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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 16 Recap (Final)

Episode 16: The Storm is over!

16 TGWSS 1

Cho Rim is missing from her room as the wedding procession starts. The cops look at CCTV for clues and they see Chef put an unconscious Cho Rim in an ambulance. Chef then shows his face to the camera as if he wants to get caught. Moo Gak and Lt. Yeom are granted permission to be back on the force in order to search for Cho Rim. Moo Gak is warned to follow procedures, but I highly doubt that. Chef is deviating from his pattern as he makes a homemade bomb which, now conscious, Cho Rim sees. He tells her that the bomb is his present to her new-to-be-husband, Moo Gak. I guess working with the police is rubbing off Cho Rim as she leaves her wedding ring with bomb residue behind as clue for the detectives to find it. The cops arrive shortly after and find the wedding ring. Moo Gak hands it over to forensics for analysis as he spots an unusual particle on the ring.

16 TGWSS 2

Lt. Yeom figures that Chef is working out of his usual pattern and since she is a profiler, she is certain that Chef will contact them for his demands. Chef takes Cho Rim to hers and Moo Gak newly purchased apartment to set his hostage situation, it is a different location, but similar to their own apartment, it is really creepy as it is proof that he has been watching them. He tells her that in the situation they are in only one will come out alive. She yells at Chef for killing her parents and with that she will never forgive him for his despicable act. In a way, those words are like darts thrown to his heart, because Chef felt a little bit regretful, and this is thanks to Namgoong Min’s acting that we see this emotion. Chef calls Moo Gak as predicted to state his demands. He tells Moo Gak to go to Cho Rim’s old house alone, if not, Cho Rim dies.

16 TGWSS 3

Moo Gak sends a picture of proof that he is at her old house all alone and Chef does a video call to Moo Gak to show that Cho Rim is alive, but her lips are taped up. Chef is getting irritated at Moo Gak and tells him not to provoke him if Moo Gak doesn’t listen. Chef then tells a nervous Cho Rim that the bomb is intended to Moo Gak. As soon as Moo Gak steps into the apartment to save Cho Rim, BOOM!, but she shouldn’t worry though because she would be shortly reunited with him, in death. The detectives realize that Moo Gak is going rouge, but it looks like Lt. Yeom has some tricks up her sleeve. Chef sets the bomb at the apartment and then calls Moo Gak to meet them there. The detectives track Moo Gak’s phone to track his steps. At 3 p.m., Chef watches as the apartment goes off and he smiles to him knowingly that Moo Gak is dead. Then, he goes back to the set-up room and tells Cho Rim that Moo Gak is dead, it is her time now.

16 TGWSS 4

As he tries to chloroform her, Moo Gak comes out from the room next door and high kicks Chef. They get into a knife-to-hand combat as Chef scratches Moo Gak’s stomach with the knife. The fight is taken up to the roof, for an unnecessary climatic showdown, as they continue to engage in hand-to-hand combat. As Moo Gak is about to land the final blow on Chef’s head with a pipe, Chef pleads for his life. Moo Gak is reluctant at first, but he drops the pipe. But, we know how villains work. Chef picks up the pipe and swings it at Moo Gak. After couple of dogging, Chef flies over the roof and sees himself kissing the pavement down below. Seeing that Chef is actually a threat no more and is really dead, Moo Gak finally feels free as he cries. Lt. Yeom asks Moo Gak how he knew Cho Rim wasn’t in their apartment and he says that he was able to tell the set up was different from the original and Cho Rim pointed him to the clues. Regardless, they are all safe now and they still have a wedding to participate in. I guess they are married now as they are in their new home as married couples. They give their greetings to Cho Rim’s dad, Oh. He tells her that he would call her by her real name, but Cho Rim wants her current name now since her present dad gave it to her. The couple needs witnesses in order to register their marriage. Cho Rim asks Lt. Yeom to be her witness. Moo Gak’s witness is the comedy troupe boss.

16 TGWSS 5

There is a new case to be solved and the detectives need the help of the newly wed couples since they haven’t been out of the country for their honeymoon. Detective Hyeok goes to the couple’s home to ask for their help, but it is Cho Rim who goes alone with him as Moo Gak comes out of the shower to see his bride gone. Ah, what a waste of shower! Cho Rim helps them solve the case. Moo Gak is feeling down as he feels left out that he wasn’t asked to help solve the case. Aww, but it feels like Cho Rim will make it up to him. As the head off their honeymoon the next day, the cops pull them over saying that the case is not solved. They head back to the station, gather clues, see scent, collect information, interrogate and boom! Case solved and closed.

16 TGWSS 6

Even though they missed their honeymoon, they can still have fun in the comfort of their home. It turns out that Cho Rim is now accepted in the neighborhood in terms of her helping the neighbors solve petty crimes with her superpowers. The cops need their help again as they disturb the couples phone, but this time, they are smart to ignore. But, don’t worry, Lt. Yeom misses her boys and is back with the team. The couples didn’t travel to Thailand for their honeymoon; instead they have their honeymoon doing simple things, like bike riding. They call each other affectionate names, cute. Lt. Yeom calls Moo Gak to offer him a spot on the team. He later tells Cho Rim who wants to finish the honeymoon, however, the case sounds too juicy to miss so off they ride into the sunset to go solve the case.



16 TGWSS 7

What a bittersweet ending. I liked how the series wrapped up, even though I didn’t get the answers I wanted from Chef and his death was a little bit of a cop out, it still didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would. His death means that Moo Gak can finally live life freely without the thoughts of having to avenge his sister’s death be a motivation for him to live. Even though he has Cho Rim, Chef being in jail would still not have made him free from the hold Chef has against him. So, in a way, his death plunge was good enough to see Moo Gak able to start life afresh, but this time with his new partner, Cho Rim.

16 TGWSS 8

However, as a viewer, I feel cheated out of the satisfaction of the answers that I needed to know. Chef Jae Hae is an awesome villain. If there ever is an award for the best villain, he gets the award hands down. The writers did well in fleshing him out and making him more interesting as the story continued, but where they failed is when they refuse to give us a proper answer to the brilliant questions that arose as we watch a character become of one our drama character buddies. Yea, it is creepy, but it is weirdly cool, because I was totally invested in him. He wasn’t a waste of character one bit, which is why it is sad to know that we didn’t get the full satisfaction. It would have been more beneficial to fully know the reason as to why he is what he is if episode 15 was solely dedicated to that. So, that is why I was a little bit disappointed when Lt. Yeom was gassed and rescued so quickly. I was stocked in thinking that she would be the one who would be able to pick him out and make him break down. Yeom turning the tables on his own turf would have been so awesome. I was really looking forward to the power struggle knowing that she will come out victorious, even if she were to be in danger.  So, it was a let down on that aspect when it we get to see him crack a little, but at the end, he regained control of the situation. Pooh! Well, that’s enough of the let down and let’s talk about what worked.

16 TGWSS 9

One thing was constant is Cho Rim’s consistency. Her character didn’t dissolve into a wallpaper towards the end of the show; it is came out beaming more with an awesome personality and a new way to use her superpowers. Though, she had a moment of being a noble idiot, but it didn’t transpire too long because she and Moo Gak were able to properly communicate after they have had some personal time alone to think of the outcome of them being together despite the situation. I liked how Moo Gak gave her some space, but at the same time, he didn’t stop at trying his best to win her over. For some weird reason, this is one situation where noble idiocy is done right. Her reaction is rightly justified because it is portrays a realistic emotion of feeling blamed for a circumstance that you believed should have happened to you, instead someone else got that bad luck. So, I liked how it wasn’t dragged for too long for us to get irritated by her action of self-blame. Due to this, we see her become more proactive than ever to actually fight for life even if it is through others she uses to fight the Barcode Killer.

The only issue I had with her character was the lack of seeing smells. Like that is the whole point of this drama. It was only used whenever at the point of conviences. That ascpect wasn’t a smooth transition. even at the end, when the cops used her for a case, it is as though, the writers needed to forcibly incorporate that into the writing so as to remind themselves all what she is about. Then, if that is the case, then it should have been explained that she can only see smell when she feels danger is around her or people she is close with. It would make more sense whenever she begins to use her heightened sense. It felt off whenever she uses it, just to speed up the plot or the writers just added the scene because they suddenly remembered that she has superpowers. What was a little bit disappointing was the fact that at the end of the drama, she didn’t use the power to save someone else. I knew that Chef was going to do something to her to try to get to Moo Gak, but I wished Moo Gak was the one who got kidnapped and Cho Rim used her seeing her to catch the killer, then, Moo Gak gains consciousness and fights off Chef who is trying to kill Cho Rim.

16 TGWSS 10

Another  issue I had with the drama were the cops and lack of detective skills. I sound like a broken record, but seriously how did they pass the academy and even become detectives. They are so bad at their jobs. I don’t know if the writer is trying to make a jest of the police force in Korea, but either ways, it is just ridiculous to see how they were able to function in the force. What solidified my critique on them was the end, where they bothered Moo Gak and Cho Rim in helping them investigate a murder. They had to stop the couples from going to the honeymoon. At first, it was laughable because we had to be reminded that Cho Rim can see smell, or that she has found a new career calling. Nonetheless, it became irritable when they began to abuse that privilege and not do their jobs right. tsk!

16 TGWSS 11

Anyways, in all regards, this drama was good. Though, it lacked comprehension with the police department, the romance was on point as the leads had fantastic and innocent chemistry, even the face-off between Lt. Yeom and Chef was sizzling. I liked how there were no love (insert a shape of your choice hehe)  between the characters as there were enough drama to go around without Chef harboring a secret love for Cho Rim. That would have been super, duper creepy.

Verdict: 8.5/10.


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