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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 2 Recap

I am going start giving each episode a title that describes my feeling for each emotions, that way, the title says it all.

Episode 2: “The Girl Who Sees Cloud 7”

In a flashback, we see how Moo-Gak dotes on his sister, Choi Eun-Seol as he treats her like his own daughter, since they have only each other. In the present, Moo Gak is still in shock as he turns around, with tears in his eyes, to look at Cho-Rim. As he tries to utter a word, Cho-Rim figures that he needs her name in order to be detailed with the information of getting the estimate of the car. At home, Moo Gak thinks back to when he saw his sister dead and swears to kill the person that killed his sister. At work, Hyeok, the major crimes squad detective is chewing out Moo Gak for apprehending the hair salon robber. All Moo Gak wants to do is prove his worth that he can become a detective. Hyeok gives up on Moo Gak tenacity and hands a 10 year old case file and tells him to solve the case in 10 days. If not, he should give up on becoming a detective on the squad. Of course, the case is impossible as Moo Gak colleagues tell him that the case was never solved. While Moo Gak is eating his frustration away, he gets a text from Cho Rim about the car estimate.

2 tgwss 1

Speaking of Cho Rim, her boss sees her trying to go fix the wrecked car at the shop rather than practice for the upcoming audition routine. He indirectly tells her that she should be onstage practicing, rather than being an errand girl. He is going to kick her out of the group, since he sees that she is not taking this seriously. But, Cho Rim tells him that she already has her skit down and a partner ready, though he is not in the comedy troupe group. Yea, she lied as she freaks out on where to find a partner who will present the skit the next day for the director. At the shop, a desperate Cho Rim asks the mechanic if he can be her partner, yea, not happening. So she gets a light bulb moment when she remembered, how Moo Gak adopted a hilarious saturi accent when she had to disguise herself as a boy to go into the men’s dressing room to apprehend the hair salon robber. Guess she found her partner. ☺

2 tgwss 2

This brings us back to the text Moo Gak gets as he ignores her until she threatens to report him for hit and run. When Moo Gak gets to the same café there were at the night before, he almost slipped, but he was able to catch his fall hilariously and Cho Rim sees the golden moment to solidify her reason of him becoming her partner. Moo Gak goes straight to the point, “how much is the car repair estimate?” But, Cho Rim is not about to show all her cards, so she asks Moo Gak to be her partner for the skit, if he agrees, she pays for the repairs. He is not fazed by that as he would rather just pay for the estimate and be done with their interaction. He smirks at her idea of becoming a comedian and Cho Rim gets offended by this. She storms out of the café. As she leaves the café in a fit, Moo Gak texts Hyeok, the detective, that the case is too hard and impossible to solve. However, he accidentally sends the texts to Cho Rim. She seizes this opportunity and tells him that she would help him solve the case if he helps her out.

2 tgwss  3

Famous Chef Jae Hee just arrived in Korea and makes a phone call asking if Mari is found. Moo Gak puts Cho Rim to a series of hilarious tests to test her ability of actually seeing smells. She told him that she way she was able to find the hair salon robber and know the types of food he ate was because she was able to see them, rather than smell them. It is already evening so Cho Rim and Moo Gak call it a day as they wait for the bus. Cho Rim gives Moo Gak a notebook of skits she wrote. He is to pick one skit, memorize and practice it before the next day. By the by, he should not reveal her secret as Smell Eyes. Really need a good superhero name for her.  A good looking woman is screaming for help in a locked room that is installed with cameras recording her.

2 tgwss 4

The next day, a new detective arrives in town, detective Yeom Mi is at the precinct to give a presentation to Major Crimes and Search Units Squad on resent abduction and major crimes cases that are linked. Moo Gak sneaks into the presentation. The beautiful lady who was screaming is Mari, who is the same person famous chef is searching for and a bell boy. These people have nothing in common and so do other victims who always show up dead 7 days later after they have been reported missing. The victims that go missing are found dead around this time of the year and are later found dead by asphyxiation. What they also have in common is a bar code that is etched on their forearm by the killer. So it looks like this is a serial case. Moo Gak asks a question, “Can’t y’all try to read the bar codes on each case, dur?” This question piques Yeom Mi’s interest and Hyeok gets super mad for Moo Gak’s interruption.  Detective Tak or nice detective comes into the Hyeok’s office as he is reprimanding Moo Gak and says that Mari’s recent phone records has been to the same person.

2 tgwss 5

Nice detective takes Moo Gak along for the ride and they end up at the clinic Moo Gak got his treatment at. The doctor who Mari kept contacting is on vacation and he doesn’t own a cell phone. Let’s play the guess game of who the doc is? That’s right, Doc. Smexvil, who by the way is secretly watching Cho Rim as she hands out flyers for the upcoming comedy troupe show. Cho Rim and Moo Gak meet up to begin their investigation to look for Mari. Cho Rim sees Mari’s perfume and notices that it is custom-made brand. As they head to Mari’s modeling agency, Cho Rim asks in Moo Gak is ready. He says he selected the shortest skit, but to Cho Rim, it is the funniest skit. As they get to the modeling agency, Cho Rim sees that chef Jae Hee is wearing the same smell as Mari. Moo Gak jumps on chef Hee and demands to know where Mari is. He is getting his cop on when the other two major crimes detective stop Moo Gak from harassing Mari’s secretive boyfriend/famous chef. Chef Hee has been in the US for a week so he definitely cannot be Mari’s killer?! Chef Hee wonders how Moo Gak knows his connection with Mari and as Moo Gak looks around to see his partner, she is gone. Mari is still alive, screaming for help.

2 tgwss  6

Moo Gak sees Cho Rim at the troupe center and they practice their skit, though Moo Gak is still heavily focused on the case, while Cho Rim just wants to practice. Hehe. They perform their skit and Moo Gak does put on a good show. Her boss does like the performance, but he wants Cho Rim to write a stronger material or she would end up being last at the auditions. It has been 7 days since Mari’s disappearance, and there is no indication of her death, so it is ruled that maybe she is not missing at all, and just in hiding. However, there is a recent credit card activity on Mari’s card so they trace the activity being used at a motel. Moo Gak hilariously follows the major crime squad detectives to the motel. Upon reaching the motel, Moo Gak takes it upon himself to be the bad cop as he arrests the guy with the Mari’s credit card. The guy claims that he found the credit card on the floor and takes the cops to the place where he found the card.

2 tgwss  7

The detectives wants Moo Gak to take the wallet that was found to the station to get it tested, and who best to know the nature of the wallet that our superhero Smell Eyes. She concludes that the wallet was in the water and there are dog traces on it. Moo Gak takes this information to major squad crime detectives and they laugh at his ridiculous conclusion. Hyeok is so mad at Moo Gak that he tells Moo Gak never to appear in front of him again. That evening, Cho Rim has dinner with bossy sunbae Oh Ya, who has the same wallet as Mari. Only hers is a knockoff. Oh Ya explains that the wallet is not made from leather, but from cloth because the designer is an animal lover. Hence, the leather smell that Cho Rim saw on Mari’s wallet must have come from someplace else. She calls Moo Gak with this new discovery.

2 tgwss 8

Moo Gak and Cho Rim investigate the leather factory in the countryside, while the major crime squad searches the mountains. The factory owner tells Moo Gak that there was a pipe leaks 2 days back, so that caused waste to flow into the river. Hence, if Mari’s wallet was in water, it could have picked up the leather scent. So off they walk by the river. After a couple of cute bickering, Moo Gak sees broken car headlights and based on the road direction, he concludes that it looks like a car was just parked while another incoming car hit the standstill car. Cho Rim stops in her tracks as she sees Mari’s scent going down the river.



Can this drama get a better? Can it? I officially like, like it. It is funny, mysterious and just so natural the way the characters come out. I like that we don’t dwell too much on something as a character actually says what we are thinking. For example, after the skit, Moo Gak asked himself a question, why doesn’t the medium know that Mari is dating Chef Hee? For someone famous, she really is super secretive. Or why wasn’t chef Hee angry or disturbed by Moo Gak jumping him and accusing him of kidnapping Mari. I want to give the benefit of the doubt that people have different ways of expressing a loss, but he comes off too suspicious for that assumption. Doc Smexvil is really giving villains a run for their money on the best smolder/creepy eyes. By being surprised or caught off guard when he saw Cho Rim is making us believe that he is a killer, but that conclusion cannot be made yet because we do not know much about him except him giving off a weird vibe.

2 tgwss  9

Therefore, it feels like there are two serial killers in play. They both have different methods of killing, but have one thing in common and that is to brand people in numbers. For instance, Cho Rim’s parents were killed in their homes and their bodies went missing for days until it got discovered in the beach. Then, we have the case of Mari where she is being watched before she gets killed. Even detective Yeom Mi, a strong female officer has a story to tell. I like that she doesn’t look too domineering, yet she knows how to hold her ground in the midst of hormone raging men. In all, I just like how Moo Gak questions everything around him, this is one of the characteristics he possess which is his alertness to little details and his curiosity and it feels like the characteristics are offset due to his sister’s death.




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