Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 7 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 7: Soo Jin!

7 EGC 1Ra Ra’s phone call replays in Myeong Soo’s head as he tries to flag down a taxi. Meanwhile, the ladies watch as Jo Geun yells at a confused Soo Jin and shoves the car keys to her hand demanding she drives back. As she is about to explain, Myeong Soo arrives calmly and suggest they leave together. Jo Geun is not having that as he explains himself. He tells the troublesome exes to come out of their hiding spot. They do the walk of shame as they walk out and when Soo Jin fully realizes what’s going on, she let’s go of Myeong Soo’s hand and enters the cab alone. Pissed, Myeong Soo tells at the exes to leave. He turns to Jo Geun  park who tells Myeong Soo that he has no intention of doing the movie with him. The exes sit in front of a convenience store having noodles. Ji Ah muses that Soo Jin is a player as she has both men wrapped around her finger.

7 EGC 2 Jo Geun sits on the hood of his car in a park as he is in deep thoughts about Soo Jin telling him that he doesn’t take things seriously. Ha! This guy is a freaking hoot. Hehe! At MSG, Myeong Soo reprimands the exes, like a teacher, about their behavior. At first, they are remorseful, but later, Ji Ah gets her senses back and says she has nothing to be apologetic about. As the exes try to stand their ground and question Myeong Soo’s relationship with Soo Jin, an angry Soo Jin walks in. she is too furious to think so she states that she might date Myeong Soo just to even things up with the exes. Ra Ra is more than excited than the two exes.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-00-14-26[1]On her way home, Myeong Soo asks Soo Jin why she left the scene alone. Soo Jin confesses that after she realized what the exes did, she was too embarrassed to face Jo Geun so she left in haste. Myeong Soo then asks why he saw them holding hands. Soo Jin explains that Jo Geun was handing her his keys. Myeong Soo is not satisfied with the answer so he asks for a demonstration. Soo Jin innocently shows him, but Myeong Soo is in cloud seven when she touches his hands. Adorable! Soo Jin is packing up  her stuff at the office when Hwa Yeong comes in apologizing. Hwa Yeong then tells Soo Jin that in order to save the movie; Myeong Soo will have to be out of the picture. Soo Jin doesn’t want that, but Hwa Yeong thinks that is the only way Jo Geun will do the movie. Later that evening, Hwa Yeong is having a drinking party by herself, when Myeong Soo comes in and stops her. She turns on the faucet as she drunkenly tells him not to be involved in the movie because this way, he can save Soo Jin’s career. After Myeong Soo puts her in the taxi, it turns out that she was sober the whole time.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-00-22-47[1]Myeong Soo stops by the office and sees Soo Jin welling up. She tells him that they collaboration is like a dream because she wonders if they will work again together in the future. Myeong Soo hugs her to comfort, but it seems like he needs the hugs as well. The next day, he meets up with Jo Geun and tells him that he is backing out if only Jo Geun agrees to do the movie. He apologizes and tells Jo Geun not to tell Soo Jin about the conversation. All Jo Geun wants out of this is that Myeong Soo never appears in front of him again. As the ladies finally clean up the office, a real estate agent with a potential buyer walks in. as the agent shows the buyer around; Jo Geun walks in and demand that they leave.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-00-34-03[1]Myeong Soo talks to an editor about his new idea for a webtoon and he says that it is about a man and a woman about their complicated relationship. Jo Geun shows the contract he signed with Young Jae’s company about producing the movie. Soo Jin is less than ecstatic, especially when he says that Myeong Soo won’t be part of production. Myeong Soo tells Young Jae and Hwa Yeong that he won’t be part of production when Soo Jin comes running in after hearing the news. They go outside and Myeong Soo tells Soo Jin that he is bowing out of production; however, they can still keep in contact if they miss each other.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-00-41-49[1]As Myeong Soo is working, he gets texts from the exes which irritate him. At MSG, the exes meet to talk about Soo Jin whether getting together with Myeong Soo or Jo Geun. The next day, Myeong Soo drops by the office to collect his things. He sees Jo Geun there and both are raising their feathers to see which is bigger. As he leaves, he comes across Soo Jin on the stairs,  who is running errands for Jo Geun. Before he leaves, he hands her pair of couple shoes he had bought during the retreat. At his studio, Myeong Soo feels uninspirational as Jin Bae tells him to suck it up and actually work since he lied to people that he actually has work. Soo Kyung is doing yoga with the kids, Ji Hoon is doing laundry and Soo Jin is napping. Soo Kyung keeps bothering Soo Jin when Ji Hoon comes by to reprimand her for mixing her red shirt with the kids white, the red shirt Myeong Soo gave her to change from on the day she met it rained.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-01-00-00[1]It seems like some time has passed by since Myeong Soo and Soo Jin met. She returns the shirt he borrowed her and as they try to catch up, Soo Jin’s phone keeps going off. Myeong Soo tells her that he is taking a week off after the webtoon series is over and he tries to invite her along, but Soo Jin’s phone keeps ringing so, she leaves earlier than planned which leaves a sad Myeong Soo by himself. He gets a call from Ji Ah who tells him at MSG that her counter isn’t stable. He fixes the counter and tells her that he is going on vacation. She tries to invite herself on the trip, but he declines. As he leaves, he forgets the shirt that Soo Jin returned. At work, Eun Hye tells Soo Jin that they have landed a famous actor who volunteers to be part of the movie. As she goes over Eun Hye’s desk to see the audition list, she forgets to take her phone out of her purse. And as it turns out, Myeong Soo keeps texting Soo Jin, but his gets are unanswered.

7 EGC 9The ladies and Jo Geun are having dinner at MSG. Jo Geun points out that the ladies act like friends, which Ji Ah and Hwa Yeong denies. As Ji Ah is taking jabs at Soo Jin with her relationship with Jo Geun, Jo Geun intercept to question Ji Ah’s relationship with Myeong Soo. Since she is an ex, she really doesn’t have a right in Myeong Soo’s present life. It looks like Myeong Soo doesn’t know when to keep away, as he comes into MSG and sees the gang and Jo Geun having dinner. He excuses himself and Soo Jin runs after him. Myeong Soo gets straight to the point as he tells Soo Jin that the only reason they remain friends is because she was too busy.

7 EGC 9Myeong Soo leaves for the countryside the next day as he takes pictures looking for an inspiration fro his next webtoon. While taking a break to draw a ship on the coastline, he thinks back to when he gave Soo Jin a flip book of the ocean and promises to take her there. He tries to get more inspiration to draw a character for Soo Jin, but his imagination comes out empty. He gets texts from the exes, but ignores them as the texts he eagerly wants is not popping on his phone. Meanwhile, as Soo Jin works into the late night, she takes a break as she tries to text to Myeong Soo that she likes him, but she ends up deleting the text. The next day, Myeong Soo waits for the bus, suddenly, he hits a gold mine with his thoughts. he is so absorbed into his drawings that he misses his bus. The end result of his drawing turns out to be Soo Jin’s face smiling at him.


7 EGC 10I don’t like guys who are passive especially when they like a girl and are not active in pursuing, yet they get mad at her for, well, having a life. When he got irritated at her for having dinner with Jo Geun, I got irritated at him for that. How will Soo Jin know that you like her if you don’t speak up. Even though, I got beef with him, I like that he finally said something about how she was too busy for her to notice that he liked her in the past. Now, she will be aware of his feelings I do hope they act on it on the next episode. I will cut Soo Jin some slacks ‘cuz homegirl has little to no experience about dating. So, Myeong Soo is not fighting fairly on that aspect.

7 EGC 11The exes are still the exes as usual, still the same issue of either breaking Myeong Soo and Soo Jin apart or rooting for Jo Geun and Soo Jin. Jo Geun was kind of quiet in this episode as it feels like he enjoys the ladies company. Even though the ladies don’t want to admit it, there are forming a relationship that might turn into something more than being spiteful. So go on Ra Ra, enjoy those hangouts. No essay, because this episode was mellow.

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