The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5: The Girl Who Sees Justice


Cho Rim sees Moo Gak smiling with Detective Yeom. Disappointed, she leaves without been seen and walks home feeling dejected. While eating her sadness away and enjoying a gag show on TV, Cho Rim gets a call from Moo Gak who rightly guessed that she is eating ramyun and watching TV. Ha-ha. Cho Rim meets Moo Gak in the park all dolled up and Moo Gak chews her out for keeping him waiting, but he does notice her all dressed up. Boy, please. Just appreciate her effort. Ha-ha. He takes her to a chicken restaurant to practice their skit. The skit is about a country man who doesn’t know his way in Seoul. The skit is so believable that someone had to foot their bill along with a message to not give hope. Ha-ha. Awesome! The next day, Detective Tak is being led away in handcuffs for being an accomplice in his brother’s crime. He feels appreciative to Moo Gak being caught. They share a solemn goodbye as Detective Tak enjoyed his short time working with Moo Gak.


Detective Yeom is now reassigned to the team and she tells everyone to get back to the thinking board of finding the bar code killer. Detective Ki, the one with the Russian girlfriend, Detective Ye, the one who thinks he knows fashion and Moo Gak pull up into a restaurant parking lot. Detective Ki is super anal about his newly bought used car; Moo Gak cannot take the ridiculousness anymore, so he steps out of the car. As soon as Moo Gak is out of the car, a body drops on Ki’s car roof. That is more than a scratch. Moo Gak looks up and sees Chef’s looking over the edge of the roof. A flashback to 10 minutes earlier, people are in line to try out Chef’s new restaurant. He warmly greets Cho Rim and as he is about to entertain her, he notices that people are complaining about being not served.


Though, he is not the chef of his restaurant, but as the owner, he takes charge in the kitchen. The head chef, chef Hong, is on the roof to pick some herbs. Curiously, Chef heads to the roof and at the moment he reaches the roof, he sees head chef Hong dangling over the edge of the roof. We see a pair of legs behind the door as Chef was on the roof. But, he is seconds too late as chef Hong broke his fall on Detective Ki’s car. As Chef is about to make a run for it, Moo Gak and Detective Ye are on the roof to make an arrest to the only suspect on the roof. With the restaurant in commotion, Chef is led away in handcuffs. Cho Rim who is a bystander gets bumped into by a man who acts shifty. The cops questions Chef to know his association with chef Hong, but Chef clams up and suggests for his lawyer. Cho Rim goes into investigation mode and notices that the man who bumped into her has the same smell as chef Hong. Hence, she chases after the real killer.


At the station, Moo Gak and Ye watch how Chef’s lawyer is also is personal assistant when Moo Gak gets a call from Cho Rim. Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that Chef is not the real killer as he doesn’t have the same smell as the victim does. Moo Gak is buying her explanation as he basically says, seeing is believing. Ironic, dude! He tells Cho Rim not to investigate the case again as the killer is already apprehended. Moo Gak hands a drink to Chef telling him that our Cho Rim doesn’t want to make him [Chef] uncomfortable. Ha! Is someone feeling jealous?! Chef is still not in defense mode, so Moo Gak tells him that his home will be searched until they find something to clear his name—if he is not guilty that is. Chef gives his permission for Cho Rim to take of Moochi. She goes to pick up Moochi when she comes across boxes of wine. What is strange is that the boxes have Mari’s scent on it, but since Mari and Chef used to date, it is nothing out of the ordinary.


On her way, Cho Rim runs into Dr. Smexvil. Dr. Smexvil goes into Chef’s home and through a flashback; Dr. Smexvil meets up with Chef at the station. Chef wants Dr. Smexvil to hide some accounting books that are kind of illegal regarding his restaurant so that the police don’t find it. Dr. Smexvil drinks a cup of water before he goes to get the books which are hidden in the same wine box stacks that Cho Rim saw. He takes it back to his office. The cops are looking for any evidence as well as Mari’s diaries since a diary key was found in her stomach. Cho Rim is still doing her investigation on the herb scent she saw on the killer, when the killer rode past her on his bicycle. She chases after the killer into an alley house. The killer corners Cho Rim and pulls out a blurred knife and chases after Cho Rim. Cho Rim quickly texts Moo Gak to help before she runs into a storage room to hide. The killer finds her and is about to kill her when she sees Moo Gak’s ice crystal scent. Moo Gak calls for her, but the killer silences her, but our detective knows better than as he kicks down the door and engage in a hand-to-hand combat with the killer. Unfortunately, the killer got away. Moo Gak goes back to the storage to see a fear-stricken Cho Rim on the floor. He gently leads her out of the room.


Later, he yells at her for going after the killer when she is no cop. When he sees a cut on her leg, he gets more frustrated. Cho Rim yells back that the real killer needs to be caught so that Chef can be free of the crime he did not commit. She gives Moo Gak a herby rice cake and tells him about the scent. Moo Gak just orders Cho Rim to stay out of the case, though he takes her investigation into consideration and heads back to the station.
Cho Rim notices floral scents coming off her jacket, a scent from when the killer seized her. She runs after Moo Gak to tell him about the scent. Moo Gak hands her a bag of medication to treat her wound. But being sly, she sits so that Moo Gak can apply the medication. Ha-ha. Moo Gak tells her to stop the investigation and policing in general, but he would still help her with her skit. The detectives take what is necessary at Chef’s house. Detective Hyeok notices the boxes of wine, though now two instead of three, but sees nothing incriminating inside.


At the station, the detectives still thinks that Dr. Smexvil is the bar code killer suspect. It turns out that dr. Smexvil had a wife about two and half years ago who died from a heart diseases while in Jeju. He had to quit his practice in Seoul and move to Jeju for a cleaner environment for himself and his wife. Jeju is the keyword for Moo Gak as he brings up the connection of the sea divers (Cho Rim’s parents) who were killed in Jeju three years ago. Moo Gak is sent to investigate Dr. Smexvil. So off he goes to the hospital in Jeju.
In Jeju, Moo Gak sees a street vendor selling teddy bears and he thinks back to the time his sister and himself were at the island for visit. He pays a visit to his is sister burial alter with flowers and a recording teddy and remembers again the times of their trip. He later heads out the hospital to get more info on Dr. Smexvil. He discovers that that Dr. Smexvil, whose recent trip aligns on the day that Mari went missing, was looking into a patient’s file, Choi Eun Seol. That name sounds familiar as he asks to look at the files. He sees that the birthday of both girls are not the same, meaning that the girls just have the same name. Hmm?!


Moo Gak goes back to Seoul and gives his two cents on chef Hong’s killer. Turns out that chef Hong and the killer used to be in marijuana deals. However, chef Hong wanted out. The killer is not having it, hence he kills chef Hong. The killer is charged with drug possession and killing chef Hong. Chef is released. Moo Gak reports his findings about Dr. Smexvil to Detective Yeom. Cho Rim returns Chef’s dog and to his appreciation for her believing in him, he makes a steak dinner. Moo Gak looks at his sister files and Choi Eun Seol’s files to compare when Detective Yeom walks in and reveal to him that the divers’ daughter might be the only witness who saw the bar code killer’s face. Cho Rim and Chef do some talking and it leads to Cho Rim getting to work for Chef part time while she finds her footing as a comedian. Moo Gak has finally solved the puzzle of a mistaken identity. He is so enraged that he storms into Dr. Smexvil’s clinic and accuses him of killing his sister. Luckily, Detective Yeom is there to bring him back to earth and tells him not to jeopardize the case due to his personal connection on the case.


Cho Rim sees Moo Gak’s scent as she walks home. Moo Gak curiously asks about her whereabouts. Hehe. He hands her a teddy bear and tells her it was a buy-one-get-one-free special. Pft! He is in a sour mood, so Cho Rim offers that they go drinking. At the restaurant, he is drinking more than he should. Cho Rim notices that something is on his mind. Moo Gak carefully strokes her head, which clearly affects her, but it gets unromantic when he tells her that she has soup on her head. She runs out to make a call to her buddy Ae-Ri and spills out a bunch of hypothetical questions. Ae-Ri flat out guesses what she is hinting at. Hehe. Cho Rim goes back inside and sees Moo Gak passed out. She presses the teddy he gave her earlier and the message turned out to be for Choi Eun Seol, his sister. The restaurant is about to close, so Cho Rim is left to handle to passed out Moo Gak. Moo Gak is sleeping on her lap under a cherry blossom tree when a petal falls on his cheek. As not to disturb him, she tries to carefully blow the petal away when Moo
Gak suddenly wakes up and sees her looking at him.


This was a marvelous episode. Though it looks like Dr. Smexvil might be the killer, this episode disproves that theory. With the hints, it is just too easy to make him the killer or an accomplice to a killer. It might be that he was at the right place at the wrong time when Choi Eun Seol was killed, being a doctor and all. I would safely assume that he was trying to save her life when he saw her bleeding. As for Chef, I still have my suspicion of him, but for now, it just feels like he is just a guy with a case of serious bad luck. I know I am going to sound counterintuitive, but here is my theory on why Chef is the bar code killer or is working with the bar code killer.

First, no new characters are being introduced for us to look elsewhere. That was doe a while back in episode 4, but it was quickly resolved, which means that the police needs to be extra alert since there is a chance of another copy cat killing. Second, Chef is still mysterious, and calculative. He is picking his battles. He could have easily disproved the idea of him being the killer of Chef Hong, instead, he decides to be clam up. Okay, on that note, he was wise to wait on his lawyer, but even with the lawyer present, he did not try to defend his case. Therefore, this shows that he is testing the police field. He is watching his prey to know exactly when to strike and not get caught. Third, as I mentioned previously, his whole body build perfectly fits the physique of the killer. Lastly, he is just offbeat; with the way he reacted with Mari’s death was totally not a normal response. I said previously that people react differently, but the feeling of her death felt too callous for him; like he was putting on a show for an audience. Though, I would say seeing Chef Hong was a different surprise for him. In all case, my theories can be wrong because this show so far has been keeping us glued to each case for us to build assumptions on who a killer might be and their reasoning behind the killings. Like I said earlier, the cases are not too absurd for us to suspend beliefs and they are not too serious for us to suspend belief as well.

Moo Gak and Cho Rim are really building up their chemistry and this is due to the actors portraying their characters. There is a sense of innocence behind their actions, though; they are both fully aware of their charged feelings when they are with each other. Even though they are  inactively displaying their fondness for each other, they are first building a relationship of trust and understanding with one another. They both depend on each other for comfort which is something that one needs more than the other. Moo Gak wants to keep Cho RIM safe because he has begun to care for her as a person he deems important in his life.

It feels like Cho Rim should quit her dream of becoming a comedian and becoming a police-hound, so to speak, but that shouldn’t be the case. I do see her taking an interest of being an investigator in order to clear the names of the injustice; however, there was a person who had dreams before she could see smells. I want her to fully explore her potentials, a comedian and an investigator, but not get rid of one to fulfill to become the other because people are telling her so. She is someone who can hold her own ground so it would be nice to see her transition of her choice and purpose in life, regardless of what she chooses.

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