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“What Happens to my Family” Episode 20

Episode 20

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Kang Jae is fuming. He is so furious about the how the Kwon’s are expanding his baby daddy situation, that he says out of anger, he would end the marriage with Hyo Jin; they are not yet registered, so the marriage still isn’t valid. Yang Geum buys this threat, but dad is all apologetic and tells Kang Jae to apologize for speaking irrationally. Kang Jae is not going to bow out easily, luckily, I think, Seo Wool was there to wake him up. She pours a bucket of water on him and blames it on her clumsiness. This diffuses the hot conversation for a moment. Aunt and Kang Jae go in and  Kang Jae goes to change. Dad and Yang Geum go into the restaurant to discuss.

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Dal Bong and Seo Wool are their cute moment, when Seo Wool gets a call from Eun Ho that he is here to pick her up for work. Yea, this doesn’t sit well with Dal Bong as he accompanies them to work. Hehe, not what Eun Ho had in mind. Mum and Young Seol talk about the conversation Young Seol had with Tae Joo concerning him liking Kang Shim. She is definitely their shipper. Her husband comes in to hear the end o the conversation and he is beginning to have a funny, suspicious moment; having a idea that his wife might be having an affair. Oy vey!

20 whtmf 5


At the restaurant, Eun ho’s manager and Chef are quitting, due to “personal” reasons, but it is really his mom forcing their hand to quit so that the restaurant will go under and Eun ho will be out of wok which will lead to him working in her husband’s business. Lots of run-ons 🙂 This is not goo news to Eun Ho as his restaurant needs a chef fast. Here comes D.B. to the rescue. He knows how to make the exact sauce as the chef as the sous chef knows how to prepare EVERY MEAL, except the sauce. THE SAUCE THAT MAKES THE FOOD. roll eyes, indeed. Well, it means that D.B. will find his passion and career, soon. Aunt is putting Dal Bong’s laundry in his drawer when she comes across the suspicious money he got from his old school “friends.” She is in shock on how her nephew has come across money he cannot afford. Seol Hee is visiting the office when she over hears two staff workers talking about how Tae Joo treats Kang Shim nicely. She doesn’t like what she hears, so she storms into Tae Joo’s office. Her suspicions were alert when heard Tae Joo over the phone speaking to Kang Shim about her fixing his shower head at home. She being the landlady of his apartment. 

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Seol Hee decides to have an inappropriate conversation with Tae Joo about how dating a secretary would lower his status. She keeps on talking and still doesn’t know her place. This disturbs Kang Shim as she overhears and to add salt to injury, she tells her to know her place. Chairman Kim defends Kang Shim and says the reason they are close is because she is the landlady of Tae Joo’s home, coincidence and all 🙂 Still doesn’t satisfy Seol Hee.

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Annoying Lawyer keeps popping in the Dad’s shop and keeps asking if he had anyone to sue. They really shouldn’t be forcing the whole suing part, especially from a lawyer, makes me think he REALLY doesn’t have any clients. Young Seol sees Woo Tak and takes him to the corner to talk, her husband sees this and he begins to think of the worse…is my wife cheating?  Seo Wool is tried from working and Eun Ho notices her, well more like he keeps looking at her, harassment bro, he sends her on a meaningless errand to his office to get his phone, but in reality he wants her to take a nap from working too hard. Wish my boss was cool like that, especially since I was doozing off in her office while she was showing me an important message. She, of course, does take a nap

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Kang Shim comes over to Tae Joo’s place and tells him to disregard his feelings for her. At first, she was a little bit confused, but now she knows. Tae Joo is not having that. So he chases her around saying that he won’t throw away his feelings for her. She is adamant about not having any relations with him, you know, secretary and boss kind of relationship. She gets into a cab, he chases. How fun!

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The cool coworker of Dal Bong, who is the only one that has a line, tells Dal Bong that he needs to be watchful of his gurllllfriend. She is in Eunho’s office since noon. Eun Ho is in his office watching Seo Wool sleep, creppy, and he tries to kiss her. Seo Wool wakes up, but not to the kissing part, and is frantic about sleeping till that late. Before she leaves, Eunho says he wants to try something, KISS. That’s the only for a man and a woman to know if they have any chemistry, and I say that’s a silly way of finding out if you have chemistry with someone or not. He doesn’t kiss her, but he definitely made her heart thump. She runs out after slapping him. hehe

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Tae Joo still is not satisfied with the lame answer Kang Shim is giving about not dating, Seol Hee has no affect on her choice. Tae Joo says he doesn’t care, but Kang Shim cares of what other people’s people opinion. As Kang Shim turns around to leave, Tae Joo grabs her shoulder, when a random hand pops his face, Woo Tak. This stuns Kang Shim as she sees ……we don’t get to see him yet, but we know. Seol Wool feels guilty when she runs into Dal Bong hehe. Dal Bong pays her the money he owes, but she gives it back to him saying that his first paycheck should go to his dad. Eun ho invites them for dinner, when trouble comes. The old gang that met with Dal Bong and gave him $5,000.

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Next thing, they are in the parking lot and it is about to go down. Seo Wool runs home to get the money from Dal Bong’s room and she tells dad and aunt that Dal Bong is in trouble. As dad calls out for Seo Wool that he has the money, he trips and it looks like his back is broken. Dal Bong and Eun ho are about to encounter in some beat down.


So far, all I have to say is that I just don’t like how the lawyer keeps on bringing up the topic of dad needing his help. The writiers are forcing that on us as compared to it coming naturally. Y’all need to quit writing it in every line he says. I like how Tae Joo is actively chasing Kang Shim. He is so clueless. hehe, yet affirmative. Hope he does silly antics to win her over because I do think that Kang Shim needs more fun randomness in her life.

I have more to go on, but since I have seen all the episodes, I do not want to use other episodes to impair the comments. So for now, the comments will be brief until all caught up. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““What Happens to my Family” Episode 20”

    1. I am so sorry for not completing the drama as it began to drag and lose focus, but the ending is worth it. The father did go along the process of suing his kids, but they came around at the end when they began to see their behavior through their father’s eyes.


  1. Watching this TV show now, I like it but I don’t… I don’t know…. there are parts that are going so slow, and then parts that are exciting, but aren’t given justice. My first problem with this show is why is the dad SUCH a wuss?! It’s like he is annoying now, because of his apologetic attitude and people walking all over him. UGH! And Kang Jae, why isn’t he doing the DNA test and figuring out whether the child is his?! Why isn’t he pissed at the kids mother for dropping this f’bomb on him? I would be, it just seems so unnatural…


    1. Of course. The show got slow mid-season which made me lose interest for a while. The dad did piss me off after a while because of his lack of backbone. Kang Jae was just pitiful after a while because I could see part of his father’s personality in his. It was a nuisance show, but addicting, mostly towards the end and beginning. Hehe


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