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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8: A Girl Who Sees Smell: A Potential Lead Towards…


The security guard at the storage unit center sees Moo Gak bleeding profuriously and quickly calls an ambulance. Cho Rim calls Moo Gak’s phone as she is worried of his no- show. Detective Yeom answers the call and tells her that Moo Gak is in the hospital. Cho Rim is at the hospital balling her eyes out as she sees Moo Gak lying unconscious.  The three stooges arrive at the hospital and are genuinely concerned over one of their own. However, no nonsense Detective Yeom tells them that now they have to be on high alert in catching the criminal. Detectives Ki and Yeh head over to the storage unit and are frustrated when they don’t see anything/anyone come up in the CCTV. Chef sits at home and puzzles over the books he got from the storage.


At work, Cho Rim is still in a daze. She tells Chef that Moo Gak is in the hospital, but luckily, before he went into coma, he saw the killer’s face. This does not bode well for Chef. The detectives, finally, are able to see Moo Gak. Chef prepares lunches for the cops who are watching over Moo Gak. He goes with Cho Rim to deliver the lunches. At the hospital, the stooges are pleased that this nice man was kind enough to think of them. So, in a food-thought mind, they let him to go Moo Gak’s room, unattended, and I yell FOOLS to my computer. Chef is about to do some magic trick on Moo Gak when Detective (Lieutenant—she is of higher rank) enters the room. She is suspicious of Chef, but lets him pass by.


Cho Rim goes to Ae Ri’s new workplace. A nice Samsung product placement of a new charger is shown and I SAY I WANT IT NOW! Ae Ri, being the weird, but cool friend offers her buddy soju in a coffee cup as way to console her. Hehe! Wearing a doctor’s coat in disguise, Chef walks the halls of the hospital into Moo Gak’s room. As he approaches the room, Lt. Yeom and, apparently, conscious Moo Gak, slowly reach out for a gun. It is a false alarm though as the person who walked in was no other than a hired clown dressed as a doctor. In a flashback, Chef did dress as a doctor, but as he was approaching Moo Gak’s room, he spots the stooges getting into disguise and trying to set a trap for the killer. I say to myself, this is ridiculous. Ahh! This show makes me talk to myself A LOT when these stooges do not act right or discrete.  Hence, Chef is able to get away with a smile on his face knowing that the stooges are no where close to catching him. At least, the cops know that the killer is really close by though, so that is a good sign for them.


Cho Rim is taking Moo Gak for a wheelchair/recovery walk. Moo Gak teases her for crying a lot when she came to see him. He was faking being in coma as they were setting a trap for the killer. He tries to goad Cho Rim to reveal that she was really sad to see him in a bad state, but she ain’t buying what he is selling. As she stops to answer a phone call, she lets go of his wheel chair and I laugh extra hard at Moo Gak rolling down the sloppy road. Moo Gak decides to use Cho Rim as his personal PeaPod as he tells her to buy specific ingredients to make a dish that his mother used to make. She chides him for ordering her around, that people will think that they are dating, though using a synonym that also sounds like carrot, Moo Gak kinda admits it. Hehe!


Moo Gak watches Cho Rim in the kitchen as she makes him lunch and I am blown over by the way he looks as her. Yep! He is in the love-zone. He complements Cho Rim’s cooking skills, though he cannot taste it, but it is the thought that counts. Cho Rim decides that it is wise to wipe off food stain off the mouth of a man who likes likes you. Yea, it was a wise decision as they stop as kiss land, a worthy one at that. As Moo Gak pulls back due to a “pain” he feels from the stab wound, Cho Rim runs off, but she is ecstatic though. Hehe!


Detective Ki gets a nesting doll present that look like him from his Russian girlfriend. Lt. Yeom briefs the cops on the killer’s MO; based on his Seoul accent and soft voice, he is around his late-20s to mid-30s. That doesn’t give them much to work. So back to the CCTV it is. Detective Ki has a light bulb moment with his nestling dolls. I knew Elena Vashilivnashivanova was relevant. He explains to them demonstrating with the dolls that Baek Kyung car could be inside a bigger type of motor, a truck. They scan the CCTV and lo and behold the truck carrying Baek Kyung’s car is seen, but the driver’s face is out of sight. Lt. Yeom and Moo Gak attend Baek Kyung’s funeral and are surprised to know that Chef paid the bills. This arouses their suspicions of him. Lt. Yeom also wonders why Chef didn’t recognize them when he had seen her previously. They are also curious as to why Baek Kyung went to Jeju to check the medical records of the daughter of the Jeju couple. Hence, this means that the real Choi Eun-Seol is definitely alive. So, off they go to speak with ex-detective Oh.


Ex-cop Oh is not pleased with Moo Gak and Lt. Yeom as they are trying to dig up the past of Choi Eun-Seol. He assures them that Eun Seol never woke up from coma. Though, they know he is lying. Chef reveals a secret door to his hidden lair. Baek Kyung is seen from a snippet writing in a blank book about his thoughts. This is Chef’s recent memory of Baek Kyung before he was killed. However, through this memory clue, Chef is able to put the clues of Baek-Kyung’s writings together to form a meaningful statement, “the witness is alive.” Oh Crap! Chef goes back to Baek Kyung’s storage, with the approval of Baek Kyung’s dad to look around for more clues. He sees Cho Rim’s medical file and takes a photo of the x-rays.


Ae Ri and Cho Rim hang out at Cho Rim’s home. Ae Ri tells Cho Rim to break up with Moo Gak since he hasn’t called since the incident. But, she retracts her words since Cho Rim has never dated. Hehe! Moo Gak tracks Ex-cop Oh to a neighborhood, but loses him around the corner when Cho Rim suddenly pops up. He doesn’t put two-and-two together of them living in the same neighborhood. He decides to eat dinner with her, but she has promised her dad, so he apologizes to her and tells her that he has been busy recently. Cho Rim goes home and sees her dad packing because he got a new job; this is nothing new to her. He asks her if she remembered anything from the past, but Cho Rim doesn’t.
Chef looks at Cho Rim’s parents’ book to look in for more information. From his memory, Cho Rim’s mother wrote in a book while he sits and watch. She wrote about her daughter’s favorite meal. As he is debating with himself on how he thought he killed the right Choi Eun Seol, he gets a call from his producer about the meal he would prepare. He tells his producer that he would make seaweed soup with abalone shell and urchin; he will use the recipe that Cho Rim’s mother wrote.


The next day, he tells Cho Rim that he wants her to work as a broadcaster for his show. Though she is reluctant, he urges her to think about it as she watches his show on set. After finishing the show, Cho Rim tells him that she would like to take the food home with her since no one is eating it. She sees Moo Gak waiting in front of her home and she offers him the soup. After “persuading” her, she lets him eat in her house. After taking a sip of the soup, Moo Gak looks up and sees Cho Rim frozen, but with tears trickling down her face. He goes around the table to sit by her to ask her what the problem is. Crying, she says, “I remember a person’s face.”



I really love the way the show ends. It ends with anticipation of wanting more. I love how this story is quickly developing. It looks like the story is moving at a slower pace  going now because we know who the killer is, however, the reasons as to why he is killing is still a mystery, so my attention is still at full alert. Nonetheless, that still doesn’t stop me from cringing with fear when Chef is around Cho Rim. He has now taken full interest in her and NOT romantically, I don’t think, but as someone he needs to keep an eye on, maybe as a collateral in case the cops every do close in on him.


Speaking of cops, argh! Are you kidding me? What the heck dudes! Whenever you are going undercover, you NEVER let people know, even if you in a public space. Their actions at the hospitals show their incompetence being detectives. But, Lt. Yeom does make up for their ineptitude as her suspicions are rightly placed and her detective radar is on high alert. So, she needs to trend the waters carefully as not to scare the prey away. I look forward to the battle of wits between her and Chef in the upcoming episodes. It will be interesting as their chemistry, not romantic, will be on fire.


Speaking of chemistry, hmm hmm! That was a nice, soft, reciprocated, not eye-opening, mouths actually moving, I saw a tongue kiss. It was sweet, soft and adorably right. The timing was perfect. I do like how Moo Gak initiated it because throughout this episode, he has been showing signs of wanting to be more than friends to Cho Rim, even though he teased her about crying or sends her on a ridiculous errand as he recuperates. One way to a guy’s heart is when the girl is crushing on is there for him emotionally and physically (not intimate) when he needs it the most. Cho Rim has been the one to open him back into the world and it is nice to feel wanted again.

We are already half way through this show and Cho Rim is beginning to have a small recollection of her past. Therefore, this will speed up the whole mystery game and I need to keep a pill of high blood medication beside me because I will need it after watching the upcoming episodes. Yikes!


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    1. Awwww….why thanks so much for the love. I really appreciate it. I will definitely try to make the blog more entertaining 👍👏 and I hope you do enjoy the show. 🙂


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