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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 13 Recap

None of the pictures are mine…photocredit to the awesome bloggers who took time to screenshot the pictures of this show.

Episode 13: The Calm before the Storm
Cho Rim sees Chef at the library. Chef studies her face before going up to make some coffee. She tries to leave, but Chef insists she drinks some ready-made coffee. Before she can take a sip, Moo Gak is there to the rescue. Moo Gak stays to speak with Chef while Cho Rim leaves. Moo Gak and Chef go down to the library to check if the spy camera is still in the room. Cho Rim didn’t take the camera, so Chef freaks out on Moo Gak as he loses his cool demeanor and tells Moo Gak not to trespass. Moo Gak smiles knowing that Chef is beginning to lose his control in this game. Moo Gak tells Cho Rim to stop the investigation because Chef is suspecting, but Cho Rim wants to continue. She says she saw a familiar scent on Chef, the same one on Baek Kyung; however, she has never seen that scent on Chef prior. She decides that the cops should be let in on her secret.

The cops are at first skeptic on her ability to see smells. They test her ability and she passes with flying colors. She even shows them her greenish blue eye just to seal the deal. As coincidence will have it, Cho Rim’s superpower is put into a real test. A culprit has escaped from the hands of the cops. She is able to catch the culprit who was hiding at the trunk of one of the detective car. This has officially seal the deal as the cops now want Cho Rim to help figure out Chef’s movements. Moo Gak offers himself as bait for Chef to catch him in order to know where the unfamiliar scent is coming from. The detectives have a blueprint of Chef’s house.
Chef is working is out his already awesome abs as he thinks to why Cho Rim is helping the cops since she is the only one who knows about his disorder. He reads Choi Eun-Seol mother’s diary to get information on Eun-Seol, who stupidly writes detailed information about her daughter. Cho Rim’s hypnosis is not really doing anything for her, so the cops suggests that they bring people from her past to trigger some events in her life. The cops go to Chef’s house to inspect the fire codes violations, especially in the basement. This makes Chef feel uneasy. Moo Gak goes about the investigation in the library which irritates Chef. Moo Gak is itching so bad for Chef to come at him as he constantly chides him to attack. Chef being the bigger person walks away from the guy who really doesn’t have regard for his life at the moment, yea, Moo Gak, I am speaking to you.
Lt. Yeom asks one of Cho Rim’s old classmates to help spread the word to the other mates that she needs their help in regaining Cho Rim’s memory. Chef is doing his own investigation as well as he tracks down the old friend of Cho Rim who is more than excited to help out. Moo Gak takes Cho Rim out to eat, but he pulls her leg as he says that he can taste food again. This irritates Cho Rim, but he consoles her by saying that when she regains her memory then he will be able to regain his feel and taste senses as well. They do dating stuff as Moo Gak wants to cheer Cho Rim up. At a stop, he gets her a hairpin which she loses in the process. She tries to track her scent when it suddenly rains. Oh oh! She cannot see smells in the rain. And yep! This is going to be a foreshadowing obstacle. Moo Gak later finds the hairpin, but he keeps it instead.
Detectives Yeh and Ki are staking out Chef’s place as they wonder why he is not going to work or showing up on his TV appearances. The girl Chef tracked down tells Chef that she is able to get hold of Eun-Seol. Chef decides to offer them a restaurant to meet for free for their get together. Moo Gak returns the hairpin to Cho Rim when Lt. Yeom calls to discuss the plan for the get together. Lt. Yeom has a girl day with Cho Rim as they go shopping for the get together. Cho Rim mixes up a perfume for Lt. Yeom who is touched by the Cho Rim’s gesture.

A little bit of background on Chef. He studied medicine at Harvard. He dropped out after taking a psychological test in order to pass as a medical doctor. Moo Gak goes on to explain to the detectives that Chef’s reason of becoming a cook is because of his urges to kill. In order to know why he kills, they need to know why he lets his victims live for six days. Hence, they need to know Chef’s insides and out; his ticks and whatnot. The cops follow Cho Rim to the reunion. They inspect everywhere and everyone. However, they don’t recognize an old man who turns out to be Chef in disguise. Chef in disguises dresses up two homeless men and they pose as friends. Chef is able to see Cho Rim who is at the other side of the restaurant. As the reunion girls are chatting away, they give clues to Chef who is eavesdropping and he puts two and two together to know that the witness Choi Eun-Seol is Cho Rim.

Lt. Yeom leaves and Moo Gak approaches the homeless men who tell him that they got treated by a stranger. Cho Rim goes to the parking lot to look for Moo Gak when suddenly Chef calls her real name from behind and puts a chloroformed cloth around her nose. He takes her back to his place and makes a delicious meal for two. He goes down to the white cellar room and whoop there she is, it is Lt. Yeom. He don’ catch the wrong gal. He doesn’t process the face at first until she says her name. You know Chef peed a little in his panties when he is surprised and shocked to know the mistake he has made. Moo Gak and Cho Rim head to Chef’s place in order to rescue the kidnapped Lt. Yeom, but Chef just laughs because now the real game has begun.


I have nothing to say, except what a freaking AWESOME ending. It would have been more awesome if the episode ended with Chef peeing his pants when he kidnaps Yeom instead of Cho Rim, but I will take his creepy, yet captivating smile at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Chef and his ten steps plot above the cops, but now, we are going to see a turf battle between Chef and Lt. Yeom because she is now inside the lion’s den.  I really did not expect Lt. Yeom to have been kidnapped, but then again we were given clues to that….the dress shopping, creating her own perfume. But still, it was an awesome reveal. Kidnapping Cho Rim would have been too easy and maybe the story would have dragged. Now the story line is pumped up with adrenaline of an expectation of confrontation between Chef and Lt. Yeom and I cannot till the next episode for both of them tugging it out. Games of War!!!
Previous episode has given us a glimpse of how Lt. Yeom can get into the mind of Chef, but for the next episode, it is going to be a pleasure watching them fully battling it out in Chef’s domain. Ah man, I know she wasn’t a waste of character. With Lt. Yeom being captured we will know, hopefully, why Chef kidnaps and how he chooses his victims and why he kills. This is going to be an intense battle of wit and psychology. Bring it on.


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