November is a ending in a week, WE JUST STARTED…Anyways, this is just a check in to let you guys know whats up. I am still avidly watching “What’s with this family/What Happens to my Family?” and the drama is getting better to digest. πŸ™‚ I have had a drastic change at work…someone quitting last minute threw off my department structure ;(, so the recapping had being on timeouts, If you would still like me to recap, let me know, so I can catch up with just discussions on here I left off, then begin recapping again fully again.


2 thoughts on “NOT FORGOTTEN….

  1. I’m totally enjoying this dram and your recaps (as I said earlier). Thank you again for having enhanced my enjoyment of this delightful drama. My favorite pair is the one involving Kang Shim, but all are interesting.


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