Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 10 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 10: Bitter & Sweet

10 EGC 1As Ra Ra waits for a cab ride, after the pity party held at MSG finished, Jo Geun sees her and ask if she isn’t bothered by Myeong Soo and Soo Jin’s dating, in fact, she is excited about their hook up because she was the one who pushed them together. Jo Geun asks her for her real name, which is Goo Geun Ryeong. He tells her to audition for the movie, but using her real name and as well as act conveying believable emotions. Young Jae stops production and goes as far as to tell Jo Geun that since he has a five-year contract with the company, he will make sure that Jo Geun doesn’t find work elsewhere outside during the five years. Jo Geun is not the only one feeling Young Jae’s irrationality as Hwa Yeong will be transferred to a different department.

10 EGC 2Hwa Yeong runs after Young Jae to beg him to reconsider his decisions because doing all what he said can cost him his future within the family line. She also apologizes for what transpired during the wedding shoot. Young Jae is clearly moved by this, but deeply hurt as he says that Hwa Yeong was his future. He asks if she ever did like him, but all she can do was let go of his hands and become a silent, crying fool. WHAT?! I really don’t understand Hwa Yeong because she clearly loves the guy as Soo Jin states, but she is too stubborn to tell him that because now she has no confidence to do so and she feels bad because she was the one in the wrong. OKAY?????!!!!

10 EGC 3Soo Jin stops by the studio to comfort Myeong Soo as she tells him that they are all out of work. He ends up comforting her instead as he tells her that being out of work is in a way a blessing in disguise.  He ends up walking her home, instead of driving the death trap of a car, Hehe! She tells him to dress his wounds before going to sleep, but he is too lazy. So, she gives him a kiss on the cheek as an incentive for more to come. Hehe! They are too adorable for words. As he leaves, Jo Geun pops out of nowhere and tells Soo Jin that he does plan on paying the penalties to the company because he is going to cut off his contract. That’s not the only reason for the drop by, since he is going to be a free agent, he wants to recruit Soo Jin along with him. Myeong Soo wants more than a kiss on the cheek so he go back to the apartment, where he overhears Jo Geun telling Soo Jin if she would be interested. He misunderstands the meaning thinking Jo Geun is advancing on her, whereas Jo Geun wants her to join his penniless, homelessness journey in the film world.

10 EGC 4Hwa Yeong decides to resign. She heads to MSG to break the bad news. The ladies are mad at her for signing over Myeong Soo’s work to the company for copyrights. So, Ji Ah and Ra Ra take the matter into their hands as they go meet Young Jae to tell him to reconsider having the copyrights to Myeong Soo’s work. Young Jae wants them to apologize first. Soo Jin meets with Young Jae and she starts by apologizing and tells him that Hwa Yeong’s past doesn’t matter. Myeong Soo’s past might be in her present, but she has enough trust in him to keep the relationship going. Young Jae is just a selfish being as he disregards that and says he comes first, well his pride matters more to him that anything.

10 EGC 5Hwa Yeong stops by the studio just to hang out. Myeong Soo advises her to chase after Young Jae the way she did to him while they were still dating. She doesn’t want to, but does admit that when she was always with Myeong Soo, all her problems always felt like nothing. She finally apologizes to him for using him and let slip that she will get his work back, this is a new information to him. At the office, Jo Geun asks Eun Hye and Soo Jin what their future plan is. Eun Hye wishes to continue Myeong Soo’s work, while Soo Jin wishes Myeong Soo’s work be returned to him. Jo Geun meets Young Jae at the bar drinking his heart out. Young Jae finally guess that the reason why his best friend of twenty years would hang out with the gang is because of Kim Soo Jin. Jo Geun does admit it, but now he has drawn a line between their relationships. Jo Geun begs Young Soo to release Myeong Soo’s work, but Young Jae wants him to take Soo Jin from Myeong Soo. Of course, that is absurd and even Jo Geun attests to that.

10 EGC 6Jo Geun thinks back to Young Jae’s words as he sits on Soo Jin’s chair, the next day. Soo Jin comes in and he asks about for her answer on his proposal. He tells her, using double entendre, to try something different for a while, but Soo Jin will stick to old-fashioned things. At night, Soo Jin meets Myeong Soo at the park. He tells her that he heard from Hwa Yeong about the company having the copyrights to the webtoon. He just want them to be honest with each other. He invites her over to chill in the studio, the next day, since Jin Bae would be going home. Plans are thwarted as Jin Bae decides not to go home. I order to have a free apartment, Myeong Soo sadly gives his KARA collections to Jin Bae who desperately wants them.  At MSG, Hwa Yeong tells the ladies that she hasn’t told her family about the wedding being off or being jobless. Ji Ah gives her sound advice; just do it. Ra Ra asks about her trip, but Ji Ah says that she will just travel around Korea instead, since she missed the flying window.

10 EGC 7Myeong Soo and Soo Jin nervously prepare for their chill-in date as Myeong Soo cleans the studio, while Soo Jin makes sure that she is all dolled up. Soo Jin brings cake along with her as they use that to break the awkwardness of their official first date. Cue, couple watching scary movie. Hehe! They are super sweet! Morning arises, and Soo Jin is first to get up. She quickly takes a selfie with a sleeping Myeong Soo and tells him that she loves him before she skedaddles. Jo Geun is working so hard to try to get the copyrights of the webtoon. Soo Jin sneaks in and Soo Kyung catches her in the act, but Ji Hoon is quick to cover her tracks as he tells her that Soo Jin is actually leaving the house early.

10 EGC 8Soo Jin ends up going to work instead, where she meets a homeless Jo Geun. Jo Geun tells her that he found a new office space. Hilarity ensues, for me that is, as he actually bought the company’s space from the money used to sell his house. He tells Soo Jin that he would like to start again with her, again as in he was successful in purchasing the copyright. Soo Jin tells Myeong Soo who strongly opposes to it. Jo Geun gives Ra Ra a movie script and tells her that he wants her to become a real actress and not a starlet. He takes a nervous Ra Ra to the audition, where she bravely goes in to try out for the part. The ladies hang meet outside of MSG where Ra Ra tells them she got the lead part as a career woman, even though she has no lines as Hwa Yeong points out. Ji Ah tells Ra Ra to be careful about Jo Geun’s intention and not fall for him, especially since he likes someone else. Ji Ah is leaving for her trip the next day and hands over the keys to MSG to Hwa Yeong for her to watch over while she is away. Since Ra Ra will be busy filming, Hwa Yeong needs to keep busy since she is jobless now. They have a bittersweet conversation about them parting ways; it is strange for them to be friends, they realize that they have become one, even though, they don’t say it out loud.

10 EGC 9The next day, the ladies take care of their various activities, Ji Ah cleans her home, while Hwa Yeong makes pasta at MSG and as she eats it alone, she begins to cry properly about her break up. A bored Soo Jin is at the studio bothering a working Myeong Soo. Myeong Soo has other things in mind to make the restless Soo Jin have a proper rest before she finds work again. Hehe. The beach, guys. Hehe. Since they have never been to the beach together, the weekend will be perfect to go. Soo Jin caves in, but he seems to have lost his thinking mojo, so he needs inspiration. Hehe! They kiss and kiss and kiss.


10 EGC 10I was thinking like this episode was going to go in the direction of everyone trying to get Young Jae back together with Hwa Yeong after Hwa Yeong repeatedly apologizes to him. I thought that Young Jae’s anger stemmed from the fact that Hwa Yeong lied to him, so I was highly irritated and utter disgusted when his anger was more like Hwa Yeong dated Myeong Soo. I’m like wtf, so they really are going to turn him into an arrogant jerk face. So wait, you thought Hwa Yeong was a single before she met you? Just the fact that he does admit he is selfish came out of nowhere. The Young Jae we were used to seeing was someone who was understanding.  But all irritation aside, he does have some strong values as we heard them during the bbq event. He is a no nonsense guy, so Hwa Yeong brought it upon herself to hide the issue from him as she knew who he was. I do feel for her because she does like him, but she needs to kick herself in the butt and begin her craziness. It is not recommended because she seems to be on the manic side of the spectrum once that personality is out, but it will show Young Jae the real her and maybe change is skewed view on what love really is. If that doesn’t work, Myeong Soo needs to get his kneeling pad ready because he is the only one who hasn’t met with Young Jae. I guess he might be the one to reconcile them.

10 EGC 11I just like how everyone is slowly moving on from the past and building a present together. Compared to episode 2 when the exes were pulling each others hair, they have really come a long way as they formed a different kind of relationship as they found an unwanted friend in the midst of their solidarity. I mean c’mon, these women barely had friends, so it was really sweet to see them form a bond, even though, when they were together for most times, they were acting ridiculous.

10 EGC 12I just love how Hwa Yeong was able to close Myeong Soo’s chapter and just letting him go without holding any grudges. Now that I think about it, I don’t think Ra Ra had a really strong bond of relationship with Myeong Soo as Ji Ah and Hwa Yeong did. So, she is cool as pepper. Jo Geun has matured as well as he graduated from being a brat to being a caring person. Even though, he got himself into the mess and was asking for drama, he is coming into terms of being just a cool dude without pushing it. Yes, he is not over his feelings for Soo Jin and might want to keep on trying, but he is not being a jerk about it either. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are just too cute for words. I think it is weird to use that word an adorable for grownup, but in their case, it is right because they are just simple folks. We all do cute stuff when we are around our significant other, so I will keep on calling them cute, even though they should be in kissing level 10 and not 1. Hehe!

5 thoughts on “Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 10 Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap!
    You might be right abt MS smh reconciling Hwa Young and Young Jae. He really is the only one who hasn’t epoken to YJ. However I really don’t think this is really his ‘fight’. HY needs to go after him. That scene where he was asking re: her feelings for him was sad. I was like, WHAT is with u girl? I almost thought the same thing as YJ but then we learn that she just felt guilty. I really felt sad for her these last 2 eps. I was initially one of the ppl anticipating the backlash for her lies but then I saw how it really played out. And it wasn’t so great. This is why I can love this show. Its so real. You can sympathize with the characters no matter what.
    While I thought YJ was acting uncharacteristically horrible, its understandable. In real life ppl are like this, unpredictable. YJ had every reason to b upset. The person he was going to marry lied big time. He really did trust her. I just couldn’t get his spitefullness tho. I guess the writer wants to emphasize his pride and stubbornness. They’ll probably make up in the end.
    And on another note, I think the development for our OTP is pretty much over now. Ep 10 really made me feel like it was the end. For a show that got cut it did well although the cute scenes didn’t satisfy me as much as the previous eps. But that’s probably due to the cut.


    1. I couldn’t have agreed with you more. When I rewatched it just to write the recap. I could really feel Young Jae’s pain…but later on I was like dude calm down, it is not that serious. Hehe. I just couldn’t get Hwa Yeong’s reason though. Yes, you lied and you hurt him but that doesn’t mean you cannot explain yourself. I felt like she chickened out. We know her to be outspoken and active, so seeing her become soft and passive around young Jae was a little bit surprising. Hopefully, we get some closure for them as the series end.

      And yesssss, I totally thought I was the only one who felt that way with the OTP…maybe they will try to add some random and unnecessary problems they will face if they go to the beach…they might run across Ji Ah. It is actually a good thing the series got cut down because it would have been filled of unnecessary angst.

      Thanks for the comment. :):):)


      1. Your most welcome. I love reading other k-drama watchers thoughts. It really makes me feel like im apart of a community. Did u see ep 11 yet? I just saw it raw and it was so kuch fun to watch. THIS is the show I fell in love with. U need to see it. JG steps it up and the future between YJ and HY looks promising.


        1. It really does make you feel included.
          No I haven’t…subs usually are complete in the evening. I’m guessing it is due to my location. So I cannot wait till tonight. Ah ha thanks for pumping me up about it. I can’t wait. 😊😊


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