Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 5 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 5: Female Lead

5 EGC 1It seems as though Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are willing to keep up the charade so that Jo Geon don’t catch on. Jo Geon, the nosy dude, decides to poke fun at this ridiculous pretense. Ji Ah later tells Myeong Soo that he is an a*hole as he is trying to do everything he can to make everyone happy. Soo Jin walks Jo Geon out and Jo Geon wonders why someone else’s girlfriend is walking him to his car, and besides he hates driving so he rather calls for a substitute driver. On a more serious note, he asks Soo Jin why she is making a romance movie. Soo Jin simply states that she is expanding her resume. Soo Jin is not really happy about the dating sham as she tells Myeong Soo that she doesn’t think she can actually date because she is busy making her career and pretending to date. Myeong Soo offers himself to her as a joke, but she just walks away.

5 EGC 2Myeong Soo and Soo Jin keep up the ruse of dating as they meet with Jo Geun. Jo Geun sits in between the couple and while looking at Soo Jin without batting lashes, he asks her who the main lead is among the exes. Myeong Soo says they are equally important, but his opinion doesn’t matter to Jo Geon who prods Soo Jin for an answer. She does agree that the webtoon does need a main female lead. Myeong gets irritated at Soo Jin and leaves. Soo Jin follows suit. An angry Myeong Soo is a hungry Myeong Soo as he asks why Soo Jin didn’t back him up. Soo Jin does think that the movie would be better if it has a female lead. Myeong Soo says that out of the ladies, one of them did steer him, but that’s a secret. Ji Ah was the hardest break up, but meeting Soo Jin again makes him happy. Soo Jin takes all these new information in. Myeong Soo tells Ji Ah that he cannot help her out at MSG if he is to continue the ruse of dating Soo Jin. Ji Ah thinks that Myeong Soo is acting and feeling more than he lets on towards Soo Jin.

5 EGC 3Jo Geon wants to take advantage of foreign locations to shoot the film since he is known across the international film board. Myeong Soo is against it because it means changing the script and the intended meaning to fit the location change. Soo Jin does agree with Myeong Soo, but she does see the benefit of shooting out of the country. Hwa Yeong tells Soo Jin to persuade Myeong Soo into agreement; Young Jae is feeling the pressure from his dad. Soo Kyung is going for a retreat in order to bond with her employees and Soo Jin gets an idea from that and proposes to Young Jae that they go on a team bonding retreat. Operation family ancestry begins Hwa Yeong congregates the ladies and Myeong Soo at MSG for them to come up with a convincing story of how Myeong Soo and Soo Jin met. Before that, Ra Ra states her condition, wants to act in the movie and have as much roles she can get. Ji Ah voices her opinion, but it later subsides. Soo Jin is not even given the opportunity to speak and with that, the ladies come up with love story ideas on Myeong Soo and Soo Jin’s first meet, even though Myeong Soo protests that the truth would be easier to tell.

5 EGC 4Since, Jo Geun hates to drive so he rides in front with Young Jae driving and Myeong Soo sitting in between Soo Jin and Hwa Yeong on their way to the retreat. As they prepare for  bbq, Jo Geun and Myeong Soo have their petty fight. A bored, yet curious Ra Ra and Ji Ah decide to crash the retreat. The ladies use the excuse of throwing Hwa Yeong an engagement party and since Ra Ra is Hwa Yeong old schoolmate, it seems fitting. Jo Geun is curious to know Ji Ah’s relationship with Hwa Yeong. Her response is that both of them were attracted to the same man, Jo In Sung, a famous actor. Jo Geun catches up on her mistake because Jo In Sung didn’t debut that early, but Ra Ra quickly deflects the question by proposing a toast to the newly engaged. Myeong Soo knows that Hwa Yeong cannot hold her liquor so he subtly stops her from drinking, this Jo Geun notices right away.

5 EGC 5Jo Geun wants to know how the couples met. They tell him the fibbed story, but he recognizes it from a movie plot. He then asks about their first kiss, Myeong Soo recalls back then how he was having a hard time, but all he could think about was Soo Jin. He drove two hours just to see her, but he stops himself when he sees Soo Jin having a good time with her colleagues. She fails to recognize his presence or his phone call as she was too preoccupied attending to her colleagues. With that he walks away. However, he changes the ending to a faux reality of actually kissing Soo Jin on that night. With that, their relationship started. The ladies are all startled by this reveal, well, except Soo Jin who is more than shocked to know that this never happened. As Myeong Soo is about to seal the story with a kiss, Ra Ra accidentally drops her wine glass on the flow which brings everyone back to reality, OMG, really Ra Ra! A flustered Soo Jin excuses herself, Myeong Soo looks regretful, and the ladies try to compose themselves while Jo Geun just smiles, knowingly.

5 EGC 6Myeong Soo is in the room feeling pensive and embarrassed about his reveal to Soo Jin when a random fly passes by. he uses the opportunity to exit the room. Soo Jin is in the bathroom thinking about the almost kiss. she tries to shake off the memory, but it is a no go. Ra Ra, Ji Ah and Hwa Yeong, who are more affected by the story, go into the couple’s room to know how far Myeong Soo and Soo Jin went in the past. Soo Jin comes out of the bathroom and tells Myeong Soo that she always thought of him after they drifted apart. Unknowingly to her, the exes are hiding underneath the bedcovers. Soo Jin uncovers the sheets and sees the exes laying on the bed. She screams her head out and Myeong Soo rushes into the room to see what’s up. However, he is not the only one that heard the scream as Jo Geun and Young Jae run up to their room worried. The women and Myeong Soo run like headless chicken as they panic. As they all find their hiding place, well, underneath the bed, it turns out that one person forgot her place in the situation. Hwa Yeong hides underneath the sheets on the bed with Myeong Soo, while Soo Jin hides underneath the bed with Ji Ah and Ra Ra.


What a brilliant reveal. I knew Myeong Soo had feelings for Soo Jin and he is still burning that touch for her even if he claims that they are still friends. Soo Jin might have thought that her feelings for him were one-sided, but it looks like Myeong Soo thought the same thing. What we know now is that they both like each other, but there never is the right time to tell each other that because one is either busy trying to build a career, while the other doesn’t have the courage to say so. Myeong Soo is very protective of his heart. The timeline of when he dated the ladies is not too clear to me; did he date the ladies after he met Soo Jin or before? Well, now that they both know, I do hope he moves forward from here because he looks like he is going to have a competition, whose name is Jo Geun, real soon.

5 EGC 7For the exes, I don’t know if they are jealous that Soo Jin and Myeong Soo might fall for each other or not? In Ji Ah’s case, it is easy to tell because it seems like she likes Myeong Soo and will try to find her way back into his heart. Ra Ra is just curious as she loves juicy drama. I don’t see her as a jealous ex, but someone who just wants to move on before Myeong Soo does. Again, it looks like what might have been a relationship based on fun and “skinship” for Myeong Soo might have not been the case with her, so she wants to show Myeong Soo that she too can be a serious person. As for Hwa Yeong, she keeps reproving Myeong Soo with Soo Jin, so I really don’t know what her deal is now because she seems to be acting like a jealous ex. If she likes Young Jae as she claims, she should be more than happy to push Soo Jin to Myeong Soo so that her past is not revealed. I want to say that it is in her nature to control and obsess over everyone and everything in her life, but it seems like she is crossing a thin line between a possessive freak and a jaded ex.

5 EGC 9 On a side note, I just love Soo Jin’s relationship with her sister and her brother-in-law. Soo Kyung is like a knife that cuts deep with her words. She doesn’t mince her words, but at the same time, she is caring even though she shoots dagger out of her mouth most of the time. Soo Jin and Ji Hoon just take her words at face value which I find hilarious. Ji Hoon is as cute as a doll and I see how they are a perfect fit for each other. Even though the kids barely say a word, just being around their mom, dad and aunt, they seem like they are doing just fine.

I also see where Soo Jin gets a personality imitation from. I just love how Soo Jin does speak her mind when she wants too. She might not be like Soo Kyung where she says her words without censoring it, but she does get her message across even if she is meek about it. Hopefully, as she enters into a world of crazy exes, weird director and a guy she likes, she speaks up more often so as to get her voice heard in this upside down world she finds herself thrown into.






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