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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11: Noble Idiocy

The series has passed its half way mark so it is that time for random angst and noble idiocy to take place because doing this will only make the couples stronger. So, we have to bear it for a while because they will overcome this unnecessary senselessness.

As Cho Rim is lost in reading Baek Kyung’s letter, Chef comes behind her, but she is quick on her feet as she quickly tells Chef that she is nervous about the show. Moo Gak is still not letting of the fact that he got kicked off the team as Lt. Yeom is having a meeting with the other detectives without him. The detectives are on his side as well, but Yeom is still stubborn and strong on her decision. Cho Rim calls Moo Gak to talk about the letter, but she finds out that he is home during the day. She goes over and sees him drinking. She reassures him that the detectives will help him get reinstated, but before she can be a buttress for him, she has to go out of town to see her dad. She asks her dad if she is Choi Eun-Seol. Her father admits it as he didn’t want to put more stress on her about her past. Hence, he hid that information from her. He tells her that she reminds him of his daughter, who would have been Cho Rim’s age, if she didn’t go missing at the age of five. He still doesn’t tell her about her parents, but Cho rim says that regardless of the outcome, he will always be her dad.
Moo Gak goes drinking with the detectives, now that they know that his sister was a victim of the Barcode Killer. He vows to kill the killer himself, but before that, he needs their help to get Lt. Yeom to get out of the office, so that he can sneak in and look for information on the case that Lt. Yeom is hiding from him. He successfully sees the family registry on Cho Rim’s family and connects the dots together when he sees the sketch of the woman from Cho Rim’s memory. Lt. Yeom goes over to Cho Rim’s place to have a chat about Cho Rim’s effort to remember her past. Cho Rim doesn’t want to really remember the past because she is afraid of what she will find out. As Cho Rim starts to ask about Moo Gak’s sister’s case, Lt. Yeom shuts down the conversation as that case is strictly police business. Cho Rim and Moo Gak officially know that Cho Rim is the other Choi Eun Seol, but both of them do not disclose that to each other. Moo Gak confronts Lt. Yeom about Cho Rim’s identity, but she still wouldn’t budge or let him in the case.

Moo Gak decides to go rouge as he goes to find ex-detective Oh. On his way, he has a car-to-car confrontation with Chef who is on the same road bridge. On the bridge as Moo Gak’s phone goes off, so does Chef’s. They try to mince their words with statements that are different, but mean the same thing. Oh yea! Moo Gak finally figures out that Chef did put a spyapp on his phone. Oh has already left the place Moo Gak goes to find him at due to Chef giving him a ride back to the city. Moo Gak and Ki have lunch so Moo Gak uses this opportunity to call Ki and tell him that he is going to find him and kill him…is this “Taken 4.” This message is directed to Chef who is listening at the other end of the phone. And it looks like Chef is shaken a little bit because someone is truly unto him. Moo Gak and Cho Rim had a rendezvous meeting, but Moo Gak doesn’t approach her as he watches her across the street while she waits for him. She goes to the station to look for him when she overhears the detectives talk about Moo Gak’s Eun-Seol and her mistaken death. Also, she finds out that the killer is actively looking for her. Moo Gak and Cho Rim try to let all these new information sink in. When Cho Rim gets home, she sees Moo Gak waiting for her. It is his birthday. Even though he is in a cherry mood, it is not the same for Cho Rim who is trying her best not to breakdown in front of Moo Gak. She is not her preppy self as she is down even when Moo Gak is trying to act cute and indirectly proposes marriage. So, she sends Moo Gak home early. She walks him to his house and he wants to walk her back, but she pulls back and suggests they break up. Cho Rim doesn’t give a reason and this makes Moo Gak angry as he like to have a valid reason before people do irrational things without giving a full explanation of their actions.
Cho Rim tells Lt. Yeom that she knows that Moo Gak’s sister was killed because of her, so, she wants to help catch the killer. Cho Rim wants Moo Gak back on the team, but her helping the cops should be kept a secret. Lt. Yeom wants Cho Rim to stay away from Chef since he is a suspect, but Cho Rim wants to stay closer to him to watch him closely. Lt. Yeom reinstates Moo Gak back, but tells him to trend carefully around the case. Chef thinks back to Oh telling him about the Jeju Island couple being the third victim of the Barcode Killer. At his library, he pulls a book named Hong Ji-Yeon out of his murder collection which dates as far back as 2010. Chef calls over Oh and hands him money to start a fund for the victims’ families who have been circumstances to the Barcode Killer. Oh decides to run his mouth by stating that he knows who the witness is. Chef thinks back to his first victim who turns out to be Oh’s wife. From her diaries, we learn that after their daughter’s murder, she got a divorce from Oh. Chef offers coffee to Oh which he gladly accepts.

Worried Cho Rim tells Lt. Yeom that her father hasn’t returned home as he promised. Yeom promises to look into it. Yeom runs into Moo Gak and blatantly defines confidentially as she tells Moo Gak that Cho Rim knows about the Barcode Killer and she is the surviving witness. Moo Gak goes out looking for Cho Rim. He is too late though as she is on the bus on her way to pick up her dad from the text she got from him.
Yeom calls Cho Rim, but she doesn’t see the call. Lt. Yeom calls Moo Gak to alert him that Cho Rim is on her way to Chef’s place. At Chef’s home, Cho Rim calls her dad, but she gets no response as we see that Chef is holding the silent phone and lurking behind. He comes out of hiding and she looks at him is utter surprise.


WTF! Cho Rim. I am sorry. I love you girl, but how dense are you? How dense are the cops? How dense is your dad? How dense can people be? Okay, I am done ranting on how dense people can be when they know there is a high suspect killer who is still not caught. This episode was all level of frustration is isn’t even funny, but in the end, everything did make sense. I understand Cho Rim’s breaking up with Moo Gak. I understand her feeling responsible for his sister’s death, so hopefully, this noble idiocy going on won’t drag on for too long. Moo Gak has already accepted the fact that she too was a victim and I love how he did take some time for him to come into acceptance of the fact of the situation, but he didn’t let that spill over or, rather take it out on Cho Rim. However, I cannot say the same for her because she still doesn’t let him know that she knows the truth. Hopefully, this doesn’t drag out too much and it gets settled next episode. I want to see my favorite Couple again in the midst of the craziness.

Speaking of crazy, Lt. Yeom, what the heck is wrong with you? You do not let a witness use herself as bait, especially when she doesn’t have protection around her, which it seems you are lacking. What the heck! You are pretty much putting all your eggs in one basket as it seems like you don’t have a clue on what you are up against. For a killer who has outsmarted your plays, I think it is time to switch your hands and play dirty. You do not bring the smart cop on the team and still leave him in the dark.

As for Cho Rim’s father, Oh, I will say he is dense, but now that I think about it, he was once a detective and he figured out that there was another killing before the Barcode Killer had a memo, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he is doing as he is around Chef. Giving the track records on the cops on this show, I would say, his plan is as good as dead, but he looks smarter than what he is putting out to be, but now is not the time to put Cho Rim in danger by revealing that you are barely home. If you want to catch a killer, give him something that will make him get caught, not be ten to twenty steps ahead. He is definitely biting off more than he can chew if that is his plan because Chef has proved times and again that he is way smarter than the cops.
Luckily, Chef doesn’t recognize faces, but there is a feeling that he will soon know who the witness is because he is putting too much effort in trying to find a witness and kill them off. We have what he does to witnesses, in case of Mari and Baek Kyung, and this current witness is a pest to his plan. An unexpected plan that is falling out of his pattern. I really fear for Cho Rim because once he realizes that she is the witness, her death will be worse than the previous victims.


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