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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4: The Girl Who Sees Moo Gak


At the station, while Moo Gak is about to explain his theory on the bar code case, drunken Cho Rim enters the room and disrupts the conversation. Detective Yeom looks like she is seeing a ghost as she compares an old picture of Eun-Seol/Cho Rim. However, before she can put the pieces together, Moo Gak apologizes for his friend’s, Cho Rim, behavior. Detective Yeom takes that explanation for now and leaves Moo Gak to handle his drunken friend. As Cho Rim lays down, Moo Gak comes in with a drink, when he is about to relax, Cho Rim had a random sleepwalking session in the office and ends up resting her head on Moo Gak’s lap. It is not what it reads like  Moo Gak is taken off guard, but he gently rests her head on a pillow.


Next day, Cho Rim wakes up and sees four creepy eyes watching her sleep. Both parties are naturally freaked out about the situation, but Moo Gak quickly comes in to diffuse the situation. Now that Cho Rim is sober, she remembers that her dream of becoming a comedian is now dead, due to Moo Gak’s no show. She is so mad at Moo Gak that she punched him twice. Oh, he cannot feel any pain. Now she is furious at that. She tells him that their relationship is over now that she doesn’t need him anymore. You can see that this left a stinging mark on Moo Gak. The scene changes to a dark hooded figure inscribing a bar code on the forearm of a dead person.


Moo Gak goes to the comedy troupe leader to try to get Cho Rim back into the program. The only way for that to happen is if Moo Gak makes him laugh. According the troupe group, no one has been able to make the boss laugh. At a random, the boss laughs his ass off.  It seems like Moo Gak is able to do it, though he shows his deadpan facial expression while the boss cracks up louder which is hilarious. I guess Cho Rim is back into the group when she gets a call from her boss. Now she feels bad for yelling at Moo Gak and sucker punching him.  In order to apologize, she drops by the station with energy drinks. Moo Gak blatantly ignores her. So, she uses the opportunity to get on the good side of Moo Gak’s superiors and even offer to perform a comedy skit in the station. But, green is a ugly color on Moo Gak disbands that idea. He argues with Cho Rim that he was the one who got her job back, but she counters his arguments. But, don’t worry; they are back in the game again as partners. Oh, is that a smile I see, Moo Gak? So cute!


They take their hungry stomachs to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Ha! The waiter is crossed at the amount plates of sushi Moo Gak has eaten. They had a funny moment where Cho Rim tried to trick Moo Gak eating wasabi, but it backfired on her! The next day, a jogger spots a dead man lying on the bench at the park. Detective Tak or nice detective is first to arrive at the scene, though detective Yeom is surprised to see him there first. After examining the body, they see a bar code etched on the forearm. This is the same guy whose forearm was being etched into. Moo Gak and Cho Rim are at the site of crime, but Cho Rim is behind the police tape doing her own investigation. Turns out that the victim’s clothes are producing different smells; a person usually has one smell on them. Detective Yeom thinks that it is a copy cat case; the victim doesn’t follow the pattern of the bar code serial killer, therefore, they need to look into the life of the victim.  The other detectives think she is absurd as the victim clearly has a bar code on his forearm; hence it is the serial killer case.


Moo Gak and Cho Rim do their own private investigation on the victim as they go to a BBQ place to check out where the strong smell on the victim came from. Hilariously, hungry Cho Rim cannot work without eating. Moo Gak lets her, but he cannot touch the meat, it is all hers. They take the investigation to a gym and find out from the coworkers that the victim owed the trainers money he borrowed. As Moo Gak is questioning the trainers, Cho Rim is stuck on an apparatus, so the gym gives her three free certificates. Hehe. Cho rim goes to visit her friend at her third job. she is always changing jobs and her friend, Ae-Ri, uses the opportunity to ask Cho Rim if she is crushing on Moo Gak due to the fact that she is always talking about Moo Gak. Oh my! Is some else’s heart racing as mine, eeeeeek! Cho Rim denies claim, but is excited when she thought that Moo Gak was at the restaurant—Ae Ri played a cruel joke on her. A cruel joke, Ae-Ri, a cruel joke. Hehe. While Cho Rim is still irritated at the joke Ae Ri played, she notices a dog run past her. She was too focused on the runaway dog that she failed to see a man coming at full speed towards her. It is Chef. He feels bad for the collision that he wants to pay for her treatment. Guess where he takes her? It is Dr. Smexvil clinic. While getting checked-up, Chef leaves to go look for his dog, while forgetting the leash. Dr. Smexvil fixes Cho Rim up, put he looks at her previous wound marks with interest. He is about to write a prescription when he notices that his ball-pen is missing.


During lunch, inspector Hyeok and the three stooges, sweet! I found a name, decide to act like Amy Adams and her posses on Mean Girls and talk smack about detective Yeom’s investigation on the copy cat case. Detective Yeom thinks that a cop is behind the copycat case because the MO of the serial killer hasn’t been released to the public yet.
Dr. Smexvil looks at an x-ray he got from Jeju Hospital and compares it to Cho Rim’s. They are an exact match. Therefore, this confirms his suspicions that Cho Rim maybe Choi Eun-Seol. Moo Gak goes back to the gym to ask more questions and a particular trainer, Andy, is highly interested in what Moo Gak has to say. Cho Rim sees Chef’s dog scent and discovers it hiding in a box. Detective Yeom send her team undercover at the scene of the crime, just in case the killer comes back to collect its evidence.
Detective Tak and Moo Gak have a funny/insulting moment in the car. Hehe.


To thank Cho Rim for finding his dog, Chef decides to cook for her and Dr. Smexvil is invited to this party. Why do I feel scared for Cho Rim at this moment? Chef’s dog/Mari’s gift to Chef, Moochi starts scratching and barking at the door that leads to the basement where Chef stores his wines. As chef and Dr. Smexvil wait for Cho Rim, Dr. Smexvil reveals to Chef that he has been waiting for the opportunity to meet with Cho Rim. This surprises Chef and he is curious. Cho Rim joins them for dinner and they give her looks that makes me uncomfortable for her. Detectives undercover did not apprehend the killer the night before because the killer didn’t show up. Inspector Hyeok, our doubting inspector, reproofs Detective Yeom on her orders to waste their time. Suddenly, detective Tak finds an expensive looking ball pen that is hidden behind the bushes. The fingerprints on the pen belong to Dr. Smexvil who is taken into custody. Dr. Smexvil insists that the pen was stolen from his office during interrogation. But, inspector Hyeok is not hearing any of it. He is too busy gloating in his head that he finally caught the bar code killer. Detective Yeom sent back to her own precinct as the serial killer case is closed. Moo Gak apologizes for giving her false leads as he believed that the killer was someone the victim knew. She too believes that the killer is someone that knows the bar code case.


Cho Rim decides to use her free gym certificate. She shares an elevator ride with Andy. She calls Moo Gak of her suspicions of Andy as he shares the same scent as Detective Tak, the smell of a baby. Moo Gak goes to the gym to arrest Andy while giving us an overview of what happened to the victim. Andy and the victim had a heated argument which led Andy to accidentally kill him. He freaks out and calls his brother, Detective Tak, to come help him. Detective Tak imitated the bar code killer and planted the pen he took from Dr. Smexvil’s office which misdirected the cops investigation. Detective Tak sees his younger brother at the station and all confessions come out. Later that evening, Moo Gak heads to the restaurant that Ae-Ri works at. She sees him and immediately calls Cho Rim. Cho Rim who is going to eat at an expensive buffet with her comedy troupe senior excuses herself. Detective Yeom is the person Moo Gak is waiting for. She hand him his new ID and password for getting into the special case files registry. This makes Moo Gak so ecstatic beyond comprehension that he smiles gratefully. Cho Rim comes into the restaurant to find him smiling and in front of a woman as well.


It is official. Cho Rim likes Moo Gak and Moo Gak likes Cho Rim. Though he doesn’t know it yet, because he thinks she is just like a younger sister, but the way he gets jealous when other men dotes on her or when she pays attention to them, you can see Moo Gak go Hulk. Hehe. Oh! Why can’t you figure out your feelings, Moo Gak!  At this point, Cho Rim is now in tune with her feelings. Even though Ae-Ri tried to get her to admit her feeling, Cho Rim seeing Moo Gak genuinely laughing with another woman makes her feelings come out. It is not that she is jealous per say, it is just that he is able to actually laugh with someone else than her and that is heartbreaking for a girl who is crushing on you.


Even though, I do want them to be an item, I like the slow progress of their friendship. Moo Gak is still not ready to be in relationship because he has a past that he needs to resolve. I would say the same for Cho Rim, but she doesn’t know who she was, so her past started three years ago and within the three years, she has formed a future that she thinks will not affect her past.


Speaking of pasts, it seems that it is going to catch up real soon with the present. Previous episodes gave rise our suspicions that Dr. Smexvil was one of the killers, however, in this episode; I don’t think that it is possible. I do believe that he is looking into his own investigation into Cho Rim, not as the killer, but as a protector of some sorts. I want to bet my guess on Chef, but so far, he looks like a victim as well, even though he acts doubtful. So far, no new character is being introduced that will misdirect our suspicions, but let’s see what happens. Knowing that this case is really getting into light now, shouldn’t Cho Rim’s dad be more careful with her. I know he is doing the whole witness protection, but he is not a cop anymore, and Detective Yeom is looking into the case. As a former cop, he should know that once a case is being reopened, it means that the killer is out to strike again. If he is protecting her, he should do a better job than claim that the past Cho Rim is dead.

I was a little bit surprised that the show made a cop go rouge this early in the game. I truly like detective Tak and thought that he would build a budding partnership with Moo Gak, but I guess that is not going to happen. I would say that I feel sad for his actions, but we do not know the cops characters well enough for me to feel bad for him. We are just getting to know the characters, so it was sad that they made him an accomplice to murder. I guess we don’t have our three stooges again. Ah! Back to the thinking board!


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