Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 1 Recap

Okay, I cannot contain my excitement over this drama any longer. I wanted to watch it solely for enjoyment, but my thoughts are bubbling over and my squeal is too hard to contain internally. So let’s recap. Hopefully, I can catch up before new episodes starts. Without wasting more time, let’s begin.

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 1: The Meeting!

1 EGC1The scene opens up with flying ninjas invading a Joseon party. As chaos is fully in play, Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) crawls across the room as she is trying to get the attention of a fellow actress, Baek Seung Hye (Seo Hye Joo) to star in her movie. Apparently, this scene is an acting scene for a movie and Soo Jin is an extra, or rather, a producer who is trying to get a big name actress to start in a movie that a famous director is creating. The actress agrees and Soo Jin is more than excited as this deal could bring back the dying film company she works for. She tells the President and Song Eun Hye (Kang Soo Jin), her colleague, about this big news that could save the company; with her signing on they could gain potential investors to revive the company. The President thinks that a webtoon production is the best way to go. Soo Jin is against the idea of the webtoon, which is a real story of a man and his experience with his three ex-girlfriends. Also, she doesn’t like the male character. Eun Hye, on the other hand, loves the webtoon and thinks it it is relatable to the audience. They throw harmless barbs at each other about their romance lives.



Late that evening, Soo Jin goes out for drinks with her junior colleagues. As she is about to give a motivational speech to them, her old colleague/frenemy, Shim Joo Hee interrupts her. Ji Hee steals Soo Jin’s light. Soo Jin is none to back-down as she tries to bring out the big guns in the conversation. Joo Hui tries to up her. After the dinner, Soo Jin is left to foot the entire dinner bill. Before Joo Hee leaves, she brings up the topic of Soo Jin’s ex, Myeong Soo (Byun Yo Han). This name rattles Soo Jin a little. She thinks back to when they first met. On a rainy night, Ji Hee and Soo Jin were on their way from an awards festival when Myeong Soo knocks on their car window and shines his pearly whites. It seems like Soo Jin is staying with her older sister, Soo Kyung (Shin Dong Mi) and her husband, Choi Ji Hoon (Cho Jung Chi) with their two little boys, Sa Hyeon and Ha Hyeon. Soo Jin promises to move out real soon along with paying them the money she owes. As she goes to her room to pack. Her line of work focuses mainly on Human Rights as she has awards to prove it. She comes across a picture of herself, Myeong Soo and his “Misaeng” costar, “Manager Oh”. Hehe!  Soo Jin thinks back again to the rainy night, this time, Myeong Soo speaks. Joo Hee offers him a ride, even though Soo Jin is reluctant. Soo Jin chuckles at the memory of the past.

Screenshot_2015-05-27-21-58-15-1[1]At work, Soo Jin finds out from Eun Hye that Myeong Soo is the writer of the webtoon as Eun Hye tells her about the shortage of funds they have to pay they writers. At first, Soo Jin freaks out. She thinks back to when all three of them where friends hanging out, but it seems like Soo Jin and Myeong Soo have more in common, romance. She reads his webtoon and begin to shows a hint of admiration for his work.  Hehe! She really is a sucker for romance. She brings up the topic to her brother-in-law of working with an ex.  He tells her that it is a little bit dangerous to go into that territory with him because the webtoon is based on his dating experiences. Therefore, she shouldn’t be surprised when she finds herself to be a character, a bear perhaps?!

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-14-41[1]Eun Hye has a meeting with Myeong Soo the next day, but Soo Jin volunteers to meet the writer instead. She waits for him at a cafe. While she waits, she decides to apply some lipstick and look a little bit fresh and presentable as she is seeing her ex again. She doesn’t see Myeong Soo who creeps up at her and startle her. Flustered at how close he is to, she smears lipstick on her face and he cleans it up for her with his hands. She congratulates her on her career growth. As he talks, she looks for signs to know if he is married, like wearing a wedding band. Ha! She is so like me. He is not married, neither does he go clubbing. He brings back a fun memory of them getting stuck in the rain after a music concert and missing the bus back the city. He tells her that those times with were the best times of his life. Soo Jin is clearly affected by those words. Myeong Soo thinks that Soo Jin is at the cafe on a lunch date and he excuses himself because he has an appointment as well. He tries to confirm Soo Jin’s phone number so that they can connect later, but he awkwardly fails at the attempt to guess her number as he kept calling the wrong number of the other Soo Jins’ on his phone contact. He is such a playa’.  Now irritated, Soo Jin tells him that she is his business contact.


Super irritated, Soo Jin tells the apologetic Myeong Soo that his webtoon cannot be adapted into a movie despite her President’s like for the online cartoon. They talk back and forth with irritation in their voice and come nowhere close to a solution about the situation at hand. Myeong Soo is super particular about the male lead who he considers a cheetah as compared to a dog as Soo Jin states. (His webtoon are anthropomorphized-personify human actions into animals). Later that evening, still mad, Soo Jin goes online to the webtoon forum to rant badly about it. Hehe! The next day at work, it seems like the President is nowhere to be found when money lenders barge into the office to seize the company properties.  Soo Jin claims that it is not her responsibility to pay off the debts, but it looks like she would be out of a job soon if she doesn’t take action. Soo Jin and Eun Hye try to contact the President, but his phone is switched off. They wait outside his house for a long time, until he shows up late in the day, with golf clubs in his hands. He gives a lame excuse of using the company’s money on his sick child. That doesn’t really matter to Eun Hye and Soo Jin. He umps the tears-o-meter and offers to call the police in order to make a confession which will land him in jail. As he is dialing the button, Soo Jin’s heart seems to soften, though Eun Hye would rather see him go to jail.

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-33-56-1[1]That is just the beginning to Soo Jin’s bad luck as it turns out that Ji Hee’s company bought the copyrights of the other writer’s work and took the actress Soo Jin sought out in the beginning. Soo Jin goes begging for the writer to come back, but her pleas are not heard. She angrily storms into Joo Hee’s company to demand an explanation. She begs on her knees for Ji Hee to release the holds back to her, but Joo Hee is unmoved and smirks at the pathetic attempts. She drinks her sorrow away as she goes home to unleash her waterworks with her sister and hubby wondering i she is crying tears of over over the assumed investors for the film. To top it off, Myeong Soo returns the contract fee to Soo Jin, the next day, as he wants to break his contract with the company because he wants to sign with Joo Hee as well…more money. He goes to meet Joo Hee, but he looks like he is weighing his options again. As he heads home, it begins to rain. He thinks back to the music festival he attended with Soo Jin. They miss their bus to the city, but he offers to give her a piggy ride all the way to the city, and off they go.


Myeong calls her out for a drink and tells her that he is signing with her company. She is shocked by the news, yet she dotes on him so as not to change his mind. He smiles at her nervousness throughout. Tsk! cute smile though. They end up drinking the night away. The next day, Soo Jin arrives at the office, a little bit hung over, to find one of Myeong Soo’s ex-girlfriend, who is known as the CAT in the webtoon. Soo Jin thinks back to when she and Myeong Soo drunk dial the exes. Before, she can access the issue,  Myeong Soo couldn’t pick a better time to arrive at the office when he comes in contact with CAT,  FOX. Soo Jin thinks she is the last of the exes, but is surprised when the third one,LION, angrily storms into the office.


Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-02-21-1[1]This show gets better as I watch it again just do the recaps. The premise starts off slow as it is trying to get its footing, but towards the end of the episode, we know that we are in for some actions between the exes in the upcoming episodes. I like how the lead characters are not your average damsel-in-distress and mean, chaebol jerky lead. They are relatable characters and they feel so raw. I am usually not a fan of most of Song Ji Hyo’s acting as I felt like she doesn’t really connect with most of her characters, but this case is different. I could feel the vulnerability of Soo Jin as she is just doing her best at her job in order to make a living. In the filmmaking world, it is hard to find your craft or footing if you do not have lots of support, financial support.


Regardless of who you are, if you are not financially stable, no one will want to work with you. She just wants to make an honest living without any troubles, but that is not the case when her ex, Myeong Soo is thrown in the picture. It seems that Soo Jin still carries a touch for her old flame, but that doesn’t stop her from being a producer who tells it as it is. His webtoon-movie adaptation might not work out as planned because it is depicting his dating life. Online viewers might enjoy his work, but merging that into the big screen is a risk she is not willing to take. However, with her career on the line, she will do anything in order to make it. I think we can all relate to that; the will to survive. That is what I like about her and also she has “bed-hair.” How real can you get? Hehe!

Screenshot_2015-05-27-20-52-40-1[1]A budding relationship I am going to find myself enjoying is with that of Soo Jin and her brother-in-law, Ji Hoon. I like how she can confide in him and how he is the voice of reason. He is like the audience who voices the opinion of what we are thinking, well kind off. The sister seems to be a hoot as well and I like that relationship, even though she just wants Soo Jin out of the house as fast as possible. In all, this is an enjoyable show and I cannot wait to see the antics the exes bring to the table as well as know the reason between Soo Jin and Myeong Soo’s three years hiatus.




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