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Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 8 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 8: Where do we Stand?

8 EGC 1Myeong Soo thinks back to all the meaningful conversations he had with Soo Jin as he uses the thoughts to remember Soo Jin’s face. Soo Jin meets the exes at MSG who are setting up a congratulatory party for Myeong Soo on finishing the series when she suddenly sees Ji Ah wearing the short she returned to Myeong Soo. She leaves the restaurant feeling resigned and it does seem that Ji Ah wearing the shirt does bother her as she continues her work. Later that evening, she goes to Myeong Soo’s studio waiting for his arrival. She uses an excuse of retuning his blanket to him, but he knows her better than she knows herself. He stops her from leaving as he tells her that he has something to say to her. They carry the conversation inside the studio Soo Jin tries to deflect the tension with small conversations, but Myeong Soo finally has to courage to use the opportunity to tell Soo Jin that he likes her and would like to date officially.

8 EGC 2Before Soo Jin can pick up her heart from the floor, BANG! the exes, Jin Bae and Jo Geun startle Myeong Soo and Soo Jin with the surprise party, apparently, they decided to move it into the studio. Seriously, Jo Geun is something else. Haha! Of course, Ji Ah is not happy to hear the confession, but, regardless, everyone is curious about Soo Jin’s answer. Soo Jin awkwardly and nervously says that Myeong Soo was only kidding, but Myeong Soo stands firm on his word, he is really is asking her to date. She affirms that they are just best friends and it looks like Myeong Soo needs his mommy. Everyone leaves the dejected couple alone as they are in no festive mood. Jo Geun wants an inside scoop on Myeong Soo and Soo Jin, so he takes Ra Ra out to fish out information. However, Ra Ra is more interested in him before giving out any information. Jo Geun, even though he is a jerk, says some wise words to Ra Ra, “cherish yourself more,” before he takes his leave.

2015-06-05_23.38.11[1]Myeong Soo is utter hurt by the words Soo Jin said. Soo Jin was more worried about everyone’s opinion at the moment, but Myeong Soo didn’t care about their and wanted hers only. It does seem like Myeong Soo wasn’t the only one to share his feelings, even though Soo Jin wanted a private moment between them for her to respond, it seems like she likes Myeong Soo as well. She doesn’t out right say it, so as Myeong Soo flirty tries to fish the words out of her, an angry Jin Bae stumps in, blaming Myeong Soo and Soo Jin for ruining his moment with Ra Ra. The exes congregate at MSG and to talk about what just transpired. Hwa Yeong is more pissed at the fact that Soo Jin’s qualifications is not up to par with her, meaning that Myeong Soo is downgrading if he dates Soo Jin because she doesn’t have a background like hers. Ra Ra doesn’t care as long as she is prettier than Soo Jin, in other words, it is really not her business or the exes to butt in. As for Ji Ah, she is mad that they are considering dating.

2015-06-05_23.39.23[1]Hwa Yeong meets with Myeong Soo to complain and tells him that it would make her feel uncomfortable, especially since she is working with Soo Jin. Basically, she just made Myeong Soo feel inferior about himself by comparing him to Jo Geun, financial-wise. Ji Ah plants a seed of doubt that Soo Jin is just two-timing him and Ra Ra simply states that Myeong Soo should act fast before Jo Geun steals Soo Jin from him, she genuinely sounds worried for Soo Jin, but it is all for her benefit. Myeong Soo decides to surprise Soo Jin at work with fried chicken. She is so engaged in her work that she doesn’t notice him sneak in. Jo Geun’s sudden appears makes Myeong Soo quickly hides under the desk. Soo Jin sees Myeong Soo hiding under the desk and badly fails at deflecting the fact that Jo Geun knows that someone is in the office as he asks about her relationship with Myeong Soo Hehe!

2015-06-05_23.49.42[1]Myeong Soo and Soo Jin enjoy their chicken dish outside in the sun. Myeong Soo ask Soo Jin why she still hasn’t given him a definite answer and all she asks of him is to wait patiently for her, even though she likes him, to fully reciprocate the feeling because she wants to be cautious about entering the relationship. Since Myeong Soo cannot stop thinking about Soo Jin, he calls her later that night, they are in flirt mode and it is so adorable. Meanwhile, Ji Hoon and Soo Kyung are sorting out their old clothes. Hehe! Love the mundane things they do. The next day, Soo Jin goes neighborhood scouting to look for a location for the movie when she gets a nice, surprise visit from Myeong Soo. It turns out to be a spontaneous sightseeing and picture-taking day as they walk couple-shoe-to-couple shoe. Hehe! I’m trying to be clever. Myeong Soo walks Soo Jin home and even though he states that he is now her boyfriend, she just smiles. As she tries to head in, he tells her to reach into the camera bag for the SD card, when he smoothly lays a kiss on her cheek, an SD CARD KISS. This makes them as cute as candy as they smile the evening away.

2015-06-05_23.51.37[1]Soo Jin decides to go over the picture that evening, when she comes across a video message left by a Ji Ah, after breaking up with Myeong Soo. In the video, a crying Ji Ah states that she regrets breaking up with Myeong Soo, even though she truly loved him, she is still getting married to a different man the next day. She tells, then, Myeong Soo that if he still loved her, he should keep the video message, or delete it if he hates her. Soo Jin feels deeply unsettled by this that she doesn’t really focus at work. Myeong Soo calls for them to have dinner, but she is working overtime with Jo Geun who is busy lazing around. Jo Geun decides they have dinner and as they leave Myeong Soo invites himself into their dinner which pisses off Jo Geun as they go ahead to have a double meaning conversation about the food/Soo Jin. Oh, bring on the cock fight. Soo Jin is clueless as usual.

2015-06-05_23.52.16[1]Soo Kyung and Ji Hoon are heading home from playing couples tennis when they see Soo Jin, Myeong Soo and Jo Geun getting out of Jo Geun’s car. Soo Kyung mistakes Jo Geun as Myeong Soo and vise-versa due to the way both guys are dressed. It seems like she really detests Myeong Soo and even though, she approves of Myeong Soo who she thinks is Jo Geun, the guys do not clear up the misunderstanding and neither does Soo Jin and Ji Hoon, as their efforts in clearing up the misunderstanding fails. Myeong Soo eats up the praises and Jo Geun reiterates to Myeong Soo that Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are just friends. Hehe. Soo Jin dies inside from embarrassment, while Myeong Soo brushes up on his English with Soo Kyung. Hahaha!

2015-06-05_23.57.04[1]Soo Jin tells Ji Hoon that she thinks she is dating. The boys have their showdown as Jo Geun says he likes Soo Jin as he hasn’t heard any confirmation from Soo Jin that she is dating, but Myeong Soo doesn’t back down as he is actually dating her and besides they have a history together. That is all dandy, but Jo Geun reminds Myeong Soo about his exes and their interference in Soo Jin dating Myeong Soo. Soo Jin tells Ji Hoon that the relationship is complicated. He deducts that the exes are involved in the complication, especially Ji Ah, since she was his first love. Soo Jin calls Myeong Soo to tell him that she is in the mood for MSG food/music, in reality, she wants to know if he still goes to MSG which he replies no to the question. Ra Ra meets with Myeong Soo and simply tells the naive dude that Soo Jin going to MSG isn’t about the food, it is a subtly way of telling Ji Ah to back off, or confirm if he still has feelings for her.

2015-06-05_23.58.30[1]The BFF’s are at MSG as Hwa Yeong shows the ladies her wedding dress style. Ra Ra informs the ladies that Myeong Soo and Soo Jin will be stopping by to declare their relationship. She asks for their opinion, Hwa Yeong is still against it, I guess it hurts her pride, while, Ji Ah is boiling inside, even though she will congratulate the couple. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo visit MSG. Soo Jin is having second thoughts, but Myeong Soo holds her hand as they walk in. seems like Ji Ah is so troubled by the news that she doesn’t pay attention at the fact that the oil on the pan is burning. As she tries to put out the smoke, she stupidly pours water over it. This causes a reaction and Myeong Soo is quick to protect Ji Ah without really thinking. Soo Jin takes a wounded Myeong Soo to the hospital. As she waits, she thinks back to the SD card kiss, and other interactions she had with him before they started dating as she compares it to Ji Ah being a main focus in Myeong Soo’s life, or so she thinks.

Preview Episode 9:

Soo Jin runs out of the hospital crying and tells Myeong Soo that she saw the Ji Ah’s video. She asks why the video is still in place and Myeong Soo simply tells her that since the camera is old, he didn’t realize the video was in there. Soo Jin is beginning to have stronger doubts that Myeong Soo is not fully over Ji Ah, even though, Myeong Soo clearly states that he is over his ex and to prove that, he kisses Soo Jin.


8 EGC 10I knew the cute was too good to be true. First line of business, Ji Ah is NOT fit to run a food business. Seriously, she is going to bring that thing down, if not with her carelessness, it would be her lack of knowing how to run a restaurant. Anyways, I don’t think I will throw some shades at Ji Ah for her some having some residual feelings for Myeong Soo. I does seem like she truly did love him, judging from the video message, it is just that she had other priorities in life before she met Myeong Soo, who was her spontaneous lover. She talked about how they did things on a whip, while she dated and she misses that life, especially, now that she alone. I did say that Myeong Soo was her comfort, but it does seem like Myeong Soo was her first love as well.

Coming back to the country after the divorce was no coincidence, it was a way for her to reconnect what she had let go and now that Myeong Soo is head over heels with another person, she knows what that is like. Myeong Soo is a committed guy, and Soo Jin is definitely lucky to have someone love her like that. That is what Ji Ah sees in Myeong Soo, hence, her jealousy and her crazy partnering with the other exes in attempt to disrupt the relationship from budding.

8 EGC 12As for Soo Jin. I see where she is coming from. I have seen this episode three times and what I missed then and seeing now is that Soo Jin is not a risk taker. She is careful about her love life, her family life, even her work life. She is a cautious person in nature and I can see where she uses that excuse of healing a broken heart to avoid jumping into the relationship. Rather, than think with her heart, she lets reason get the best of her because she doesn’t want her heart to be severely damaged. I can see why she is not experienced in dating and because of this reason, I totally understood her point of view towards the end of the show.

Soo Jin just needs full reassurance that Myeong Soo is over the ex, especially, since he has reconnected with the three of them again. From the way he interacts with them differently, even though, he is over them, he still cares for them differently…this is evident from his body language to the tone of voice he uses, but just because he is just a caring guy, it doesn’t mean that he has feeling for them. Sure,they all have more history with Myeong Soo than Soo Jin does with him, so I see where her insecurity stems from. However, she needs to value herself more because she has awesome qualities about her and one of them is that she is the only one that truly resonate and mesh with Myeong Soo. They have a lot in common and understand each other better.

Sometimes, this is why it is hard to date friends because you already know their whole past. This is another reason why she has doubts. She has studied these women, seen how they interact with Myeong Soo and know that they have been deeply hurt. it is just like she is filming her own docu-series on “how to date my best friend while he sees his exes.” Oh, that can be a good webtoon idea for Myeong Soo. Her hurt from the past, is why her sister like a mama bear whenever she hears the name Myeong Soo, her little sis heart is too fragile and delicate. Ahh, Hwa Yeong, she is ridiculous beyond belief. Really, that’s the reason why you don’t want them to date? Really? I’m throwing shades. Ra Ra, we need more of you and your awesomeness, see you do know your worth.


3 thoughts on “Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 8 Recap”

  1. Have watched & re-watched this drama for uncountable times….. just stumble on your recap now hehehe. Really nice recap to read. And like you, I realized more “evidence in their past relationship” & have deeper personality understanding of our two main OTP. It seems we have similar thoughts :-)) I found it funny when you say Soo Jin is filming her docu-series but i couldn’t agree more with you.


    1. Thanks for stumbling by. Hehe. It is nice drama to rewatch as it is not too heavy and the songs are catchy.

      Hehehe….that would be an awesome series on its own. Maybe like a mini-drama (4 episodes) in order not to over do it.


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