The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: The Girl Who Sees Smells: An Opportunity arises…

I have lost my soul, guys.

Moo Gak explains the meaning of the barcodes to the cops. Next, we see Chef working out his absolute body of perfection. Chef puts Baek-Kyung at the back of his car in his underground garage and goes up to attend to the cookware program staffs. The detectives check out the company of where the barcodes were used, but the company has been out of business for years. Moo Gak points out the killer made a mistake in his recent kill; Mari’s body was left with evidence, her car, other victims were not. Moo Gak goes to the comedy troupe performance. Cho Rim is the set as a stagehand holding the props the performers are using by herself. She cuts herself on a loose nail which leads the set to fall on stage. None of the performance helps her up, so she runs off the stage humiliated. Moo Gak runs after her. Moo Gak bumps into the troupe’s boss who is disappointed at him for backing out on his words. This is news to Moo Gak who now realizes that Cho Rim has been avoiding practice with him.

Girl, I think it is time to wrap it up, seems we have a long walk.
Girl, I think it is time to wrap it up, seems we have a long walk.

After following Cho Rim for a while, Moo Gak takes her out to eat her sadness out. Moo Gak’s car gets towed away, but being nice, he doesn’t move and continues to sit and watch Cho Rim ball her eyes out. He asks her why they don’t practice anymore and Cho Rim reasons that he is so busy with work and she thinks that he doesn’t have the ability to make others laugh since he is going through some emotional struggles. However, Moo Gak wants to keep doing the skit with her and investigate cases with her as well. Cho Rim is psyched. Eeek! and so am I. Chef goes to the restaurant and prepares a meal. Half way through, he sets the food on a timer and hails a cab home as he leaves his car in the restaurant. He dresses in his disguise and drives Baek Kyung’s car into a trailer parked outside his home. In the middle of nowhere, he pulls out Baek Kyung’s car and douses the body of Baek-Kyung with alcohol. He thinks back to when Baek-Kyung was still alive as he watches him through a monitor. In the video, Baek Kyung says a cryptic sentence, “a golden fish must meet a lonely man.”

Way to boost a girl's self-esteem. Pft
Way to boost a girl’s self-esteem. Pft

Back to real time, Chef calls a driver to go pick up his car from the restaurant. At the time the driver pulls out of the parking garage, one of Chef’s workers sees him, or rather, he sees Chef’s car pull out. He calls Chef who tells him he is heading home to pick up an ingredient to make a secret recipe. The whole trip should take him about an hour. Later on, the driver drops off the car by Chef, though he leaves in a random parking spot. Chef later returns back to the restaurant to continue the meal. Cho Rim arrives at work the next day, and Chef looks at her like he doesn’t recognize her. We see how he sees Cho Rim through his eye, distorted and different. When she speaks, he finally recognizes her. He tells her that he has face prosopagnosia—the inability to recognize faces. Hmmm! Interesting! He asks for Cho Rim’s help; she stays close to him so that she is able to tell him who approaches him. And I say NO, Cho Rim!


Ae Ri is accused of stealing money from her boss. So at the station, she tries to prove her innocence. However, with no evidence that she didn’t do it, she might get charged. So Moo Gak and Cho Rim decide to recreate the outing of the other employee, who denies stealing the money, as she had proof of being on a date with her boyfriend when the money went missing. They have an adorable not-so-date while trying to prove that Ae Ri is innocent. Ae Ri decides to quit her job on the spot after her boss finds out that she didn’t steal the money. She gives Cho Rim and Moo Gak a food certificate for the restaurant while not trying to be a third wheel. You sly girl! As Moo Gak and Cho Rim leave the station to use the certificate, Moo Gak spots Baek Kyung’s car in the parking lot. Baek-Kyung is really dead as Moo Gak cannot believe the mockery of death. How can Baek Kyung be dead when he is a high suspect of him being the killer—the one who killed his sister? Cho Rim freaks out, but later recovers and uses her eye detector to see the smells on Baek Kyung. He has two different smells; Soju and a different smell that she is not familiar with.

Seriously, dude! This IS NOT COOL!

The cops check CCTV camera to see how Baek Kyung’s car got into the station parking lot undetected. It turns out that the driver in the car was hired by an unknown man. He showed the cops the scene of where he was instructed to pick up the car. He assumed Baek Kyung was drunk and passed out as he drove. Luckily, there was a woman who worked around the area and saw the car randomly parked on the road on her way home. This gives the cop a clue in on how the bar code killer operates—with stealth. Chef is at the restaurant pondering what Baek Kyung meant about the golden fish and lonely man. Moo Gak along with Cho Rim comes to question his whereabouts when Baek Kyung was killed. However, Chef has a tight alibi, his assistant who saw him drive off in the parking lot at an exact time and arrive 40 minutes later, due to less traffic at night. Chef burns some of Baek Kyung’s belongings and Moo Gak goes to Baek Kyung’s clinic to get information on Baek Kyung’s storage unit place.

Guy, you really are not going to leave me here, right?
Guy, you really are not going to leave me here, right?

Heading to the storage unit, Moo Gak gets a call from Cho Rim who tells him that she is making tuna kimbap. They promise to meet in an hour as he wants to quickly wrap up the case of the night. Coincidentally, Chef is also at the storage unit of Baek Kyung’s looking for clues as to what Baek Kyung meant. He finds books titled “Golden Fish” and “Lonely Man.” Moo Gak arrives at the storage unit, but doesn’t find anything suspicious until he sees a dangling rope gently swinging. His senses are tingling, someone was here. As he tries to catch the person he suspects was at the unit, he turns into a corner and out of nowhere; Chef pops up and hits him with his shoulders. Moo Gak just stands still for a while. Though, he cannot feel the pain of being stabbed, he does see his stomach gushing out lots of blood. He lies faint on the floor as he sees the suspect walk away. Cho Rim is sitting in the park waiting for him.


I am Batman's Robin. Don't judge
I am Batman’s Robin. Don’t judge

What a gut-wrenching episode. Literally! As the cops try to wrap their investigation around this case, they are thrown back down five steps behind the killer. I knew Baek Kyung wasn’t going to be alive in this episode. There is no way Chef will keep him alive because he knows too much. However, part of me wanted Baek Kyung to turn out bad or rather work with Chef out of desperation to save his life, while in turn try to save Cho Rim’s. With Baek Kyung gone, Chef has done more than his usual killings and gone off pattern. It won’t be long before he gets caught. I was a little bit frustrated with Baek Kyung for leaving a clue for Chef.  After giving it much thought, the same clue could be Chef’s downfall. Chef is meticulous and calculative. He takes time to access and analysis his process of killings. Hence, a slip up is not what he can afford to do. Though, he does it so well, but because of the urgency, he became sloppy; leaving evidence with the victims, in the case of Mari and Baek Kyung.

Guys...this is serious oo
Guys…this is serious oo

The clue Baek Kyung left makes no sense. I assume the golden fish is Cho Rim and the lonely boy is Moo Gak. So, I guess it has to do with the girl having a police protector? Idk! Hehe! I’m just as clueless as Chef. I do love that we, the audience, are active participants in this show. First, we had to guess who the killer was based on clues/suspicions, now we have to guess what the puzzle is. Love it! So, I guess we will find out the clues together in the upcoming episodes and hope it is something that will lead to more challenge for Chef. It is super interesting how Chef has a disorder, prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness. I was like THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. He definitely killed the wrong girl based on the fact that he never actually recognized who she was, except by a name tag and it is unfortunate that the other Choi Eun Seol was the victim. Not that it not unfortunate for the Cho Rim’s Eun Seol either. It would also make sense for him to have a disability, so to speak, because other characters, Moo Gak and Cho Rim do, so it makes them an equal match in a way that they all have a “strength/weakness” to bring to the table. Now I am overly, excited and super curious as to how he picks his victims. If he doesn’t recognize who they really are, how then does he pick his victims? What is his reason for doing so? Why make them write in a journal? So far, the only two victims that we know he knows personally are Mari and Baek Kyung. Baek Kyung was an “accidental kill” and I want to believe so is Mari who maybe might have discovered his hobby.


Cho Rim and Moo Gak are definitely getting closer than being friends, so hopefully, their relationship blossoms into something more because it is deserving. It is slow and adorable just like them.

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