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The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 1 Recap

The Girl Who Sees Smell is a drama I see myself investing in. I really don’t have prelimnaries except if I have a lot to say, but since this is the first episode, I will just jump into recaps.

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We start off with a student, Choi Eun-Seol/Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se-Kyung) coming back from school in the evening. Cho Rim texts her mom, on her way home, to prepare some noodles. Unknown to Cho Rim, there is a killer in the house and both parents are definitely dead. Eun-Seol enters her home and she stands face to face with the killer. Luckily, for her, she is able to get away from the grasp of the killer as the wall clock strike 10pm. The sound of the clock and that time feels like a foreshadow coincidence. Unfortunately, she gets hit by a car as she runs into the street, but she is able to still see the killer lurking in the dark as he watches her die. At the same time of the accident, we see another student, Choi Eun-Seol (Kim So-Hyun) who calls her brother that she had been in an accident. Her brother, Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoo-Chun) a marine biologist, goes to the hospital to check on little sis. On his way to her hospital bedside, he bumps into a cute, yet mysterious doctor who is covered in blood. As he gets to Eun-Seol’s bed side, he sees a pool of blood and a slashed neck.



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7 days later, accident Eun-Seol’s parents are found by the beach, the detective in charge of the case, Oh Jae-Pyo (Jung In-Gi) sees a bar code inscribed on their arm and it looks like this is a series case. 193 days later, Eun-Seol/ Cho-Rim wakes up from coma and is greeted with a new special power and should be known as Smell Eyes. That is a bad name, I will think of some other’s cool names. ☺ . She naturally freaks out, but as time passes by, she accepts her coolness, even though people around her are naturally afraid of a one green-eyed girl. Oh and she doesn’t remember who she was, but all she knows is that detective Jae Pyo is her real father…he adopted her.

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As time goes on, so does the new Cho Rim gets super accustomed to her new powers and she uses it for good and not evil. Moo Gak is in a neighborhood supermarket on his day 5th day stake out, looking for a wanted robber. While he waits patiently, his stomach is not as he eats about 5 bowls of noodles, all scalding hot—I am emphasizing on the hotness of the food. His tongue will not thank him if he was normal, but he is not. Anyways, t
he robber comes in and Moo Gak tries to be a cool cop, by doing some cool moves, only that he ends up passing out as he tries to apprehend the robber due to his body giving out from exhaustion. This doesn’t sit well for Major Crimes Squad detective, Kang Hyeok (Lee Won-Jong) who is furious at Moo Gak for interfering with the big boys case. He tells Moo Gak to give up his pursuit of becoming a detective, but it looks like Moo Gak will not heed that advice.

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Cho Rim works at a comedy troupe in hopes of becoming a comedian, a famous one at that. Haha! We get a special guest, RUNNING MAN, in their first drama cameo. Even though Cho Rim wants to study to be a comedian, her senior colleagues treat her as an errand girl, rather than a member of the group. Though, she is not happy to be an errand girl, she still does it with optimism and her boss takes note of her “work.” The next day, she gets sent on an errand, but this time, she is told to drive there. As bad as a driver she is, she is able to get to the place in one piece, but that is not the same case for Moo Gak. As Cho Rim tries to drive out of the parking lot, she comes in the way of a chase, between Moo Gak and a hair salon robber. Let’s say Moo Gak got the short end of the stick as he bumps into the car which sends him flying hard. With a popped out shoulder, that doesn’t stop Moo Gak to drive NOT Cho Rim’s car in pursuing the robber. With a damaged car, they reach a mall where the robber tries to hide himself. However, with the coolness of Cho-Rim’s powers, they are able to hilariously apprehend the hair salon robber.

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Cho Rim feels bad for the accident, so she takes Moo Gak to a nearby clinic to pop his shoulders back in and offer to pay for treatment. The clinic is in the same building as a famous chef, Kwon Jae Hee (Namgung Min). After the treatment, the doctor is amazed that Moo-Gak is still kicking as he has lots of broken bones and 15 skull fractures. In other words, Moo-Gak’s body has amnesia as he doesn’t feel any pain whatsoever. On their way out, Moo-Gak pumps into a doctor, the same one he bumped into 4 years ago, Chun Baek-Gyeong (Song Jong-Ho) or Doc. Smexvil as I would call him. However, as he sees Cho Rim, his has a surprised/oh #%@ expression on his face. Moo Gak and Cho Rim carry their meeting to a nearby café as they discuss the car issues and her awesome powers. She horribly tries to deflect the questions of how she is able to help catch the hair salon robber. As they leave the café and go their separate ways, Cho Rim gets stopped by a random stranger and screams Choi Eun-Seol. Cho Rim claims that she is not Eun-Seol, it is just an identity mistake, but this stops Moo-Gak on his tracks as the name, Eun-Seol made him freeze in shock.


This episode is really off to an awesome start. I really was indifferent about the plot and actors, but luckily that has changed due to the way Se Kyung is portraying Cho Rim. At first, she was way too bubbly, but on the second half of the episode, she got comfortable in her role that she actually comes out natural and pleasant to watch. Another plus is the special effects. It doesn’t come out too CGI or too cheesy, but beautiful and actually unique. Each scent has its own shapes and color associations to it which makes it actually cool to see what she sees as compared to seeing random smokes. I love how the cinematography is bright and springy seeing how we are in spring; it makes it more appealing and not too dark. Every character so far is really interesting, from Moo Gak to the store clerk—who is shown twice in two different scenes, the mart and the café, to the detective who is dating a Russian chick. It feels like everyone has a story to tell and I actually want to know their story.

1 tgwss 10

So far what I like about this show is attention to detail and its consistency. The director makes sure those little things that can be easily ignored shouldn’t be. For instance, when Moo Gak almost slipped, Cho Rim made sure to avoid the same place so as not to fall, or when Mok Gak popped his shoulders and he kept running around to chase the killer, his arm was still out. It didn’t magically fix itself. Or the wall clock hitting 10pm and making the sound. That really is a foreshadow coincidence in my opinion because: 1. It was actually in the frame about three times or so 2. The time was actually shown 3. The distraction was how Eun-Seol/ Cho Rim was able to escape. Therefore, once she hears that sound that could maybe bring back the sad memories and maybe help catch the killer. In all, I am even interested in the killer’s motive of murdering Cho Rim’s real parents and as well as the detective who adopted her. Why did he do that? Why was he so shocked when he saw the bar codes on the parents forearm? Why did the killer kill Mok Gak’s sister? When Doc. Smexvil saw grown-up Cho Rim, why that expression? A lot of whys’ and I hope this series answers them later on and so far with what I am seeing with the consistency and attention to detail, it looks like we will get our answers soon enough.

Feel free to answer some of these question, peeps, I love crazy theories!




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