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Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 6 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 6: Charade Over

6 EGC 1The exes and Myeong Soo are in panic and soon they find their hiding spot before Young Jae and Jo Guen, who pound on the fake couples door enters. Young Jae and Jo Geun see Myeong Soo on the bed trying to make the supposed Soo Jin to sleep. Hilariously, Soo Jin hid underneath the bed with Ji Ah and Rara, while Hwa Young hid underneath the covers with Myeong Soo. When Jo Geun sees a hand coming out from underneath the bed, he quickly tells Young Jae to give the couples their privacy. Young Jae wants to check on Hwa Yeong, but Jo Geon, who knows that the ladies are in the fake couple’s room, deter him from checking on Hwa Yeong. The ladies come out of hiding and the fake couple begs them to leave. Neither wants to leave the room first, so the fake couple leaves the room instead.

6 EGC 2

As the movie crews are working, Ji Ah sees Ra Ra making breakfast, who is trying her best to impress director Jo Geun. After setting up breakfast, Jo Geun takes another stab at the exes and the fake couple. Even though, he knew what happened the night before, he tries to spin the incident as he states that it could be a movie scenario. Young Jae doesn’t agree with Jo Geun about the male lead in bed with the three exes and tells him that there is a thin line to cross when making a movie. In the room, Soo Jin tells Myeong Soo that Jo Geun has caught on their act, so he is warning them. However, Myeong Soo’s only concern is that since Jo Geun has caught on, they would no longer be a couple. Hwa Yeong goes to meet Jo Geun on the patio to directly ask him what his price is. All Jo Geun wants is for Hwa Yeong to come clean to Young Jae. He likes his friend and doesn’t want to see him get hurt, so she needs to tell him or he will. In the meantime, Ra Ra tries to fish out information from Young Jae about Jo Geon.

6 EGC 3

Since they are done being a fake couple, Myeong Soo suggests that they meet up for beer once they get back. Soo Jin shyly accepts. On their ride back, it is Ra Ra who sits in the middle between Soo Jin and Hwa Yeong. Soo Jin is about to pass out from the guilt she feels and from the hold Jo Geun has over her. Meanwhile, Ji Ah and Myeong Soo drive Ra Ra’s empty minivan. Ji Ah tries to have a conversation with Myeong Soo, but Myeong Soo seems distant. Myeong Soo drops off Ji Ah who tries to reminisce about the past, but it looks like Myeong Soo wants to be someplace else. Soo Jin stops by Myeong Soo’s studio to take up the offer, but Myeong Soo calls saying he would be stopping by her house instead since he is busy fixing Ji Ah’s plumbing. So, as Soo Jin tries to hurry back, she overhears Ji Ah’s voice over the phone. Myeong Soo texts her, but she flatly ignores him.

6 EGC 4Soo Jin walks into her sister and Ji Hoon trying to get their freak on. Blinded by the act, Soo Jin excuses herself outside and the awkward lovebirds continue with their night activity. Myeong Soo is running in super speed to meet Soo Jin at the playground. He finds an empty playground, so he calls Soo Jin who lies that she is at home sleeping. She doesn’t realize that the background noise gave her location away and Myeong Soo finds her drinking ice cream. They drink their beer in the park and have a healthy conversation about their past love. Myeong Soo tells Soo Jin that he can never love someone he loved before, while Soo Jin says that her love is constant. As Myeong Soo walk Soo Jin home, Soo Jin ask him why he never told her about the incident two years ago. He shrugs off the question, but Soo Jin just tells him no to hold anything back from her. Hwa Yeong tells the ladies, the next day at MSG, that Jo Geun plans on canceling the movie. Soo Jin proposes that they come clean and bear the responsibilities. But, the ladies shut down the proposition and Ra Ra suggests that they seduce Jo Geun. She volunteers herself to be thrown into the den.

6 EGC 5At the karaoke bar, Ra Ra sings for Jo Geun as he just stares at her uninterested. He tries to play her game of seduction, but she excuses herself to the bathroom to give herself a motivational speech. At MSG, Soo Jin gets a text from Myeong Soo, but since Ji Ah and Hwa Yeong are by her, she doesn’t respond. This makes Myeong Soo anxious as he worriedly asks Jin Bae what her silence means. On her way back to the room, a drunk stranger recognizes Ra Ra from a movie she stared in. She dismisses the familiarity, but the stranger becomes too grabby for comfort when suddenly Jo Geun steps in to save the day. This act only makes Ra Ra fall for him deeper than before. Ra Ra takes Jo Geun back to MSG who tells them to come up with a better plan. As he leaves, Soo Jin follows behind. She tries to appeal to him, but he insults her sincerity. This just makes Soo Jin extra mad and she gives him a piece of her mind before leaving the stunned Jo Geun speechless.

6 EGC 6Soo Jin walks home crying when she sees Myeong Soo waiting for her on her doorstep. They take the conversation to the river where Soo Jin apologizes to Myeong Soo for ruining his first breakout. He comforts her instead even though he as well feels sad. Later that night, Myeong Soo sends an encouraging text to Soo Jin who smiles at his sweet attempt. Eun Hye and Soo Jin are packing up when Jo Geun shows up. He steals Soo Jin to the conference room and tells her to beg him to stay. She doesn’t have any time to play childish games even though he tells her that he gets angry whenever she pops up in his head. Jo Geun then states that he wants to make Soo Jin his person, but she strictly tells him not to confuse her. Using his genius-like deductions (his words, not mine), he gets it right on the dot that Myeong Soo could have been her past event. Hwa Yeong who had been eavesdropping the whole time runs to MSG where she tells Ra Ra and Ji Ah about Jo Geun’s confession to Soo Jin.

6 EGC 7Ra Ra is not happy to hear the news, but Ji Ah is. Hwa Yeong decides to put the Jo Geun’s words into action as she sends Soo Jin, in guise of Jo Geun, to an empty movie studio that is far from the city. The three mischievous exes drive down to the location as Soo Jin waits extremely patient for Jo Geun’s arrival. The ladies wait behind some boxes and is about to give up when Jo Geun arrives. Before then, Ra Ra sneaks out of hiding to buy some stakeout food, but in reality she makes a phone call. Jo Geun comes out of his car, yelling for the world to hear, at Soo Jin for making him drive the long distance, especially since he hates driving. Soo Jin is super confused at the fact that Jo Geun is yelling at her when Jo Geun grabs her hands to hand her his car keys to drive back to the city. As she is trying to process all in, Myeong Soo arrives in a taxi and calmly asks Soo Jin if she waited too long. Stuck in the middle of extra confusion, Soo Jin lets go of Myeong Soo’s hand and enters the taxi he came with, leaving the testosterones and troublesome estrogen to clean up the mess.


6 EGC 8Myeong Soo is coming into his feelings for Soo Jin after the end of their fake relationship. He might not realize it at the moment because he thinks that he is just being buddies with his best friend, but waiting on the doorstep of a girl you are friends with, without her telling you to, is more than a “just friends” boundary line you are crossing. This ties nicely with the last scene of Soo Jin letting go off Myeong Soo’s hand could be a figurative meaning of letting Myeong Soo go. However, I won’t read much into it because this show does a good job of foreshadowing what the characters say. For instance, Soo Jin tells Myeong Soo that she doesn’t stop loving the person she loved in the past and Myeong Soo says that once he loves a person before he cannot love them again. So, this is why I am not worried about them getting together. Once Myeong Soo loves, he loves. However, once that relationship is over, it is over. He might still keep in contact because he just that nice, but there will be no residual feelings for that person, case in, the exes.

6 EGC 9Ji Ah is trying so desperately and selfishly hard to keep Myeong Soo at her side. She can tell that Myeong Soo is falling for Soo Jin so, she is trying to reconnect the past in the present, but Myeong Soo is immune to that charm because she was the one who hurt him the most, so out of fear and falling out of love for her, Myeong Soo won’t give her the time of day. Myeong Soo is comfort to her and she wants that comfort back, but it looks like she will have to look elsewhere. I usually don’t like to write about whom to ship for as the OTP, but in this case, it is clear that Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are the OTP. So, my issue is for Hwa Yeong who I really do not get what her deal is. Out of the three exes, she has more to lose, yet she keeps hovering over Soo Jin and Myeong Soo like she wants to break them apart so that she can have Myeong Soo. Being around them is ridiculous because she should use the opportunity to prove to Jo Geun that she truly loves Young Jae and is over her ex, instead she gets more involved in these shenanigans that spells disaster. At first, I felt pity for her because she didn’t want her crazy past, pun intended, to catch up to her, but now, I want Young Jae to find out because she is becoming her possessive and neurotic self again because she really cannot keep away.

6 EGC 10As for Ra Ra, she is acting desperate around Jo Geun as compared to being interested. At first, it was funny, but I find it a little bit off putting when she tried to seduce him. Of course, he won’t take her seriously when she looks like she is selling herself. She needs to see herself more valuable than just being a seduction symbol just to get her way. It works for a while, but after that she will become a typecast actress that directors don’t want to work with, except in shows that are less than appropriate. Speaking of less than appropriate, Jo Geun, get off your high horse. Acting like a toddler just to get a girl’s attention, not cool. I like his Sherlock Holmes persona, but acting as a snobbish jerk, not attractive. I never like leads who acted that way anyways, unless they show massive growth and maturity, but in this case, it doesn’t look like it. What do you guys thinks? I might be off with my analysis.




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