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Ex Girlfriend Club Episode 2 Recap

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 2: The Intro

2 EGC 1Due to Myeong Soo and Soo Jin’s shenanigans, Myeong Soo’s exes find themselves assemble at Soo Jin’s office We are introduced to each character of the webtoon: Na Ji Ah, Jang Hwa Yeong and Ra Ra. Hwa Yeong strongly voices her opinion against the movie, Ra Ra wants to partake in it and Ji Ah coolly states that she doesn’t care if the movie is made. Soo Jin tries to diffuse the arguments, but she gets pushed aside. The ladies calm down when they are graced with the presence of the money collectors. Soo Jin takes the gentlemen aside to discuss about the possibility of extending the deadline to three months. The guys cautiously tell her that there is an overdue interest rate of $30,000 per month.

wpid-2015-05-28_21.53.00.jpgJi Ah tells Myeong Soo that she is rethinking her opinion about the movie since she doesn’t trust the company. She fills Myeong Soo on a new information, she is divorced and recently moved back to Korea. Once the room is calm, Soo Jin and Eun Hye reprimands Myeong Soo for not informing the exes about the webtoon. Soo Jin silently wonders what’s so special about dating Myeong Soo. When told to fix his mess by Eun Hye, Myeong Soo runs away telling them that he still has a webtoon to finish. Soo Jin decides to take matters into her own hands as she meets with the exes to explain the situation.

wpid-2015-05-28_21.36.27.jpgEx #1, Na Ji Ah, the cat. Myeong Soo’s first love who is in her mid-thirties. They met at a club seven years ago. She doesn’t agree with the movie deal because she doesn’t trust Soo Jin’s company. From her composed tone, it looks like she still active in Myeong Soo’s life. Ex # 2, Jang Hwa Yeong, the lion. Ex #3. Ra Ra, the fox, aka Goo Geun Ryeong. Haha! Park Shin Hye’s doppelganger and the running joke is that she starred in the movies Park Shin Hye starred in. Ra Ra is an actress and apparently against the movie because her fan might not think too highly of her. Finally, Soo Jin meets with the toughest cookie in the bunch, Hwa Yeong. Hwa Yeong, a graduate from a prestigious Chun Ha University, works for an investment company, Oju. Hwa Young simply states that she would sue if the movie gets produced. Soo Jin and Eun Hye argue about what the ladies see in Myeong Soo.


Soo Jin and Myeong Soo have a meeting with a script writer who tells them that the webtoon needs more sex appeal. The male lead needs to date the female characters at once and once they find out, they seek revenge against him. Soo Jin’s interest is piqued, while Myeong Soo is flabbergasted at the ridiculous plot. Myeong Soo wants Soo Jin to write the script instead. Apparently, she got awards in writing as a film major. Of course, Soo Jin will toot her own horn, hehe, but she is definitely not writing the script.

wpid-2015-05-28_21.58.47.jpgTo save the company and potential movie, Soo Jin pitches the idea to potential investors at a convention to see if she can catch an attention of interest. Luckily, her persistence pays off as an investor, Cha Young Jae from Oju Investment, looks like he is willing to invest in the movie/company. Soo Jin is highly grateful, but her joy is cut short when she sees Joo Hee and Myeong Soo getting chummy at the convention. She intercepts their conversation, but Myeong Soo doesn’t sense the cold air between the women. As he leaves their mist to go socialize, Soo Jin still wonders what his charms are as she fails to see anything special about Myeong Soo that attracts women to him. Joo Hee confesses that she is highly interested at Myeong Soo, professionally and mostly personally.

wpid-2015-05-28_22.33.05.jpgSoo Jin and Myeong Soo decide to burn the candle light together as they work, well Soo Jin works while Myeong Soo doses off. Myeong Soo gets a text and Soo Jin still wonders what his charms are. Hehe! It cracks me up to see her actually try to figure out this dude. Myeong Soo quickly excuses himself from the office after he reads the text. The next day, Soo Jin gets a call that Joo Hee just purchased a romantic comedy webtoon. Soo Jin is worried that Myeong Soo had changed his mind so, she goes to his apartment to confront him, when suddenly, she sees a happy Joo Hee come out of Myeong Soo’s apartment with the former shaking hands with him. Soo Jin calmly confronts Myeong Soo, who thinks she is talking about something else. He takes her to a “MSG” restaurant (a bad name really!) where he works for Ji Ah as a part timer. Ji Ah reveals that she is actually divorced and Myeong Soo chides Soo Jin for thinking that he signed with Joo Hee.

wpid-2015-05-28_22.11.27.jpgMyeong Soo signs Jin Bae, a fellow cartoonist, to Joo Hee instead. Ji Ah states that since she is divorced she can meet up with Myeong Soo whenever she pleases. Myeong Soo wants to make seafood ramyun for Soo Jin, but Soo Jin corrects him saying he doesn’t like seafood. However, Ji Ah interjects and says he loves seafood Myeong Soo carefully says he doesn’t really like it, but when he is near the ocean, he doesn’t mind eating fresh ones. Soo Jin angrily leaves the restaurant after Ji Ah picks up on the fact that Myeong Soo and Soo Jin haven’t been to the beach together. Soo Jin is pissed that Ji Ah disapproves the movie. Apparently, Ji Ah doesn’t wash dishes, so Myeong Soo is helping her out because he feels sorry for her, errrr what kind of restaurant owner is that? This irritates Soo Jin as she throws jabs at Ji Ah and Myeong Soo has an answer to deflect them. Soo Jin’s temper rises when Myeong Soo reveals that he dated Ji Ah for two years. They get awkwardly silent when Soo Jin’s phone goes off. Eun Hye tells her that an investment has come in, possibly from the investor at the convention. Soo Jin is loss for words as she is overjoyed. Myeong Soo joins her in celebrating until Soo Jin mentions the name of the company, Oju.

wpid-2015-05-28_22.04.54.jpgSoo Jin goes to meet the investor, the next day, who turns out to be no one other than Hwa Yeong. Soo Jin reports this to Myeong Soo who doesn’t think is a bad investment idea. Myeong Soo confronts Hwa Yeong and wants to know her motive. She tells him that she wants to control the direction of the movie because she is getting married to a guy whose family owns the investment company that she works for. She doesn’t want her past to be revealed and doing this movie might end the potential marriage. She regrets dating Myeong Soo and threatens him before walking off.

wpid-2015-05-28_21.42.12.jpgSoo Jin is reluctant to sign the contract, but Eun Hye strongly advises her to. The three exes individually stop by at company which surprises Soo Jin and Eun Hye. Hwa Yeong thinks Soo Jin is using Myeong Soo to fight her battles as she assumes that she sent Myeong Soo on her behalf. Ra Ra complains about her character being left out among the others since Hwa Yeong’s company is an investor. Ji Ah thinks that Soo Jin is leeching off Myeong Soo’s talent while sticking with Hwa Yeong.


Later that evening, Soo Jin tells her Ji Hoon that she feels frustrated about the exes trying to stop the movie production. Ji Hoon asks Soo Jin what she will gain out of producing the movie. As a human rights producer, what did she learn about the women she made a human rights film with. With that in mind, she shouldn’t take the webtoon too lightly because it is a romance. These ladies lives will be exposed to the world, so they do need to have a say in how they are portrayed. Soo Jin honestly responds that all she wants to do is survive, dating and romance are all luxury to her, so, she has stick to Myeong Soo and his webtoon-to-movie production. After getting Ji Hoon into trouble with Soo Kyung, Soo Jin sits in her room and looks at a photo frame of the ocean. She reminisces about the time when she had to clean up a movie set after the park ranger reprimands her for the movie staffers loitering. Myeong Soo, who was also at the set, joins her in cleaning up. After words, they rest underneath a tree. They talk about the beach and Soo Jin states that she had never been to the beach even though she works in the movie industry. Myeong Soo hands her a picture illustration of a sunset beach as a birthday present and promises her that when they are successful in their 30s, he will take her there.

wpid-2015-05-28_22.17.02.jpgThe next day, Soo Jin decides to gather up the exes. Though they cannot stand each other, Soo Jin diffuses the situation by stating that she too is a victim of Myeong Soo’s webtoon. She says that she Myeong Soo’s ex as well. The girls begin to bond over their victimized relationship experiences with him. Haha! They take their newly formed friendship to a bar to drink when Myeong Soo comes into bar to see four drunk exes sharing a drink and having a good time. Myeong Soo looks worried as he states that Hwa Yeong cannot hold her liquor and is a sad drunk and it looks like Ji Ah is a happy drunk and Ra Ra really can drink like a fish. Hehe! The ladies agree to do the movie and Ra Ra then spill the beans of Myeong Soo and Soo Jin having a past together.

wpid-2015-05-28_21.41.30.jpgAt first, Myeong Soo is confused, but later he gets the drift and tells them that Soo Jin and he never dated, they were just best buddies. Surprised and embarrassed by this reveal, Soo Jin walks out of the bar, while the three exes feel sorry and shocked for her. As she walks out, she looks at her shoes, sneakers, with the ladies heels lining right by hers and then Myeong Soo’s sneakers. As she walks out of the bar, she quickly turns back and throws Myeong Soo’s sneakers into the mud. She marches back into the bar and all sobered and fired up, she yells at the ladies and Myeong Soo that she is doing the movie regardless of what they say and if any of them tries to stop her, she would have their head on a platter.


wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-19-34-57.pngWhat a reveal! I cringed for Soo Jin as Myeong Soo kept reiterating that he and Soo Jin are just buddies. To top it off, he hugged her to signal that she had been put in a friend zone. I mean why would Soo Jin think that she dated Myeong Soo when she clearly states that they didn’t sleep together. Granted, sleeping together doesn’t not seal the deal of what defines a relationship, but now I am super curious as to why both of them are on different wavelengths. From the looks of things, Myeong Soo is pretty clueless when it comes to deciphering women and their emotions. I don’t think he knows how to read them well as he just sees what above the surface and take it at face value. This could be one of his flaws in terms of assessing if he had a relationship with Soo Jin. It does seem like they had an interesting past as well for both of them to come at a different conclusion on how their past relationships.

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-19-25-06-1.pngI am not putting the blame only on Myeong Soo as Soo Jin has a hand into how their relationship was defined. Soo Jin is a romantic at heart and appreciates the little and simple things of life. So, it looks like the little gestures that Myeong Soo showed towards her, she adds more meaning into it. That is why I was interested at her interest of wanting to know what women see in Myeong Soo that she fails to see in the present. She told the exes that Myeong Soo didn’t have any potential to have a prospering future, so that is why they parted ways. That was key for her when it came to “dating” Myeong Soo, so that is why, I think, it is hard for her to see his charms, what won her over to him, because she still sees his flaws.

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-19-30-52-1.pngAs for the exes, I love them. They are a hoot. Each character is so different and they bring a unique trait about them which makes them so interesting to watch. I don’t know who my favorite is because I just love them individually. Their charms is what captivated Myeong Soo or vise versa and I can see some of those charms radiate as they come on screen. It does seem that most of them, except Ra Ra who I think was just for fun, wanted more out of Myeong Soo while they dated him. So, I am curious as to know who Myeong Soo is and what makes him give the ladies the idea that he is an unmotivated slum.





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