Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 4 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 4: Opposite Directions

4 ECG 1The fight is over. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo head to the pharmacy to get some meds for their bruised ego, rather than going home, they head back into the lion’s den, well MSG in this case. They exes are not happy about their return. The ladies begin to faux bond over the matter of the situation; Myeong Soo gave them the fake script, instead of the original he still plans on making into a movie. Hwa Yeong uses the opportunity to fire both of them. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo take their frustration to the river of doom, aka, Han River. They vent out their anger, but it doesn’t soothe their anger. They leave dejected and walk in opposite directions.

4 EGC 2At the restaurant, the ladies are feeling down as they think that Soo Jin and Myeong Soo will come back to apologize for tricking them. Hwa Yeong feels bad for firing them. Ra Ra’s only concern is to know if Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are dating as she doesn’t want Myeong Soo to date before she does. The next day, Soo Jin goes to see Myeong Soo so that they could go speak with Hwa Yeong together, but he is too occupied in his work. She ends up visiting her sunbae’s movie set in order to kill time. On her way there, it begins to rain. She realizes what this means as she runs to the set to find the staffers moving the equipments to a dry area. After drying off, her sunbae tells her to beg for the job back because in their line of business, it is hard to make a movie without investors.

4 EGC 3Myeong Soo meets Soo Jin at the set bearing gifts; a change of shirt and a cool umbrella. They head to Hwa Yeong’s office looking unprofessional, but that doesn’t stop them from speaking with Young Jae. He treats them to dinner and accompanying them is a famous film director and Soo Jin’s idol, Jo Geon (Do Sang Woo), whom they met earlier in the lobby waiting for Young Jae. It seems like Jo Geon doesn’t mince his words as he condensends Myeong Soo and Soo Jin. Things seem to turn for worse when Hwa Yeong joins them for dinner. She is a nervous wreck and Jo Geon picks up on that. Soo Jin follows her to the bathroom and uses the perfect opportunity to seal the deal on the contract in return she keeps her mouth shut about Myeong Soo. Jo Geon is still an ass when Young Jae asks him to direct the movie. After dinner, Young Jae offers to give them a ride back, but they decline. It seems like Myeong Soo is a little bit jealous of Young Jae as Soo Jin chips in to say that she herself finds him attractive

4 EGC 4Hwa Yeong wants to know what Soo Jin’s deal in, so at the office she asks Soo Jin who tells her that he is from a rich family and that he is a difficult person to work with, but she is confident in making things work with him. Eun Hye and Soo Jin are busy cleaning the office for Jo Geon’s arrival. Myeong Soo gets irritated and jealous at the treatment Jo Geon is getting since he didn’t receive one from them when he signed on. Jo Geon enters the office and just berates them on the script. He sees Soo Jin’s film award and tells her with sincerity that he loves her work. This makes her eyes shoot out hearts. Myeong Soo, Soo Jin and Eun Hye are having dinner, when Ji Ah calls him. He goes to her restaurant and sees the mess she is making. He helps her out, even though I think she is not fit to be a restaurant owner. Myeong Soo walks Ji Ah home. She reassures him that she is fine, but that is a lie as she goes up to an empty apartment. Soo Jin is on cloud nine due to the high praises of Jo Geon on her accomplishment, but Soo Kyung rains on her parade as she wants Soo Jin to pay her back and move out quickly.

4 EGC 5Hwa Yeong meets up with Ra Ra at a nearby café by her office who begs her to introduce her to Jo Geon. Hwa Yeong insists that Ra Ra never contact her again as they are not close to have this conversation. As she is about to leave the café, she bumps into Soo Jin and Jo Geon in the same café. Ra Ra uses the opportunity to introduce herself which makes Hwa Yeong and Soo Jin nervous as ticks. Ra Ra takes it upon herself to take them to MSG. At MSG, the ladies come up with a lie of knowing each other from the past. Jo Geon is iffy about their story when Myeong Soo couldn’t have picked a better time to come at MSG (I will start calling it MSG since Ji Ah’s restaurant is a common meeting place). Hwa Yeong is about to just die when she sees Myeong Soo. It seems like Jo Geon is going to have a field day with this group as Hwa Yeong suddenly pushes Soo Jin to Myeong Soo and tells Jo Geon that the duo are dating.


Oh boy. Hwa Yeong just likes to shoot herself on the foot, doesn’t she? I understand her point of view because it seems like she genuinely likes her Young Jae and if she tells him the truth it could damage the relationship or not. I do believe that since she is involved in the making of film, now would be a good time to tell Young Jae what’s up before he finds out from someone else and pulls out mid-production.

4 EGC 6Speaking of someone else, Jo Geon is a nutty case. Though, he is an ass, I still like his weird character. He is the epitome of what a first lead is; a good looking chaebol who is arrogant and self-absorbed and Myeong Soo is the typical second lead; nice dude who secretly longs for you. Hmm, a reversal in leads, so does that mean that Soo Jin will end up with Jo Geon? I do think Jo Geon is no fool. He knows what’s up with the ladies relationship with Myeong Soo. I just hope he turns down the passive aggressiveness a little because I find his character is fun and hilarious with his sarcastic tone.

4 EGC 7Ra Ra never seizes to amaze me. She is like a headless chicken running around with no aim as she brings in the trouble in order to benefit her. It seems like her relationship with Myeong Soo was casual, but I think Myeong Soo hurt her really bad for her to wish him misery. Ji Ah, on the other hand, is a lost cause. She puts on this cool front to hide what she really desires. Her life is sad and lonely and she selfishly wants to invite Myeong Soo back into it because she misses it. I do think that she really like Myeong Soo and hasn’t let go of their history, so even if she puts on a brave face, Myeong Soo can still see behind the crack. Though, Myeong Soo tries not to show it, this episode is already hinting that Myeong Soo is not oblivious to what he sees happening with these women in his life. He let that façade slip through when he shows signs of jealousy and even pity.

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