The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 12 Recap

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Episode 12: Run!
Cho Rim is frozen in shock to see Chef behind her. Luckily, she doesn’t say a word to him as he is having a hard time placing her face; her voice can trigger his senses to know who she really is. She knows that Moo Gak is at Chef’s place because she sees his scent.

Moo Gak cuts off the light in the house and with this opportunity, Cho Rim is able to escape Chef’s clutches. As he heads out to look for her, Chef passes out from Moo Gak’s blow to his head with his gun. Moo Gak wants to use the opportunity to finish Chef, but Cho Rim pleads and I say tsk Cho Rim. They search Chef’s home while he is unconscious and not handcuffed outside, why, I don’t know. While inside, Cho Rim suddenly passes out. As Moo Gak rushes her to the hospital, Detectives Yeh and Ki arrive at Chef’s home to ask about ex-detective Oh’s whereabouts when Chef suddenly wakes up from his slumber. He says that Oh is sleeping inside. As he goes in, he tries to get rid of the evidence used to sedate Oh. Oh wakes up and thanks Chef for his hospitality and as he leaves, he sees the two detectives looking like they have seen a ghost.
Chef secretly follows Oh to his home. Cho Rim is up and she and Moo Gak are uncomfortable around each other. Moo Gak cautions Cho Rim about being too close to Chef and praises Cho Rim for her outstanding work in whimpering and not speaking when she came in contact with Chef. I don’t know why, but they take their conversation to the roof and on this roof marks the history of an official breakup. Moo Gak begs, but Cho Rim is too adamant and feels guilty to date someone whose sister was killed because of her. Oh gives a lame excuse to Lt. Yeom when he gets called in by the cops. He claims that he doesn’t want to bother Cho Rim with police work as he is trying to make her forget the past and enjoy the present so that in the future once he catches the killer, he will be able to tell Cho Rim about her past. Oh tells Moo Gak to take care of Cho Rim as he leaves Cho Rim’s hospital room to go out of town. Cho Rim goes home as sees that her home has been invaded. The only thing that was taken was a picture of her. Moo Gak suggests his home as a safe place. Chef looks intensely at the picture of Cho Rim, but that leads to him becoming frustrated because he cannot place a good face on the picture.
Moo Gak tells Cho Rim that he is sleeping at a friend’s place across from the street and tells her not too go to the window. It turns out that there is no friend across the street because he is squatting in his car. In the elevator, on their way to work, an elderly woman thinks that Cho Rim and Moo Gak are couples, before Cho Rim can shut down the idea; Moo Gak thanks her and smiles. Though, Cho Rim is flabbergasted, she silently smiles to herself. At the station, Cho Rim tells Lt. Yeom that she wants to use herself as bait to catch Chef. The detectives don’t find anything from Cho Rim’s home invasion to use against him. Lt. Yeom tells the detectives that Cho Rim has agreed to use herself get back the picture. This doesn’t bode well for Moo Gak. He tells her no, but she says yes. He finally caves in and the cops plus Cho Rim go into planning on how to record Chef’s movements. During the recording segment, Chef is given five minutes to make a simple meal. Cho Rim uses the opportunity to sneak into Chef’s library and sets a book camera on his self in order to track Chef’s movement. At the moment of intensity, Chef is given a break and he goes around looking for Cho Rim and sees her in the elevator fixing her pantry hose. She comes up with an excuse of fixing her pantry hose in the elevator while the bathroom line was long. Also, she purposely leaves her wallet in his bathroom so as to return back.
Cho Rim and Moo Gak go for a walk after the recording segment. They talk about their issues and hug it out. Detective Yeh sees Chef pulling out a picture of Cho Rim from his wallet as he is watching from the planted video in his library. Moo Gak and Cho Rim sleep at his place since Moo Gak was caught by Cho Rim sleeping in his car. In the morning, the cops are able to alter a photo of Cho Rim to the same one Chef has. Moo Gak gives the picture to Cho Rim and tells her to make the switcharoo at work. Cho Rim successfully does the switch. She tells Chef that her wallet is in his house so after work she will stop by to get it, but not before forgetting her cell phone on the table at work.
The PI Chef hired tells him that the cops are unto him. At a stop light, Chef quickly pulls out Cho Rim’s picture as sees that the picture has been swiped out (he put an x mark at the back of the picture). He does a u-turn heading for his house. He finds the hidden camera in his library. He smirks at the camera as Moo Gak tries calling Cho Rim to alert her that Chef is at his place. Cho Rim, who left her phone at the restaurant, is oblivious to the fact that Chef is home and heads down to the library. All Moo Gak can do is run to the house before time runs out.


This was a slow, but developing episode. Maybe because the couples are still trying to figure out how to move past the tragedy of the past and learn to embrace the future. As much as I like the couples, I would like to place an emphasis on how I like our baddie. Is that wrong for me to admit? Though, the script is not too tight on the cops vs. killer show, but Chef really shows just how smart he is, even if the cops were as smart as he is. He is someone who knows how to cover his tracks, but we are beginning to see that his skills of covering up his tracks are beginning to crack. As much as I like him outsmarting the cops, because at this moment he should get away with murder (who loves that show?), he is someone who is beginning to lose control of the situation. Chef is someone who likes power and right now, there the scale is off balance as there are some few smart cops that are seeking to challenge him.

I do feel like Cho Rim might not be who Chef will end up wanting to kill. It is Moo Gak who Chef is becoming interested in. Cho Rim/Eun Seol is just pest. At first, he wants to kill her to shut her mouth up since she is the witness, but now Moo Gak is someone Chef will have a high interest in killing. We still do not know how he picks his victims, but now he seems that since he is out of his usual pattern, he might as well finish the job. Moo Gak is someone who likes a challenge. Past victims didn’t really put up much of a fight or give him a reason to lose control which he loves to have. So, it looks like we will see that battle soon. So far, Cho Rim is able to escape from Chef’s clutches. Even though, he is a killer, there is a slight fondness he has towards Cho Rim. So, when he finally realizes that Cho Rim is Eun-Seol, he might go for the kill, but there will be a hesitation on his part because she is someone whom he has gotten accustomed to. I mean this theory can be disproved because he killed Mari and Baek Kyung, but they never really challenged him or questioned him and we know this in Baek Kyung’s case. However, it is different in this case because 1. the cops are actually unto him 2. he is putting his emotions into play which is different from his norm. Therefore, the next kill to him will be a death out of emotions as compared to death out of randomness. The next victim he kills will be someone whose story cannot be written down.

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