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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15: The Proposal!

15 TGWSS 1

Moo Gak and Yeh are able to break into the basement on time just as Lt. Yeom collapses from the gas fumes. Moo Gak gives Chef a chase. Moo Gak catches Chef before he could escape and he gets shot at the side of his stomach, but Chef still manages to get away. Fortunately, squads of cops are waiting for him at the other side. As Moo Gak takes in the evidence, the diaries of the victims, Chef screams at Moo Gak not to touch his books. Lt. Yeom is recovering in the hospital as her team is with her. Moo Gak still feels uneasy about the Chef being caught.

15 TGWSS 2

Moo Gak and Cho Rim are having dinner and he tells her that he is full from eating, but she thinks it is because the Barcode Killer has been caught. Later that night, she dreams of her parents who smile at her as she comes home from school, but later disappear. She wakes up crying, but Moo Gak is there to comfort her. Moo Gak interrogates Chef the next day, but Chef tries to turn the conversation as he asks Moo Gak why he didn’t shoot him? Moo Gak holds up Baek Kyung’s book in front of Chef and lights fire underneath the book. Chef screams in pain as he watches the book light up. Chef promises to confess as long as his books don’t get burnt. But, it turns out that the books are just a decoy.

15 TGWSS 3

Moo Gak sees that Cho Rim is preparing to go back to her home. He hands Cho Rim her mother’s diary which she reads and cries about how her mother thinks that her daughter will turn out great. Chef is being released to the prosecutors, but not before Moo Gak demands an apology from him for killing Cho Rim’s parents. Instead of feeling apologetic, Chef uses the opportunity to add salt into injury as he begins to talk about how he felt when killing Moo Gak’s sister. Moo Gak looses it and punches him. He is later handcuffed and heavily transported to the prosecutor’s custody.

15 TGWSS 4

The cops celebrate each other and Lt. Yeom is to return back to her prescient, though she doesn’t want to because she has gotten accustomed to her gang. Cho Rim shows Moo Gak pictures of her old life she now remembers and Moo Gak tells her that they would go see her parents are the cremation site where ex-detective Oh moved them so that they can be closer to her once her memory came back. Before the visitation, Moo Gak has a small plan of his own, proposal. They go visit her parents the next day and Cho Rim reassures them that she is doing just fine. Later, they go visit Moo Gak’s sister and Cho Rim apologizes to her, but is thankful to her as well.

15 TGWSS 5

Moo Gak and Cho Rim go to the aquarium to see his old boss, he tells Moo Gak that he is always welcome to come back to work for them. Moo Gak teases Cho Rim about getting married in the aquarium, but she just thinks he is messing with her. Throughout, the day, Moo Gak is a like a wrecking ball as he thinks of ways to propose. Hehe. As he tries to propose to Cho Rim by a fountain, another couple beat him to the proposal as Cho Rim thinks that what the guy did was cheesy. Ah! I guess he has to think of something fast. I guess he couldn’t think fast because the next proposal plan fails. Dejected, but still determined, he takes Cho Rim to a beautiful lit park and asks if she has a perfume. He goes up to the bridge and spells out “Will you marry me” with her perfume as he sprays it into the air. Awesome! She says yes and they seal it with a kiss.

15 TGWSS 6

Chef is in jail, but it looks like he has an escape plan. Cho Rim has a nightmare that Moo Gak was attacked from behind by Chef. The next day, it seems that the truck transporting Chef went off the Han River. The detectives are freaking out because they want Chef to have proper justice, but some are optimistic that Chef is dead. However, his body is not found n the river. So, he is assumed to be dead, though, the detectives are not thoroughly convinced. Anyways, life goes on for our detectives; Moo Gak resumes work at the aquarium after quitting the force and Cho Rim goes back to working at the comedy troupe.

15 TGWSS 7

The couples are finally getting married and where best to get married other than the aquarium. Nice idea! All their friends and new families are there to celebrate them. As Moo Gak walks the aisle, Cho Rim who is in the bride’s room waiting is being visited by a special guest, Chef, who is unsurprisingly not dead. The guests wait anxiously as Lt. Yeom goes to the bride’s room to look for Cho Rim. There are signs of struggle, but no Cho Rim. She heads back to tell Moo Gak that his new-bride-to-be is missing. He runs out looking for her.



15 TGWSS 2

There were a lot of fillers in this episode, which I felt that they could have edited the wedding proposal into one scene and used some other scenes to give more answers to the questions. Alas, that was not the case. As climatic as I wanted the ending to be, it was a little bit expected that Chef would pull a stunt like that.  Chef getting caught by the cops felt too easy, like we were being teased. I actually expected this episode to fill us in with some wavering questions: how does Chef choose his victims? What exactly triggers the killing spree? These are important questions that actually need to be answered because we get to know who he is. When he starts killing has already been answered, but I am really curious as to why he chooses his victims? I hated that he answered the questions behind the scenes, in the interrogation room. But, just as Chef said in episode 15, there is no reason for why we do things sometimes, in this case, the writer feels like there is no reason for her audience to know what triggers Chef. Hopefully, we get the answer at the end of the series, with the cops talking about it, or Chef giving a soliloquy to Cho Rim, but I highly doubt that, so I am not going to hold my breath.

15 TGWSS 7

Other than the fact that the cops should always be on high alert at all times considering the fact that the body of a serial killer is not found, but giving the cops tracks records on the show, it is believable that they are not, the episode was full of sweet moments as each character got a spot light on their daily lives. We finally get to see Elaina V. and I was super stocked on their rendezvous, it is so them and theirs is the only storyline that made sense among the detectives. Hehe!

15 TGWSS 10     15 TGWSS 8

The wedding proposal was perfect. It fit who they are considering the fact that she has her special abilities. Proposing in a different manner would have felt out of place. It was a unique proposal for a special person. It is a proposal that cannot be imitated by anyone else and that was why it kinda got me when he sprayed her perfume in the air asking for her hand in marriage. Awesome! Well, I cannot wait to see the finale, so let’s see how it is going to be resolved. Hopefully, there will be some satisfying closure.


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