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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10: The Girl Who gets Answers

10 TGWSS 1

Lt. Yeom finishes the sketch of the woman in Cho Rim’s memory, but decides not to show Cho Rim. She tells Cho Rim to finish the sketch, but before then, she sends Cho Rim to get some drinks from the vending machine. With the opportunity, she takes a picture of Cho Rim’s id before Cho Rim enters. They continue the sketch, but it turns out unsuccessful. Lt Yeom sees that Ex-detective Oh is actually hiding the witness Choi Eun-Seol. Cho Rim and Moo Gak go out for a comfort drink. At the bathroom of the restaurant they are at, Cho Rim runs into a weird pervert who is randomly flashing women. He jumps out of the bathroom window. In order to catch him, Cho Rim’s tracker turns on and she follows the weird pervert’s cigarette scent with Moo Gak following behind. As they separate for a while, the pervert jumps down from a tree and run across the street. As Cho Rim runs into the street without looking, she is suddenly frozen with a memory being hit by a car. Luckily, Moo Gak is able to get her out of the trucks way before she becomes roadkill.

10 TGWSS 2

At home, Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that she remembers the accident, but not the event that led to it. He reassures her about her memory coming in little-by-little. His nose begins to itch as he is doing the dishes and tells Cho Rim to help him scratch his nose. She notices that he actually feels the itch. They have a cute bickering and make-up kiss in between. Chef is looking at the ingredients of the day and Cho Rim comes in earlier than her shift because she wants to learn what Chef does. Cho Rim decides to use her ingredient to make people laugh instead. Chef laughs at her acts and states that he would like to know more about her. I say, yikes!

10 TGWSS 3

Moo Gak tells Lt. Yeom that ex-detective Oh is out of sight. She states that he is the only one who know where the witness is. Lt. Yeom and Cho Rim are enjoying a bowl of ice cream when Yeom asks her about her past. Cho Rim tells her that she remembers a little bit from the past, but doesn’t really know what they mean. Detective Ki and Yeh arrest the weird pervert guy with the help of Cho Rim doing a sketch for the detectives.  Later that day, the detectives and Moo Gak go out for lunch. As they are trying to haggle what to get due to budget, their chief comes in and encourages them by buying an expensive for them. The chief forgot his phone on his way out, so Moo Gak is the designated person to run after him to return the phone.  Moo Gak comes across ex-detective Oh and the chief talking privately in a café. He eavesdrops at their conversation which sounds juicy considering the fact that Oh is kind of making a blackmail/threat against the chief if the chief doesn’t give him the information he needs on the barcode killer. He writes down an address on a pad to the chief. Moo Gak ask to borrow the same pad used in order to get the information by using a pencil mark to reveal the scribbled words.

10 TGWSS 4

Chef is arranging Baek Kyung’s book in his shelf when he gets a notification. His spy app is really working as he listens to the conversation between Moo Gak and Lt. Yeom about Oh’s destination and the witness being alive. Lt. Yeom goes to the address while detective Yeh runs in with good news; the barcode killer has been caught. Unfortunately, it is wrong news because the DNA of the person caught is the neighborhood arsonist. Chef’s mistake number one, Chef and the arsonist had nothing in common, it was just a coincidence. Therefore, if Chef had the band aid arm, then he was at the scene if he knew where the arsonist had cut himself and therefore, he had been at the storage to get some information. Moo Gak goes back to Baek Kyung’s storage and finds two missing books. Chef is at the address of where ex-detective Oh is at. He sees Oh parking cars and gets an idea to walk in front of the car while Oh is driving. Oh thinks he hits him and feels so bad that he offers to drive him to the hospital for checkup. As they drive up, Lt. Yeom drives in, missing them by barely within a second. Lt. Yeom asks the restaurant owner about Oh’s whereabouts and she gets shutdown by the owner and his worker. And I say, are you kidding me? Cho Rim calls Moo Gak that she will be running late. He tells his cab driver to turn the car around when he gets a car from Lt, Yeom about Oh not being in the restaurant. Oh decides to treat Chef to tea since he still feels bad about the accident that was not an accident. He recognizes Chef as the famous Chef who is connected to the Barcode killer’s victim. Chef doesn’t look too comfortable as Oh recognizes a slight pattern; being a detective and all. Oh and Chef return back to the restaurant. Oh carefully evades Lt. Yeom and tells Chef to keep in touch.

10 TGWSS 5


Moo Gak gets a locksmith to open Chef’s door. He lets himself in and goes into Chef’s library. He goes through his items in his closets, but before he can go any further, Cho Rim and Chef enter. Luckily, she is able to see his scent and help him escape without trace. She smacks him with words on how his actions could have led him to get caught. He talks back about how he felt when his sister was victim of mistaken identity. Cho Rim feels sorry for him and tells him that she would like to see his sister. Later in the evening, they watch Cho Rim’s cooking show. She cringes about her presence on screen as she gets texts from old friends congratulating her now that she is kind of popular.  Moo Gak does the dishes as Cho Rim watches. They talk about their opposites and Cho Rim likes how different, yet similar they are. She tries to give Moo Gak a back hug when she suddenly slips and blacks out. Haha! It is supposed to be a cute scene, but it turned out to be an epic fail.  She wakes up and sees Moo Gak lay next to her, pulling her in for a hug and snuggling, until….she angrily wakes up Moo Gak. Haha, he was the one daydreaming. He does pull her in for a hug and they keep on talking about things to do together in the near future.

10 TGWSS 7


Lt. Yeom thinks that Moo Gak is too close to the case and tells him that he is off the case. This makes Moo Gak confused and angry as she doesn’t give a valid reason as to why he is off the case. Chef and Cho Rim are preparing for their taping. A staff calls Cho Rim by her real name, but Cho Rim doesn’t recognize it. Chef does hear the name, but he tells Cho Rim to go down to his library to get one of his cookbooks. She finds a book from one of Baek Kyung’s stacks of books he borrowed from Chef. She sees the letter Baek Kyung wrote about her and it freaks her out. She is so lost in thought that she doesn’t hear Chef sneak up on her.


This is the beginning of many to gasps to come. First of all, what the heck Lt. Yeom. I have a little bit of an issue with her reasons of kicking Moo Gal of the case. Yes, he is close to the case and that could hinder the investigation, but at the same time he is the smartest dude in the team who knows what he is doing. She needs to tell him so that he as well can know how to prepare for the case of Cho Rim being Eun-Seol. This should get resolved in the next episode, by Lt. Yeom telling him the reason, or he finds out on his own because I do not want this to drag on knowing that he knows more information on this case than the other detectives.


Well, lean and muscled up baddie is wants to play fetch with the cops. Not that Chef hasn’t been two steps ahead of the cops, but now it feels like this is a thrilling game he is enjoying. He is biting off more than he can chew because he now has a chase. We still do not know the reasons for why he kills, but now I think that he is enjoying the chase of the cops behind him more than he should because now he has an audience. He is a performer, so he is giving the cops a show, while they sit behind and watch in amazement of how he slips out of their hands.


Well, before it gets tense, the couple are having their moment of love together. It is cute and refreshing to see, but at the back of your mind, you know that it won’t last because Cho Rim and Moo Gak will soon discover the truth about the past. I am just anticipating who the noble idiot will be between them.


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