Korean Drama

Coming soon!

Aigoo!!!. Happy Post-Valentine Guys!


I did not forget you guys and bring in the recaps from the latest dramas I am enjoying. Issue: laptop. Your girl has been laptop-less for two months. Hope I get it soon so that I can be back in bringing the latest recaps.

Just a quick checkup for dramas:
Currently, I have kinda sorta dropped “What Happens to My Family.” I say kinda because I am still on episode 48 so I might quickly catch up to be back on track, but I am not recapping it again, just too much to catch up on as new dramas are emerging. I would, however, give the series review. Got some to say.  🙂

So far, the only drama I am fully loving (ba-da-ba-da-da, I’m lovin’ it!) is“Heart to Heart.” This drama is the (bleep) 😉 I will definitely bring in the thoughts/analysis very soon. Got lots to say on that. I will try to utilize my phone so that you guys can have different opinions.

I hear that “Healer” is good, so I will definitely checkup on it now that the series is over.

Please do recommend new dramas you think are worth my time to watch as I have been in a drama slump. Just ‘cuz H2H is hitting the right notes, doesn’t mean I have found the drama that makes you analyze as you watch and not just watching for an-service sake.

Definitely, need your feedback awesome peeps.


Mizpah GUYS 🙂


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