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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: The Girl Who Sees the Bar Code Killer


Dun! Dun! Dun! This episode was spine-chilling. I have watched shows where I know who the killer is before hand and once they are revealed to the audience in an appropriate manner, my response is I KNEW IT. It is NOT the case on this show. The reveal of who the bar code killer is was just sublime—if that is an appropriate description. The execution of how he was revealed was awesome.  Moo Gak and Cho Rim are beginning have taken a step back in order to try to evaluate what they mean to each other. Nonetheless, absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is in terms of their relationship in either in with their budding careers or friendship.


Ha! Turns out that Cho Rim has an active imagination; she hugs Moo Gak and tells him that she likes him. Unfortunately, it was just an imagination, there are no cherry blossom leaves falling, Moo Gak is still knocked out and it is beginning to rain. Cho Rim quickly enters the bus as she is in oh-he-cannot-know-I-am-crushing-on-him mode Hehe. While in the bus, she motions to him to check his hoodie. He finds the teddy bear he gave her and he quickly jumps on the bus to return it back to her. Cho Rim tells him to keep the teddy bear, but he refuses. She quickly gets off the bus and when Moo Gak accidentally presses the bear and realizes why Cho Rim returned it; the bear had the recorded message meant for Eun-Seol, his sister. Dr. Smexvil got a job offer in Senegal. As he packs up his office, he sees Cho Rim’s files and begins to connect the dots; Choi Eun-Seol. He freaks out now fully realizing that Oh Cho Rim is the real Choi Eun-Seol who was supposed to be dead. Later on, he realizes that Chef’s wine box accidentally got shipped along with his files. Chef drops by the office to get his wine box, but Dr. Smexvil explains the situation. They talk about making plans for dinner when Dr. Smexvil returns back home after a couple of years.


Cho Rim tells boss that Moo Gak won’t be her partner anymore. Her boss is a little bit upset as he tells her that she really isn’t a good comedian, especially without Moo Gak, but he allows her to stay in the group. Surprisingly, he tells Woo Ya to be her mentor. Cho Rim begins her new job in Chef’s restaurant. Dr. Smexvil decides to write a penance letter to Cho Rim explaining their previous encounter, three years ago.  His wife was a heart transplant recipient and Cho Rim had no chance of surviving. He was about speed up her death, but at the end he couldn’t do it. He sincerely apologizes of the thought of act of murder against her. However, he ends up not sending the letter as he doesn’t want to ruin her new happiness in life. His nurse accidentally packs the letter along some books. Moo Gak goes to eat at Chef’s restaurant and orders a two-for-one wine special from Cho Rim. Being a petty dude, he asks her which wine is free and which is paid. Haha! Cho Rim is about to smack the silliness from him when Chef interrupts. Chef thanks Moo Gak for clearing his name and Moo Gak apologizes for the misidentification. Moo Gak gets a call from Dr. Smexvil about meeting him later in the evening. Dr. Smexvil, whose name I should change to Baek-Kyung because he is not the killer anymore, receives the wine box delivery at Chef’s home. As Baek-Kyung opens the box to check if he got the right stuff, he cuts his thumb. Chef arrives as mailman leaves. He notices that Baek-Kyung is bleeding and offers to clean the wound, but Baek-Kyung is in a hurry.


Chef opens the box and we see that it contains Mari’s diaries. He flips to the end of the book and there is a picture of a barcode that was etched into Mari’s wrist glued inside of the book. He notices a smear of fresh blood on the picture, Baek-Kyung’s blood. Thump! That is the sound of my heart sinking. Baek-Kyung is driving at the speed of light. A flashback shows that he opened the wine box and saw the picture of the barcode on Mari’s wrist just before Chef got home. He has only one thing in his mind and that is to protect Cho Rim, especially now that she is in alive and around Chef. Baek-Kyung drives to the church where he is meeting up with Moo Gak. As he waits for Moo Gak, the church door opens. Chef! Who else heart is racing? Baek-Kyung tries to hide his fear, but Chef decides to bring out the fear as he suggests they pray first. Baek-Kyung wants to make a run for it, but the tiny Chef keeps him boxed in. Moo Gak arrives at the church, but finds it empty. Inspector Hyeok is receiving a Certificate of Excellence award due to his big break of catching the drug dealers—Moo Gak passes the credit to the Inspector. Cho Rim stops by the station to borrow some uniforms for her skit. Moo Gak wants to know when their next practice is, but Cho Rim deflects the question. Detectives Ki and Yeh chide Inspector Hyeok when he says that he didn’t get any cash reward to take them out for a treat. Suddenly, Cho Rim bumps into him and discovers the cash reward hidden underneath his cap. He is forced to take them out and Moo Gak slightly nudges Cho Rim to come along. Ah! Boy likes girl. Upon arrival at the chicken restaurant, Cho Rim sees that the chicken restaurant smells too much like ramyun. But, it is being brushed aside. When inside, they decide to drop their police title and just be on a friendly outing. They play a game of Go-Stop with Yeh and Ki as partners and Cho Rim and Moo Gak as partners, leaving Hyeok as the dealer. Hyeok is winning the game and instead of betting with money, they bet with forehead flicks. There is a lot of flicking as both teams constantly lose to Hyeok. Cho Rim cannot take the loss anymore and suggests they switch partners. It turns out that she is a good player, well she can see her opponents bluffs based on their scents Ha-ha! What a cheater! Her team wins and Moo Gak has the honors of punching the losers. Haha! Detective Ki brings up the topic of how Detective Yeom is a party pooper as she didn’t join them for their outing. Inspector Hyeok defends her as he tells them that her father’s death anniversary is today. He used to be in the police force, but he was killed when she was young in the line of duty. The story seems to resonate more to Moo Gak.


Once outside, Detective Ki notices that the building structure looks bigger on the outside than on the inside. As they are talking about secret doors and taking pictures, an old lady carrying a basket passes by them. Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that she sees lot money coming from the restaurant, but wonders how it is possible when the restaurant barely has customers. Moo Gak informs his superiors about his suspicions. They call for back up and they catch that the owners of the restaurant are dealing in gambling. As people are scrambling to run, Cho Rim gets knocked down. Moo Gak sees this and is quickly at her aid. At the station, the restaurant owner asks how the police knew about the gambling and Moo Gak comes up with a quick explanation that actually makes sense. Hehe! He voluntarily gives credit to Inspector Hyeok again. That evening, Cho Rim sees Moo Gak waiting for her; she quickly fixes herself and spray a nice smelling perfume. Moo Gak hands her red bean cake and claims it is from Inspector Hyeok. He decides to have the talk with her; he tells her that he doesn’t want her to get involved with the investigation. As he tries to explain, Cho Rim interrupts him and tells him that this is the first time that she feels useful. What people deem as a sign of a monster, she sees it as a blessing and as an opportunity to make a difference. Moo Gak feels that the line of work is dangerous, but before he can go on she says, “You can protect me when I’m in danger.” This stuns Moo Gak as he looks like he is frozen in ice. She gets up and leave like a boss while he is still sitting there grasping for words to say.


The next day, Detective Yeom puts a travel ban on Baek-Kyung when Moo Gak got information from his nurse that Baek-Kyung has left the country. However, there is no sign of him leaving the country as he never boarded the plane. Chef is making lunch, but he puts out two plates. Before the arrival of Moo Gak at his home, he is eating just from one plate. Moo Gak arrives at his place to ask him questions about Baek-Kyung’s whereabouts. Chef acts surprise and he shows Moo Gak the box of books that Baek-Kyung mailed to him; the same box that contains the letter he never sent to Cho Rim. At the station, Detective Yeom and Moo Gak discuss how weird it is that Baek-Kyung never got on the plane and told everyone he knew that he was leaving the country. Detective Yeom decides to put him on the wanted list.


Moo Gak meets Cho Rim at a fan meeting. Cho Rim shows Moo Gak how the signature she just obtained from her idol, can be read upside down. However, he is too irritated to listen and gives her a package he actually bought. Hehe! It is not a package full of cute teddies. HA! Cho Rim calls the shipping company to check the barcodes; Moo Gak looks at the signature and an idea begins to form. At the precinct, Moo Gak looks at the barcode and flips it upside down. He gives a presentation to his team about how the barcodes are similar to the ones found on books. In order words, the next book/victim can be predicted based on the patterns.


Chef is preparing two meals again. He takes an elevator to his underground library and gets out a book from his drawer. On the cover of the book has the name Chun Baek-Kyung and dates December 23, 1980 to March 7, 2015. Yep, if I didn’t hint at it earlier, he IS the bar code killer. Just as Moo Gak predicts the meaning of the barcode numbers, Chef is making a barcode with of his next victim, Baek-Kyung. Chef puts the book next to a collection of books of his previous preys as if it is a series of his autobiographies.



I am still shaking the creepiness of Chef being the killer. I hinted previously why he is the killer, but with the reveal it gives that closure of realizing who the killer is. Oh, it was fun knowing Baek-Kyung, aka Dr. Smexvil. He doesn’t really have much luck on his side, from being a misunderstood suspect to a victim. And here I was beginning to like him after his reveal of his encounter with Cho Rim in the past. Let’s just pause for a moment of silence for him.

If we are to see Baek-Kyung again, it would be through flashbacks.  There is no way that Chef will let him live because he knows too much. Baek-Kyung was an unfortunate victim and random killing. Due to this, he has disrupted Chef’s pattern of how he kills, hence, this might be his downfall. As meticulous as he is, there is no way he can get away with this recent murder because he has somehow made a slip or there will be a witness.


Though, being a serial killer is not cool, I do like how Chef is one and he just owns it. We do not know anything about him for us to feel like he is killing out of vengeance. So far, we just know that he is bad to the bone and from the way he smirked at the end, he is proud of it. He gets a thrill from his killings as he calculates his moves. However, I just want to know the reason why. All his victims so far are at random; there are not related to each other, except Mari and Baek-Kyung. Hmm, a theory just popped into my head. Mari was also an “accidental” death. I would say that she found out about his killings/thrill and everything she knew she wrote down in her diaries. He found out and killed her. Her death wasn’t “planned” as well. We are seeing hints of his slipups, the dairies and the wine box and also the time of killing. He usually kills two victims every year. So this year, is going to three. That is one more than previous and more reason why he needs to think of a real clever way to cover up his tracks fast.


Cho Rim took a back sit in this episode. I mentioned previously, that she needed to take a step back to figure out her life and that is what she is doing. The fact that she is keeping Moo Gak out of the loop on her skit shows that she is trying to make it on her own and get recognized without being known as an errand girl or Moo Gak’s side partner. I respect that; however, it might be best to let him know as compared to keeping Moo Gak in the dark.

Moo Gak! Moo Gak! He can be petty if he wants to, but with good intentions though. Hehe. Even though he is still hurting from the past, he is in a way healing. Being around Cho Rim pushes him out of his comfort zone and makes him care about those around him. He has softened up from his previous days of wanting to be a super detective to someone who does want justice, but seeing the other side of the coin as well. Cho Rim doesn’t realize that Moo Gak wanting to be part of the skit helps open him up again to a world that is different from a brutal and injustice one. Cho Rim shutting him out from being her partner can shut him down, however, he seems like he doesn’t want to be. He seems like he wants to be free from what is holding him down and the only way for him to do that is to be a petty baby. Hehe.


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