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Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 3 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 3: The Fight

Screenshot_2015-05-30-00-19-25[1]A dishearten Soo Jin sits in her room still fuming over Myeong Soo who stated that they never dated. She takes out her anger on a picture of Myeong Soo by carefully cutting his eyes out, but later she cries her out her broken heart. Due to her troubled heart, Soo Jin decides to take the trash out. She sees Myeong Soo outside her apartment as he is there to apologize for the misunderstanding of their relationship. He feels so bad that he tells her that he offers to tell the exes that he actually dated her and was just pulling their legs. Throughout his appeal, Soo Jin remains quiet. The only response she can give to him is dump her trash on his head and walk away like a boss.


Myeong Soo needs an advice from his roommate, Jin Bae, who tells him that he deserved what he got from Soo Jin since Myeong Soo flirts without any regard for women’s feelings and he is always playing a knight in shinning armor role with the ladies which makes them confused. Soo Jin and Ji Hoon are watching a baseball match together. Ji Hoon comments about the sport play, however, whenever he says a comment, it aligns directly with Soo Jin’s thought who gets angrier the more she thinks about her relationship with Myeong Soo.


Hwa Yeong visits a mortified Soo Jin at work. She chides her for claiming to be an ex, but gets down to business. Soo Jin needs to rewrite the movie script as she feels like the characters relationships are lacking. In practicality, she wants a new script utterly different from Myeong Soo’s original. Soo Jin is as quiet as a church mouse, but she takes all her anger on Myeong Soo. So, she decides to end their relationship because it is not worth her strength. Myeong Soo goes to Hwa Yeong’s office to let her know that he will stick to the script. He threatens to expose himself to her finance if she doesn’t agree. She later shows up at Soo Jin’s office to let her know that she is on board.

2015-05-30_18.36.11[1]Ra Ra is on a hunt to find the director of a new drama that she wants to star in. Even though the movie script is not yet released, Ra Ra is still able to get her hands on it. She presents her case to the director as to the role she intends to portray; a career woman. The director bluntly tells her that she is unfit for the role. Though she takes the news well in front of the director, but in actuality, she cries her eyes out once alone in her car with her manager. Myeong Soo resumes working, even though Soo Jin is displeased with his efforts. Ra Ra is not one to give up as she goes to Myeong Soo’s apartment and fishes out a copy Myeong Soo’s script from his horny roommate, Jin Bae. Hwa Yeong, Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are working together, though, not happy with the condition. Later that evening, Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are still working. Myeong Soo asks for Soo Jin’s aid in writing the movie script. An unenthusiastic Soo Jin critic his writings, but ends up helping. Myeong Soo looks at her in delight.

Screenshot_2015-05-30-00-31-09[1]Ji Ah invites Soo Jin and Myeong Soo to dine at her bar. She is not on guard now that she knows that Soo Jin is not a competitor for Myeong Soo’s attention. During their conversation, the ladies throw shades at each other, while oblivious Myeong Soo smiles at them thinking that they are getting along just fine. Oh boy! Ji Ah knows that Myeong Soo is writing the script for the movie and suggests that Myeong Soo write about how they slept together when the first met. In fact, it was a magical rendezvous just like how it was portrayed in The Great Gatsby. Soo Jin is at loss for words and leaves the restaurant. She reproves him of being easy, but Myeong Soo reassures her that at least they are dealing with two out of the three exes as he strongly believes that Ra Ra will not get hold of the script.

2015-05-30_18.41.49[1]Speaking of Ra Ra, she meets Myeong Soo and Soo Jin at a café to discuss her role in the movie. She wants to act her role as a career woman as she hands them the copy of the scripts marked with excessive editing. Hehe! Myeong Soo is surprised on how the script got on Ra Ra’s hands, but he is quick to deduct that Jin Bae must have sold him out. Since Myeong Soo cannot satisfy the exes, he suggests to Soo Jin that they make two copies of the script, the original and the “perfect” script. He will give the “perfect” script to the exes so as to satisfy how they are portrayed. Soo Jin is at first skeptical about the changes. Even though, they are going with this ballsy move, they are afraid of the wrath that Hwa Yeong will invoke once she finds out. Myeong Soo recalls the time he dated Hwa Yeong, at first she was sweet, bit later, he finds out that she is jealous and really possessive. Soo Jin advises Myeong Soo to write the script in such a way that will make the audience feel like an active participant. Myeong Soo is impressed at the response and compliments Soo Jin on her maturity in her career.

2015-05-30_18.46.38[1]Soo Jin is having a girls spa night with Ji Hoon and Soo Kyung. She is curious about who was more possessive and dominant when they were dating. Soo Kyung assumes that Soo Jin wants to know for the movie production, or dating, which she snearks at. She goes on further to take a stab at Soo Jin dating Myeong Soo back in the day, but Soo Jin quickly excuse herself to avoid any interrogation with big sis. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo bravely present Hwa Yeong with the fake script. Hwa Yeong approves of the script. She tells Eun Hye to send the script to her Young Jae, but Eun Hye and the lying duo are not on the same page on what script to send. Ra Ra, on the other hand, does not approve the script because Ji Ah is portrayed as a saint. She thinks that Ji Ah didn’t treat Myeong Soo right as she was looking at better marriage prospects while they dated. She even thinks that now that Ji Ah is back, she and Myeong Soo are secretly back together.

2015-05-30_18.49.31[1]Hwa Yeong is having dinner with her Young Jae, who actually likes the original script. His favorite character is lion due to her craziness and Hwa Yeong realizes that the lying duo duped her as she cringes from embarrassment even though she agrees with Young Jae. Soo Jin takes Ra Ra to Ji Ah’s restaurant where they spot Myeong Soo there. To add more oxygen into the burning fire, an angry Hwa Yeong calls Soo Jin. However, Soo Jin left her cellphone on the counter  as she uses the restroom, so, Ra Ra answers the phone in her stead. Hwa Yeong arrives at the restaurant and reveals to the two exes that they had been tricked by Myeong Soo and Soo Jin who gave them the fake script as well. As the conversation gets heated, things turn ugly and they begin to pull each other’s hair and scream their lungs out.


What a gracious fight! I am really not a fan of women hair grabbing whenever there is an argument, hopefully, this will be the only hair pulling scene because it can get old real fast. Other than that, I like how the characters are getting fleshed out individually. Before I go into that, Mr. director-nim, stop fussing with the camera. I am getting headaches over here with the multiple shots within a scene you are gunning for. Just stop. Please.

3 EGC 9First, let’s start with Myeong Soo. I don’t know if this dude is really oblivious to what’s going on around him when the ladies come together, or he doesn’t want to get involved. Either ways, it is not cool. I do believe it is the latter as he is letting on more than he says or act, especially, with Soo Jin and Ji Ah. In the case with Soo Jin, I don’t think they are just friends as he says. If Soo Jin’s sister, Soo Kyung, thinks that they dated then, that means something is up and it shows that Soo Jin wasn’t fantasizing about their relationship. Soo Jin is someone who puts work first before romance and she is one of those people that falls easily for a guy when they pays attention to her. She expects the guys to carry the relationship as they date because she has little experience in how to be in a relationship. So, I see where her misunderstanding stems from in thinking that she dated Myeong Soo. Myeong Soo is a nice guy who tries to please people, so it makes sense that Soo Jin definitely misunderstood his intentions, or so I assume because as of now, he is hard to read.

3 EGC 10Soo Jin is not the only person to misunderstand Myeong Soo’s nice guy intentions. As a divorcee, Ji Ah is currently vulnerable to guys who show her attention. It seems like she just want Myeong Soo to herself for the time being until she can find the next comfort life to live, or until she realizes that she likes him more than she lets on. Even if there is nothing going on between Soo Jin and Myeong Soo, she doesn’t believe that as she sees more than what they portray on the outside. So, she will hang unto to Myeong Soo for as long as she wants to. This is partly not her fault, as Myeong Soo have given her that free pass to do so. Even if Myeong Soo decides to leave her, this time, she won’t easily break up because she is already used to him. It is hard to break out of familiarity because of the fear of change. Ji Ah is a woman of comfort and Myeong Soo is comfort to her. I just can’t wait to see her duke it out with Soo Jin or any other female characters over Myeong Soo.

3 EGC 11Speaking of other female characters, Ra Ra is a case. Hehe. I love her and her crazy antics. However, there is more to her than her superficial chasings. She realizes that she is not as popular as she wants to be and neither does she get respect where it is due. Just like Soo Jin, she wants to survive in the film industry. It is definitely a dog-eat-dog industry and she is willing to do what it takes to be taken more seriously as an actress. I do hope that as time goes on Soo Jin will be able to help her have a serious career. She has shown that she does take her aspirations serious, even if she has to go behind the scenes to get what she wants to be seen. As for Hwa Yeong, she is scary, yo! The more she wants to shed her past, the more she will be the one to reveal that past. You cannot forget your past, but you can definetly move past it. Apparently, she is still stuck in the past that she cannot see that she will be the one to undo the secrets to Young Jae. I hope she either tells him that she dated Myeong Soo to free her off the guilt/embarrassment or she gets her acts together and suck it up. Her involvement in the movie is a bad idea from the start. Just like her dating life, she is a possessive girl who just cannot let go and that is a bad trait to have.




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