The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9: The Girl Who Sees Smells: The Woman with the Face


What the what! Man, Chef really knows how to play this game of catch and release. He has the cops wrapped around his killer hands. If the cops are going to catch him, they need to step up as a team and worker together and efficiently. Moo Gak cannot be the only brains in this team because if he is, that is just disappointing to know that the cops are not true detectives. Past episodes have given us clues on how smart Moo Gak is by putting two and two together but, he limits himself as he passes on the credit for his work. If they need to catch a killer on the loose, this team needs more than one sharp brain in the field.


Cho Rim remembers woman’s face after tasting Chef’s soup. They take the conversation outside to the park as Cho Rim is curious about the face of the woman her memory jogs out. She wonders if she loved the woman or hated her and she feels scared as she doesn’t have the memory of the past. Moo Gak comforts her throughout. Chef sits in his library holding Choi Eun-Seol’s school nametag and thinks back to the time he killed Cho Rim’s parents. Now, we clearly see his face as he attacks Cho Rim, but he doesn’t know her face due to his illness. During Cho Rim’s accident, the only thing that he could use to identify her is her nametag.


Cho Rim and Moo Gak circle her neighborhood five times before Cho Rim brings it to Moo Gak’s attention. Though, they’re reluctant to let go of their hands, Moo Gak suggests that he sleeps over just till she falls asleep. Moo Gak had a different plan in mind as Cho Rim suggests he sleeps in the living room while she goes into her room with the door locked. They text each other throughout the night as either are too nervous to sleep with just a door keeping them apart. I know, I felt the chemistry too. The next day, Moo Gak takes Cho Rim to the station to do a face recognition drawing of the woman Cho Rim remembered. Moo Gak is a bad sketch artist, so the result is not as good as she hoped. Lt. Yeom sees them leaving the sketch room and is curious as to why they were in it.


The detectives have a meeting about the barcode killer who changed license plate on the trucks he used, so they are unable to trace his path. Moo Gak suggests that they need to change their tactic in order to draw the killer out to them. I didn’t know that it was easy to access a medical file of a patient, but in Jeju hospital a man requests to see Cho Rim’s Choi Eun-Seol’s file. Luckily, the medical employee alerts Moo Gak about the inquisition of the file. Turns out that Moo Gak, with the cooperation of the hospital gave the man a wrong file of Choi Eun-Seol in order to follow the killer to Seoul hospital. The man calls Chef to let him know about the fake Choi Eun-Seol’s whereabouts. The detectives are on a stake out to catch the killer. In the car, two young police patrollers came by the car of detective Ki with Yeh and Moo Gak in to see what they are up to. The patrollers are looking for a neighborhood arsonist. Lt. Yeom in the van with Detective Hyeok signals that the undercover cop posing as Choi Eun-Seol should take a walk. As she comes out of the house, a man calls her name behind her. The cops quickly apprehend the guy; however, Moo Gak sees a dark figure wearing hoodie nearby and gives a chase.


The guy who approached fake Eun-Seol says that he was paid to approach her. He never saw the man’s face that sent him the message. Unfortunately for Moo Gak who is giving a chase,  the dark figure wearing hoodie is able to get away as Moo Gak gets hit by an oncoming car. He goes back to the building where the dark figure wearing hoodie cut himself as he jumped out of the building window. Now, the cops have his DNA blood sample. Lt. Yeom primary suspicion falls on Chef as the detectives look for suspects to match the blood sample against. She voices that a warrant will be needed for Chef, but Detective Hyeok falls on the defense of Chef and tells Lt. Yeom not to go looking for trouble. She is cool like and the boss, she does go looking for trouble named Chef. At his restaurant, they have the battle of the wits with words and condescending look and my heart falls to the ground whenever Chef speaks. A quick background on Chef, he was adopted by an American couple at the age of three. He came back to Korea six years ago when his adoptive parents died. Lt. Yeom comes right out to ask Chef is his parents were murdered and if his parents were abusive, but Chef takes that as an insult and is highly defensive. He then turns the table on Lt. Yeom as he asks her if someone she was close to was murdered. He gets to her, but she is smart enough to play it cool.


Lt. Yeom asks Chef to take off his jacket to see his 10-packs and to see if he is hiding anything underneath his jacket. He complies and reveals a band aid arm and says he got the accident in the kitchen. She questions him as she realizes that he is giving a long explanation on his accident. She says that people who are hiding something tend to talk a lot. Oh snap, is that a crack I see on Chef. Lt. Yeom 1, Chef 1. Lt. Yeom gets the warrant to arrest Chef as well as order a flight ban. Moo Gak, Ki and Yeh go to arrest Chef. He doesn’t appreciate being accused so he showed them the cut on his arm claiming he got the cut from a kitchen accident. Still not satisfied, the cops collect his blood sample for DNA testing. Cho Rim is cleaning the troupe when her boss comes in. she tells him that she is going to be on Chef’s show, but as a comedian. She doesn’t think it is right, but her boss tells her that this is an opportunity to use to shine as a comedian. Cho Rim goes in for a practice run and thanks Chef for an opportunity of a life time. She promises to thank him properly with dinner that she will prepare herself. Chef smiles at her and I’m saying crap, which will be her last meal then.


The DNA results gets back, and it tests out negative. Chef is not the dark figure hoodie and I’m like I swore I saw him myself. Moo Gak goes to Chef’s house to personally apologize. Chef asks Moo Gak if he can use Moo Gak’s phone to call his as he cannot seem to find it. Rather than call his phone, he installs a spy app on Moo Gak’s. He stalls Moo Gak as the app downloads. He tells Moo Gak that the third time he gets accused again, he won’t be so forgiving. After Moo Gak leaves, Chef reveals how he got the wound on his arm. He was the dark figure hoodie Moo Gak gave a chase, but he switched with a double when they were at the abandoned building before jumping out the window. Also, he self-inflicted himself with a steak fork as to throw off suspicions on him because he figured the cops would want a DNA sample from him since he is a suspect. Highly smart, but unwise.


Cho Rim visits Ae Ri and work and asks her to go shopping with her to buy an outfit to wear for the cooking show, Ae Ri cannot. She badmouths Moo Gak for kissing and not asking. Hehe! She takes Cho Rim’s phone and flashes Moo Gak. She hangs up before he picks. He calls back within three seconds in Cho Rim’s amazement and agrees to go shopping with Cho Rim. Moo Gak obviously doesn’t like that Cho Rim is buying dresses to be on Chef’s show, though he expresses his disapproval with facial expression. Hehe! He pays for the dresses and Cho Rim promises to pay back with her paycheck from the show. Moo Gak tells Cho Rim not to do the show, but cannot give her a definite reason, but asks her to trust him and not do the show with Chef. Getting angry, Cho Rim wonders why. Who is he to her to tell her what to do and what not to do? She berates him of their relationship and gets on the bus.


In the evening, after a practice run at the gun range, Lt. Yeom runs into Cho Rim at the station. Holding the dresses Moo Gak gets her, she tells Lt. Yeom she is actually at the station to see her. They go for a drink and Cho Rim lets out by saying that Moo Gak hasn’t made their relationship official so he cannot be the boss of her. Lt. Yeom finds their relationship cute, but promises not tell Moo Gak. She offers to help Cho Rim with the sketch of the woman. Apparently, I need to get the spy app because Chef is able to listen to the calls that Moo Gak make to order office supplies. Cho Rim is on set. She sees the dress Chef left for her to use. As she debates between Moo Gak’s dress and Chef’s, she gets a text from Moo Gak to wear the “least weird” dress. Ahha! Chef sees the text and he is not happy about it, but he feigns ignorance when Cho Rim says that the dress will be worn when she is someone of importance.


At home, Cho Rim is eating ramyun as she badly complains about Moo Gak when she gets a text from him to come outside. She grumpily goes out to meet him looking shabby, but cute house shabby. Moo Gak asks her what he should call her, “‘lover,’ ‘woman,’ ‘darling,’ or ‘girlfriend.’” I want a name too!!!! Once it has finally registered to Cho Rim, she realizes the way she is dressed. She tells him that she needs to go in to change then he can ask her again. Hehe! Pft, Moo Gak doesn’t care as he wants to let his cop buddies who is lady is. At the station, Lt. Yeom completes the sketch of the woman who looks very familiar to her. She runs to her computer to look at pictures of Cho Rim’s mother to compare looks. The look is a 98% match. Cho Rim and Moo Gak enter the room and Lt. Yeom looks at Cho Rim in a different light.



First of all, I didn’t need my blood pressure pill, but I will reserve it for next episode. Let us take in all the cute we can get because from now on, things will be tense and edgy. Lt. Yeom has already figured out that the real Choi Eun-Seol is alive as well as Cho Rim getting a memory of her mother. There are little factors that will trigger her memory as she is closer to the killer and the cops. Though indirectly, their actions will affect how she gets her memories. My concern as of now is towards Moo Gak. Now that he has officially declared their relationship, I felt a little bit uneasy. Though I was stoked on how he asked her, cute and all, but it didn’t feel right. Now, he has someone who is close to him and needs protection. Sooner or later it will feel like déjà vu as he will try to fight harder to keep Cho Rim from harm’s way. I wonder how he is going to take the news when he figures out the Cho Rim’s Choi Eun Seol was meant to be the dead girl instead of his sister. It would be a devastating news that could hinder the investigation, but also a motivation to catch the killer and put him behind bars quickly because he now has two reasons to want justice.


There are villains and there are villains. Okay, I just said the same thing, but the definition is different for both. Chef is one of the best villains that I have watched in a while. He is super smart and precise. It is creepy, yet cool. It sounds weird, but I want to see more of him in action. I get excited just thinking how he can outsmart the cops. Then, I remember that his contenders are literally no match for him. They are so bad at being detectives; I wonder how they got the title. I mean, yes, they have shown some progress and signs in proving that they can be competent, but still no match for Chef. The only person that is worth it to be in the same ring as Chef is Lt. Yeom. She is an equal match to him and I just love their squab in the restaurant as I wanted more showdowns from them.

Chef is going to get caught sooner than later because of the way he is heavily involved in this case. This is the only case where he is actively seeking out his prey. Omg! Light bulb moment! I think the show showing us Chef’s weird fascination with Cho Rim is kinda in a way giving us light into how he picks his victims. Aside from Baek-Kyung and Mari who I think were an unfortunate accident, we are entering into Chef’s world. Hence, this is why it is getting creepier and tenser as he gets closer to Cho Rim. Well, that and the fact that he is looking into the past, in particular Choi Eun-Seol’s past.

I like how it is revealed to us, by Lt. Yeom about his past. He was adopted by Americans. So, that is an interest on its own. Did the parents really die in the fire or did the killings start with them. Something had to trigger his urges to kill every year since the last six years that he has been in Korea. This back story is giving the audience a reason as to why Chef kills. I love speculations and I cannot wait to know more about Chef in order to get into his psyche of why he kills and how he picks his victims.

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