The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 14 Recap

Special thanks to dramabeans and ockoala for their screenshots. My device is not working at the moment.

Episode 14: Secrets are finally out!

14 TGWSS 1

Moo Gak forcefully barges into Chef’s home demanding the whereabouts of Lt. Yeom. Chef just laughs. The other detectives pull Moo Gak off before he does something irrational and they go looking for Lt. Yeom. Chef chides Cho Rim for helping the cops as he believed they were friends. Moo Gak is searching the library, but doesn’t find the white cellar room. Lt. Yeom sees him in the camera in the room and pounds on the door and yells, but it falls on deaf ears because the room is sound proof. The cops leave Chef’s house dejected as they are really sure he is the killer. Hence, Lt. Yeom has six days to live.


Lt. Yeom is on the start of the six day journey as Chef tells Lt. Yeom to write down her life story. Yeom berates him which just irritates Chef as he promises to kill her quicker than her living for six days if she doesn’t comply. Moo Gak does his deductive deducting on how Chef was able to kidnap Yeom. Moo Gak takes one of the homeless guys whom Chef dressed up to Chef’s restaurant, but he doesn’t recognize Chef because Chef was in disguise. It is day 3 and Yeom hasn’t written anything substantial in her diary. She is quick on her feet as she quickly rubs her fresh perfume scent on Chef’s hand. She requests for a clock, but Chef shuts the idea down and tells her that he is the one in control of situation.

14 TGWSS 3

The detectives are slow as usual as they are conspicuously on a stakeout in front of Chef’s house. He walks by them and tells them that he would be gone for four hours. At Chef’s fan signing, Cho Rim reveals herself to him to be the real Choi Eun-Seol.  She offers herself to be captured instead. She sees the scent of Yeom on Chef’s hand, but before she can fully analyze it, a flying trash can comes straight at Chef. Moo Gak is the culprit as he yells that he is going to get Chef. He reprimands Cho Rim for coming to see Chef on her own, but she tells him that Yeom is at Chef’s home and wants to do a change because she cannot live with the guilt of someone dying because of her. Moo Gak tells her that he won’t be able to live if she is dead and promises her that he would get Lt. Yeom out alive. They cry on each other’s shoulders as they comfort one another in this helpless situation they are in.

14 TGWSS 5

Chef offers Lt. Yeom coffee which she drinks without blinking an eye. Being a smarty pants, she knows the coffee is safe to drink because Chef still needs her alive to tell her story. He tells her that “not everything in the world has a reason” as she questions him about why he kills. Cho Rim is still persistent as she goes to meet Chef for a trade-off. Moo Gak has a secret plan in infiltrating Chef’s hiding lair. Yeom is on a role as she profiles Chef to be someone who kills in order to have their lives. He isn’t able to recognize people right away because he was abused as a child, so when he kills, it feels like he already knows his victims through their stories compared to seeing their faces. As she continues to prod on his profile, he gets angry at her and gives her an option of killing Cho Rim or not. She is confident that he doesn’t want to kill Cho Rim, but that confidence is betrayed as he leaves the room. She is definitely worried that even though she is getting somewhere with her questionings, he is getting impatient with her.

14 TGWSS 6

Chef agrees with the switch up as he texts Cho Rim the meeting site. She tells the detectives who come up with a plan to track Chef with Cho Rim’s scent. I don’t think that will go as planned as they think. Lt. Yeom still goes on to ask more questions about Chef and his victims, this in return reduces her time. Cho Rim follows Chef’s instruction as he informs her that Lt. Yeom’s death time has been moved up. He tells her to breathe into a chloroform cloth. She does as she is instructed as passes out within seconds. The detectives are watching her, but they let the scenario play out. As Chef is moving towards Cho Rim, Yeh and Ki quickly put a tracking device underneath Chef’s car and pour a liquid on the floor mat. Luckily, detective Hyeok’s frenemy is at the park, in disguise, to call out for help as Chef approaches Cho Rim. This deflects Chef’s plan as he heads back empty-handed. Chef heads to the secret room and tells Lt. Yeom that her time is almost up, even though Cho Rim agreed to do an exchange for her life.

14 TGWSS 7 14 TGWSS 8

Cho Rim regains consciousness and they begin tracking Chef. Time is ticking as they head close to the site where Chef is and as fate will have it, it begins to pour. Cho Rim loses sight of the smell. Chef offers to extend Lt. Yeom’s life in order for her to write more in her journal. She refuses which shocks him as the other victims complied without question. Chef tells Yeom that he did live the lives of his victims as he murdered them, so them writing their story, he is able to live their life. Lt. Yeom is really doing a good job in getting underneath Chef’s skin. Though, both of them are really emotional at this stage as they try their hardest to hide it and it is really beautiful to watch. I ran out of adjectives. Hehe!

14 TGWSS 9

Dejected, the cops go to a nearby café to think of a solution. They see an old lady and the granddaughter drawing with an invisible ink and an idea pops up. Chef is preparing his tools for scaling a barcode on Lt. Yeom’s arm after he kills her. Apparently, she is his first victim to see how she dies. The detectives spread soil on Chef’s track and the scent can be seen. What?????!! Anyways, the team are able to find the lair. Chef explains how he is going to kill Lt. Yeom, by gassing her room. This would be a painless death before he carves the barcode on her arm. As he begins to fill the room with gas, the detectives are already in the lair. Lt. Yeom is unconscious as the detectives pop into the room which surprises Chef.


14 TGWSS 10

Oh, what an episode! The detectives were actually able to come up with a plan that didn’t take them back, but propelled them forward. This made me happy, even though their logic defies all reason, it is still better than previous deductions they made in the past. My reaction with the cops at this point is that they a kind of  a waste of characters, at first, in the beginning it looked like they were on to something and were capable, but now, it is just pure luck that they get to get an information. But, that won’t stop me from enjoying the show.  I was really excited with the showdown between Yeom and Chef and I am pleased to say that it was much better than I expected. These two were captivating as they interacted together. I was a little bit disappointed when the interaction was cut short with Chef gassing her out. I wished it was taken into episode 15 where we can answer more questions. Hopefully, other questions will be answered in the remaining two episodes.

14 TGWSS 11

The romance took a back sit this episode and that was good because we got to see Cho Rim get her memory back and it felt refreshing and not rushed. Even, Moo Gak is retaining his feelings back and that is good as well. I guess as the killer is coming to a close in terms of being caught, so are the victims who have lost something of the past and are now trying to be free of the hold against them.

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