin to sign the papers. Soo Jin, irritably, follows the nurse, while Ji Ah looks defeated. The exes wonder while Myeong Soo wants them to gather, while Soo Jin sits in the waiting room thinking back to when Myeong Soo jumps in to save Ji Ah without having any second thoughts and replayed all thoughts of Myeong Soo still having feelings for Ji Ah.

9 EGC 2Ji Ah apologies to Myeong Soo, in a different waiting room, and she tells him that the whole time she was married, Myeong Soo was the only one on her mind. Myeong Soo tries to fight his tears as she tells him that her marriage was a loveless marriage and she remembers how Myeong Soo loved her. She leans on his shoulder for comfort as Myeong Soo sits there holding his tears in. Soo Jin overhears the conversation as she stands by the wall, feeling distraught. She just runs away instead as she see Myeong Soo and Ji Ah walk by her. Myeong Soo chases after her and Soo Jin finally explains what is bothering her. There is just too much baggage she knows about Myeong Soo and Ji Ah. Myeong Soo states that he still doesn’t have any feelings for Ji Ah. Soo Jin is not too sure about that and the only way Myeong Soo can reassure her is to kiss her. They do get an unwanted audience, Ji Ah who saw the whole conversation go down. I guess she knows where she stands now.

9 EGC 3

They both sit in the waiting room, after the kiss, holding hands Soo Jin resting on Myeong Soo’s shoulders. They really do need the rest from the exes. It is now Myeong Soo’s turn to feel the insecurity as he thinks back to when Jo Geun tells him that his past will break them apart. As they walk home, holding hands, Soo Jin tells Myeong Soo that she doesn’t still feel settled inside. Myeong Soo hugs her and tells her that he is scared too, but his feelings will win over the fear.

Soo Jin: We’ll have a happy ending, right?

Myeong Soo: You’re my ending.

Yep, that is the sound of my heart dropping on the floor guys. Need emergency heart, stat!

9 EGC 4 Soo Kyung is dreading over her pimple, while Ji Hoon tries to cheer her up. Soo Jin comes home, looking like she is high, high on love that is, and is super affectionate to her family. That freaks them out, but Ji Hoon knows what’s up as he tells Soo Kyung, who is out of touch with her feminine side, that Soo Jin is dating Myeong Soo. Hwa Yeong and Young Jae are at the wedding store picking out dresses for Hwa Yeong. Soo Jin stops by the studio to feed her hurt boyfriend who clearly is loving the attention. Hehehe! Jin Bae outs him that he is just faking to be hurt as he is doing just fine. Even Soo Jin, is looking at Jin Bae, like c’mon, son, let’s just play along, while Myeong Soo throw shades at the dude, like yea, I got a girlfriend, what about you? Hehe!

9 EGC 5The next day, Soo Jin tries to get off work early, as she feigns sick, so that she can take Myeong Soo to the hospital. Jo Geun knows that she is faking it as she persists on. Myeong Soo wants to use the opportunity to go out for picnic instead of checkup as he prepare some sandwiches and other picnic foods. Jo Geun gives Soo Jin some medicine instead and tells to just go home. Myeong Soo picks up Soo Jin with his newly, bought overused car with a dash of Frappuccino at the side. Looks like the car is about to give up, so Myeong Soo uses the opportunity to freak out Soo Jin about the car’s history. Hehe! What a meanie! As they have a lovely picnic in the park, Myeong Soo tells her to just trust her if other issues from his past arise and he is going to put his baggage in check.  All Soo Jin wants to know, is that he tells her beforehand, so that she prepares herself on the shortcomings. Oh yea, he is going to tell the exes that they are officially dating.

9 EGC 6Ji Ah plans on selling her store and tells Ra Ra that her “itchy feet” are back. Myeong Soo and Soo Jin walk in and Ji Ah tells them that she is going to Brisbane to stay with her friend. Hwa Yeong comes in with her special guest, Jo Geun and Young Jae. Yea, shit is about to go down soon. The married couple come bearing wedding invitation gifts. Hwa Yeong has another surprise for them, since they are her bff, they are her bridesmaids, and also, Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are invited, with the now bff, for the pre-wedding shoot, well, just to be at the after shoot party Err???!!! Soo Jin is looking for confirmation from Myeong Soo about not going to the wedding, but his silence makes her change her tune, as she doesn’t mind going to congratulate the couple. I guess she has to be the stronger one in this relationship.

9 EGC 7Ji Ah declines the invitation and Ra Ra asks Hwa Yeong if she doesn’t have any friends. Hwa Yeong admits to that she only studied while in school. Ji Ah tries to convince Ra Ra not to go, but Ra Ra doesn’t really care and actually doesn’t mind being a bridesmaid. Soo Jin tries to delete Ji Ah’s video message, but doesn’t have the heart to. The next day, she meets with Ji Ah and gives her the video message on the SD card. She tells an irritated Ji Ah that she is now dating Myeong Soo so she, his past is now her present. Ji Ah looks like she wants trouble as she purposely misinterpret everything Soo Jin says. Myeong Soo and Soo Jin head to the wedding shoot venue and yep, Soo Jin is going to be in the shoot after all. Ji Ah shows up for the shoot and Myeong Soo ends up being part of the picture wedding train as well. Jo Geun confronts Hwa Yeong about telling Young Jae about her ex before the wedding, but she wants to wait till when the time is right. However, it looks like that will not happen as Young Jae comes out of the bathroom, having to overhear the conversation.

9 EGC 9While waiting for the set to be ready, Young Jae tries to ask Jo Geun if she has any relationship with Myeong Soo, but he stops himself. The ladies come out, all dolled up, and Jo Geun is just mesmerized by Soo Jin’s beauty, Ra Ra notices this and isn’t too pleased as she shoots daggers at Soo Jin throughout the shoot. Hehe! Myeong Soo comes out of the dressing room all half-suited up and looks flabbergasted as he sees Soo Jin because she is too darn pretty for him to think straight. As the two of them bask in the moment, Young Jae comes in to tell them that it is photoshoot time. Soo Jin holds Myeong Soo’s hand during the couple’s shoot as he looks pensive. Jo Geun notices Soo Jin and Myeong Soo holding hands and green is definitely not his color. He eggs on the crew to take pictures with the couple and even though they are not happy as they take the most awkward and unhappy wedding pictures ever.

9 EGC 10Myeong Soo comes into the ladies dressing room to inform them that he doesn’t feel comfortable doing this so he is going to take his leave. Ji Ah adds water into a burning oil by saying that the couples should leave together. This is news to Hwa Yeong, I don’t know why she cares as she is freaking getting married, but she doesn’t like the idea of them dating as Myeong Soo finally states that they are dating to the exes. As she sarcastically congratulates the couple, she tells Soo Jin that she will suffer a little while dating him and she knows this because she has dated him. As soon as she says this, Young Jae and Jo Geun enter the room over hearing her and Hwa Yeong face crackles in shame. He leaves the room in shock with everyone running after him. Hwa Yeong begs him. He looks at everyone faces and realizes that they all knew except him as he says that they have turned him into a fool. Jo Geun jumps in saying that he will explain the situation. This makes Young Jae super mad that his bf knew and kept his mouth shut. With his new anger stewing, he gives Jo Geun a good punch on the face. He walks away, leaving a hurtful bride and a wounded friend behind.

9 EGC 11The ladies, Myeong Soo and Soo Jin meet at Ji Ah’s house to try to comfort Hwa Yeong. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo, being good people, decide to feed the ladies as they return back with food, they see a sad Hwa Yeong sitting outside on the pavement as she takes off her engagement ring. Soo Jin goes over to comfort her. They decide to drink their sorrows away as each of them have something that they are losing since it looks like Young Jae and Jo Geon might not be on speaking terms. The ladies decide to turn the focus on Myeong Soo and Soo Jin dating as Ji Ah suggests that the ladies congratulate the dating couple for now because as soon as Myeong Soo dumps Soo Jin, she will be welcomed into their Myeong Soo’s ex-club.  Soo Jin has had enough as she strongly declares that she sincerely likes Myeong Soo and he ladies should back off. The bear got claws, yo! Young Jae is super serious about this break up as he refuses to meet with Hwa Yeong, even though, she persistently waits for him. She goes to MSG, where she gets comforted by the gang and Jo Geun. As everyone tries to throw some blame at each other, Ra Ra tells Jo Geun that Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are dating and he doesn’t look to happy by the news as Soo Jin looks at him apologetically.


9 EGC 12So what was Hwa Yeong expecting would happen after she told Young Jae the truth? He was just going to open his arms to her and say, oh, it is not a big deal to have your ex become one of my friends. Err, think again. Young Jae is not mad at the fact that Hwa Yeong dated Myeong Soo, he is more hurt at the fact that he just wasn’t in on the game. I am glad that he knows about their dating history because this realization is what Hwa Yeong needs in order to completely move on with her life, a life from Myeong Soo. Ji Ah already got that closure she needed from Myeong Soo, even though she still acts like a five years old, but she already got the closure she needed from Myeong Soo, which is to finally tell him how she felt. She has been holding that feeling for a long time and it just had to come out sooner than later because she was hurting herself more and having a hold on Myeong Soo from moving on.

9 EGC 13As for Hwa Yeong, she doesn’t want her crazy past to catch up with her as she wants Young Jae to see her in a different light, so she had that possessive hold over Myeong Soo, so that, she would have control over him. I don’t get her deal about not wanting Soo Jin to date Myeong Soo, except the stupid reason of Soo Jin not having the same standard as her, but in her own weird way, she still needs closure from Myeong Soo. The reason why she could be acting like a jealous ex is because she really hated how she was as a person back then. We all have a past self/personality we regretted having. So, she pretends that she really cares about their dating, so that Myeong Soo can feel the pressure. He is just to nice of a guy as it seems like the ladies do make Myeong Soo feel inferior because he is that caring  dude whose emotions they know how play on him for him to feel for them. Luckily, Soo Jin is able to pick on these signals and reassure the dude that he really doesn’t need to feel that way because he doesn’t owe them anything.

9 EGC 14For this reason, this is why I like Ra Ra. The past is the past. Yes, she kinda feels the sting that Myeong Soo is moving on faster than she is, but that is not going to make her act petty or irrational. She simply moves on to the next best thing, Jo Geun, who I hope reciprocate the feelings back. Yes, he still likes Soo Jin, but now that she has officially stated that she is dating Myeong Soo to her audience, it is time to move on buddy. Either you begin to look at Ra Ra differently, or just look at someone else and not try to force the break up you know will not happen. I guess these next few episodes will be about the exes helping Hwa Yeong get back with Young Jae and the exes having a life, or happy ending outside of Myeong Soo. Oh, I really love the subtle relationship they are building with each other. Yes, they are exes and potential love interests, but, they all have something in common, which is the need to have companionships (friendship or lovers).

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