“What Happens to my Family” Episode 19


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Kang Jae and Ye Jin get reaquainted at the hospital. He wants to know what’s up.  Dr. Kwon is PISSED after seeing In woo (got his name finally 🙂 ) at the hospital; he claims that Kang Jae’s son. Fortunately for Kang Jae, he is still at the hospital with Ye Jin. Kang Jae and Ye Jin catch up with the past. They dated for a while, but she dumped him because he was poor. So that opened his eyes and well made him stupid; he begins the “blame-the-dad-for-not-being-rich” and “I-hate-my-family” VICTIMLESS BLAME. Well congrats Ye Jin, at least you left him with something.

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Hyo Jin gets a call from over-controlling mama who calls her to come home and not eat dinner that aunt made. Well, not in those words, but in those terms. Her dad is looking for Kang Jae and there is trouble brewing at home. On her way home, she meets dad, Dal Bong and sleeping In woo and they lie that he is the neighborhood kid. She buys. Kang Shim speaks to Mr. Con man and he tells her that he is a victim of a scam as well, but would go to the bank to correct the issue, but not before he mistakenly outs the secret; her boyfriend will take care of it. BOYFRIEND! Tae Joo is as excited as an adopted puppy as he is glad to tell Kang Shim that all is well. Kang Shim feels confused/grateful/guilty/worried about her boss’s help towards her. As she goes in she begins to wonder if her boss likes her. Oh suki, suki now!!! 😀


Kang Jae meets up with Dr. Kwon and he claims that In woo is not his, but his friend’s friend’s son. The timeline doesn’t match up anyways. He met his first love about 8 years ago and she left him because he was poor. Well, this is the story he goes with so, Dr. K. (imma go with it now) tells K.J. that he would transfer Y.J. to a different hospital so as not to spread the rumors and contain the other. He doesn’t wanna be disgraced. Yea, how ’bout that K.J. You want a rich life with no hassle, right?! Aunt and Y.S. discuss about K.S. and T.J. and I love aunt’s word they are old enough to be acting like kids…pretty much, they should know if they like each other or not. Sheeh! It ain’t that hard to know your feelings, right? hehe. Y.S. says she got something up her sleeve. This outta be good.

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S.W. wakes up and sees E.H. by her side. She ain’t too pleased. As they stroll, S.W. tells E.H that she still likes D.B. even if he was the fake. She has come to like him. Of course, bratty E.H. is not one to listen and insist that he will make her fall for him, he too wants an equal chance, which I think he doesn’t deserve yet.


Seul Hee is still depressed and Tae Oh tells her a straight up truth, it is weird for a grown up boy/man to live with his mom and stepdad. Tehe…S.W and dad have a cute moment of making fun of D.B. ridiculousness of wanting to be friends. 🙂 Oh D.B. better hurry up man before she waivers.

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D.B. went to meet E.H. to know what he and S.W. discussed the night before, no dice. Oh, I was wrong, the chef isn’t impressed at D.B. wanting to learn. He thinks that D.B. is a spy who is stealing his recipe. So he put D.B. to the test to know if he is really learning; repeating what he saw in the fridge in a two second span and remaking the same sauce the chef does. D.B. is so good that the chef kicks him out; the sauce taste the same if not better and the chef is threatened.

wp_ss_20141030_0044 wp_ss_20141030_0045

Tae Oh comes to the restaurant and talks to Eun Ho about coming home to stop the tension between mama and son. I like that, he is trying and Eun ho is equally impressed. Ye Jin is being prepped for her surgery and she thanks Kang jae just for support. Oh, by the by, Kang jae refused to get her transferred to a different hospital. This irks Dr. K. As he comes along a gives him a fast and furious, dirty slap. Yea Kang Jae, time to WAKE UP.

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In woo and Seol woo are playing and dad and aunt are conversing about what to do with the kid, if he is really is Kang jae’s. Tae Joo want to have dinner with Kang Shim. Well, he claims he needs her assistance again, but she is quick on the indirect uptake and tell him that she has her plans as well.  🙂

wp_ss_20141030_0049 wp_ss_20141030_0053

Tae joo meets with Young seol who tells Tae joo to chase after Kang shim. They ain’t no spring chicken, especially at the fact that he likes her. Though, he denies it. Oh boys!!!! As Kang shim goes home, she wonders why Tae joo likes her, only for her to think of Byeon–her ex–instead. This worries her and as she comes to her senses, she sees him coming out of her dad’s store. But, she is not too sure about it, of course, he is real.

wp_ss_20141030_0056 wp_ss_20141030_0058

He is so real that Young seol bumps into Byeon and as a cool sis/cousin, she tells him NEVER to appear in front of Kang Shim; what is his real motive. He claims he has been divorced for three years and Young seol ask if he wants to rekindle what he started? Young seol goes home, hugs Kang shim and tells her cousin that she loves her because we are all sensing trouble brewing ahead and we need to see more sisterly love around.


Dal bong gets an old visitor from back in the day, and from the looks of it, it ain’t a friendly rendezvous. (HE IS CUTE, but we don’t like rivals of Dal Bongie) 😦 Oh, we all know Eun ho always overhears other people’s conversation. Oh shnap! Yang Geum got the info about the rumor; Kang Jae gots a son.

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Kang Jae goes home from the hospital and he sees In woo and dad playing. He ask dad the big “what if” question and dad says that if In woo turns out to be his son, then he would love him like his and take care of him. This ignites a spark in Kang Jae as compared to the backlash he is getting from the in-laws. Yang geum goes to the in-law house to reprimand Kang Jae. Words are thrown at each other and it is getting the best of Kang Jae as he says that the marriage is not officially registered, hence, he can annul it. Yang Geum calls his bluff, dad is in a panic mode, aunt is in a panic mode. We are in a panic mode.


I love how the secret is out in the open. It didn’t drag long which is awesome. I do understand the Kwon’s reaction as they are people of status and having a kid of a wedlock can destroy their business indeed. But they are acting all high and mighty and it is ridiculous as they shouldn’t even be controlling the matter. Kang jae’s family should be the one reprimanding him. Instead, they are understanding and I LOVE THAT about them, They are still worried about what the kid will definitely do to Kang jae’s reputation. They are looking out for him, so the fact that dad says he would take responsibility for In woo, if he turned out to be his, surprised Kang jae. I do believe that he is beginning to thaw his cold heart as he sees that family that supports you is all that is needed in order to be happy. Materialistic things can come and go, but if you do not have a strong support system behind you, no amount of money will be your pillar.

Kang Shim and Tae joo, aigoo. Hehe. Imma guess that Kang Shim will reject Tae joo for the time being maybe due to external interference, but also on her part as she will be afraid to love. Also, the fact that Byeon is being made to appear in front of her for a while and her cousin, it would take a while for their romance to blossom. So Tae Joo, I think it is best to listen to the cousin and let her be your love coach. hehe.

Seol Woo and Dal bong are so cute. She is still in love with Dal Bong and even if she friendzoned him, per his wishes, she is still harboring her crushes on him. DAL BONGIEE wake up and see that she doesn’t wanna be friends and neither do you. Eun ho needs a smack on the bum for him to realize that when a girl says, “I’m sorry, but it ain’t gonna work,” it means “back off dude, I ain’t interested.” Liking someone and making sure they like you back is a two way street.

I am beginning to like Kang Shim and Young Seol’s story. Young Seol might be a gossiper/never minding your business/what are you doing as a wife/mother/why aren’t you working to help support the family/looking for a way to pay off your debts, but she is an AWESOME cousin. She does have people’s best interest at heart, though, it steps boundaries, but she is willing to put herself out there for her family so that they can have an easier transition into whatever they face. This I think is her purpose in this drama. To be the family ADVOCATE.

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