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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3: The Girl Who Sees Soju and Disappointment


We start off where we stopped, due to her excitement of discovery, Cho Rim was literally about to go off the cliff when Moo Gak catches her. They have their blissful moment, but reality knocked. As they separate, Moo Gak accidentally steps on Cho Rim’s favorite sunglass; this gets her upset, but grateful for the save. Mari’s car gets pulled out of the river and detective Yeom sees that she too has a bar code on her arm. Hence, the serial killer case is offical reopened. Detective Yeom is the offical lead in this case. She chooses Moo Gak to be on her team. Yay! He made detective.  Cho Rim goes home and her dad kind of reprimands her for stay out and tells her that she has gotten only seven months to get her act together, literally. She needs to make it as an actor or pursue another career.


Cho Rim’s dad, who is now a security officer, goes to work and sees Detective Yeom Mi waiting for him. She wants to know if the daughter of the divers (Cho Rim) who were found murdered is still alive. Former detective claims that she is not alive. He claims that she died while in coma. Yeom Mi doesn’t believe his bull. Detective Tak gives Moo Gak a day off so Moo Gak uses the opportunity to ask Chef some questions about his suspicions on Director Chun Baek Gyeong, aka Dr. Smexvil. Dr. Smexvil happens to be around for questioning. Though, when Moo Gak asks him about his reason for going to Jeju Island on his vacay, he gives a more smoldering look. Hmm…hey doc, those lips sure looks …oops, I cannot get carried away. On his way home, Moo Gak stops at a sunglass shops and finds out that Cho Rim wears the cheapest and the fakest sunglasses. Hehe!


Cho Rim decides to take a break while the Comedy troupes were performing. With her back turned, Dr. Smexvil walks all behind her and reaches for something in his pocket when Moo Gak interrupts. Dr. Smexvil runs and Cho Rim feels like he looks familiar. As she is tracing his scent, Moo Gak chases after Dr. Smexvil, though he didn’t see his face, but the back of his head is familiar. Cho Rim is irritated at her partner for leaving her alone after she got reprimanded by her boss. He buys her dinner just to appease her, or rather to stop listening to her scolding him. Hehe. At the restaurant, there was a small fire accident which caused an irritation on Cho Rim’s eyes. Unknown to her, her color contacts falls off and a small kid who has an awesome 20/20 vision brought attention to Cho Rim’s eyes, calling her a monster. This freaks out Cho Rim as she runs out of the restaurant sporting the new and authentic sunglasses Moo Gak got for her.


Moo Gak chases after Cho Rim to tell her that she is no monster, but an awesome and unique girl. He too is also a freak: if they are comparing superpowers, they might as well talk about their strengths and weaknesses. They take their convo to a park and discuss their tragic pasts. As fate will have it, they first met each other at the hospital, though unconscious. They take their convo again to Cho Rim’s friend’s workplace. Isn’t this her second job? Hehe Moo Gak and Cho Rim practice for their skit presentation and Moo Gak is hilarious. The next day, the cops investigate Joo Ma ri’s crime scene. The couple that accidentally hit Mari’s parked car came out to confess and brought along with them a black box video as evidence on what happened that night.


At the precinct, detective, with a Russian girlfriend, shows the room a key that was found in Mari’s stomach content. Hmm? With the new evidence in place, Moo Gak goes to meet Dr. Smexvil to ask for Mari’s records. Though it is confidential, Moo Gak is able to get it with a warrant. Moo Gak uses the opportunity to ask Dr. Smexvil more questions. Detective with a Russian girlfriend and detective who thinks is cute go to search Mari’s home. I need to look for shorter nicknames. Turns out that the key found inside Mari opens a small box where Mari keeps all of her diaries which turn out to be missing. The last person that had access to the box was Mari…and Chef.


It is audition day. As Moo Gak makes it to the audition he gets called in to check on something. So Cho Rim is about to do a solo act. Moo Gak goes to chef home to see chef doing a fire dance ritual. Turns out that what Chef is getting rid off are Mari’s clothes; they remind him of the time they fought. Err, who gave you the right to burn her clothes. What happened to donation?? Chef sure is acting suspicious. Cho Rim does a solo act and it is sad watching her trying her best to do a duo skit. This irks her boss and he fires her on the spot.


The group goes out for drinks as it was a successful audition, but when the boss saw Cho Rim, he rebukes her. He tells her that she is fired and no longer part of the group. She is now an outcast. Moo Gak is too late as Cho Rim’s sunbae tells him that Cho Rim got fired due to his lack of show. Moo Gak goes into the restaurant to see drunken Cho Rim. He tries to get her home, but that hilariously failed. So, he results to a piggyback ride home  so cute this two. Though, he does get her home, she is too drunk to tell him the exact house. But in her drunken stupor, she is able to utter words that trigger a clue for Moo Gak in the recent bar code case. Moo Gak takes Cho Rim to the precinct. He sees detective Yeom burning the light candle. As he is about to speak on the case, our drunk Cho Rim interrupts them. Her entrance surprises Detective Yeom as she looked like she had just seen a ghost.

This episode kicked up the suspicion towards chef and Dr. Smexvil. I want to believe that Dr. Smexvil is acting suspicious due to the fact that he is looking into something and not the real killer?? However, I cannot say that for chef. He looks too suspicious to be innocent. I don’t know what to say. I am too confused. On one hand the physical build of Cho Rim’s killer resembles Chef, the slim muscular structure and just the way he walks. On the other hand, Dr. Smexvil is too big and broad. Then again one can lose weight with in three years. Hehe I do like how the show is making us guess and it is keeping us on our toes as the story unfolds. It is not too complicated, but not to cheesy for us to not take it seriously. The only beef i got is with inspector Hyeok. Now that Moo Gak is promoted i do hope he doesn’t give him a hard time. I was trying to find the reason why he was really adamant on Moo Gak not becoming a detective and i cannot find any reason except that he plays favoritism and he knows potential when he sees it. He sees Moo Gak going really far in the academy,  but he wants to stop that from happening,  even though he knows that they need a smart guy on the team. Man! Haters gonna hate.


Anyways, I love how Cho Rim and Moo Gak are finding comfort in each other. Without sharing their past, they were able to relate to each other, but now that they know of their past, they now have something in common to share. They are finding friendship and companion in each other. Not that they didn’t have that before, but now it is more defined between them. Also, it is really sad to see present Moo Gak to be passive and empty. Judging from his skit, it can be assumed that he used to be a fun guy, who was full of life. So it is really sad to see that he has lost that ability to be joyful. However, being in this skit with Cho Rim is bringing that side of him, even though we see a minute or glimpse of the old Moo Gak.


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