“What Happens to my Family” Episode 18 Recap

I am out of juice to have preliminary so onto the recap.

18 WHTMF 1 18 WHTMF 2All the family members still shocked about the unexpected kid, what’s more shocking is the fact that Kang Jae was once a human before! Yang Geum jumps right in. She’s talking grand-kids. Hyo Jin is a dotting wife to a I-could-care-less Kang Jae and her mom takes notice.

18 WHTMF 3

Ha! Seo Wool and Dal Bong are having a lover’s quarrel, where Seo Wool constantly keeps calling Dal Bong “friend” at the end of every sentence and this irks Dal Bong. Little kid, whose name I will remember soon, notices that they must love each other to quarrel like that. ❤ The Chas’ wants to know where So Ye Jin is so that they can hear her side of the story. Why does she have a kid with Kang Jae and why is she bringing the kid forward now? Yang Geum is still not happy about the marriage, even though she is doing her best to hide it by redecorating the home for the newlyweds. She tells Kang Jae to watch his back. She ain’t all that sweet.

18 WHTMF 4

Tae Joo is being informed by the bank that the house he purchased is a fraud, meaning that the house is mortgaged and it is not really Kang Shim’s investment–to make myself clear, she has been scammed. Sul Hee wants all her s”% back and wants Eun ho to move in, TODAY. Kang Shim and Tae Joo go to the bank to see if there is anything she can do, but the bank says no, they are putting the house up for an auction. She should really have read the fine prints of the house title before sealing the deal. She is really devastated.

18 WHTMF 5

Seo Wool decides to stay home because she still doesn’t feel too well, since the heartbreaking news she got (Dal Bong is not the real Dal Bong, but he is the real Dal Bong) 😀 Dad is still worried about the sudden kid news and doesn’t really know what to do. Hyo Jin REALLY wants to go visit the in-laws because it is the right thing to do, but mom tells her not to, it is below her.

18 WHTMF 6 18 WHTMF 7Kang Jae is looking for his belongings, only to hear that from Yang Geum that she put his clothes in the utility closet and that telling him that wearing poor clothes after his marriage, well, let’s just say will make him still poor, so he bought him new clothes. Kang Jae goes to the closet to take his stuff, when he comes across a suit. His first, expensive suit and tie his dad got for him when he got his licence to practice. Kang Jae tells the maid to throw out the stuff, but he secretly holds onto the tie. Oh, Is that a crack I see at the end of the wall?

18 WHTMF 8

Aunt can’t take it any longer, she wants to know who So Ye Jin is, so she texts Kang Jae outright to know who she is. This puts a panic in Kang Jae as he calls to ask aunt how she knew who she is. Aunt in return gave Kang Jae a blow to the stomach, he got a son, son! Oh, that sends him flying home immediately.

18 WHTMF 9Rather than facing the music with the family, Kang Jae frantically starts calling old buddies to get Ye Jin’s contact. Kang Shim is still in daze and cannot properly function at work. Tae Joo feels bad and wants to comfort her, well dur, you can’t, sexual harassment. So, he calls a detective agency to track down, Mr. Con-man.

18 WHTMF 10 18 WHTMF 11Happy Hyo Jin visits the in-laws home and this sends them into panic mode. Operation, “get-the-kid-out-of-the-house-before-new-wife-sees-it” begins. Kang Jae finally gets Ye Jin’s number and calls her. She begs Kang Jae to look after the kid for just one week. We see that she is in the hospital, so im’ma guess and say, she ain’t feeling too well. Kang Jae overhears the PA on the phone.

18 WHTMF 12Kang Jae goes to meet the kid to know where his mom is admitted at, and d’oh, why didn’t I think of it, she is admitted at Kang Jae’s workplace. Do we all see where this is going? Seo Wool takes little kid out for icecream. She begins to cough as her sickness kicks in.

18 WHTMF 13 18 WHTMF 14Dal Bong is at work and is paying attention to the Sous-chef cooking. He is taking notes. This act doesn’t go unnoticed by meanie chef who watches Dal Bong. Seo Wool’s fever goes in full gear and she first calls Dal Bong, unfortunately, his phone is on silent. So, she calls Eun Ho who rushes out of the office, but had time to stop to stare at Dal Bong, who was stretching, before dashing off to the hospital.

18 WHTMF 14 18 WHTMF 15

At the hospital, Eun ho sees Seo Wool sleeping with oxygen and he encounters the little kid. So while he was grazing Seo Wool’s hair, the little kid sneaks out to call Dal Bong. He informs him that Seo Wool is at the hospital and there is a weird guy by here. Dal Bong dashes off work, but the chef notices that he forgot his notepad. Oh, interesting. 18 WHTMF 1618 WHTMF 17

Dal Bong arrives at the hospital and the kid is HAPPY. Oh, I see a shipper of DalWool? SeoBong?? SeoWool??? Dal Bong IS NOT happy to see Eun ho by Seo Wool’s bed side and holding her hand at that. Tae Joo encounter Mr. conman and let the running begin. Kang Shim comes home all wearily and her father approaches her to greet her, not before he had to tell his customer to wait, Yea, Mr. Byeon who looks shocked by the sound of Kang Shim’s voice.

18 WHTMF 18 18 WHTMF 19Tae Joo calls Kang Shim to come out, he has a surprise gift for her. She sees that he caught Mr. conman and she sincerely thanks him. In fact, she touches his hand to show her appreciation and Tae Joo’s temperature rises like a boiling kettle.

18 WHTMF 20HE IS IN LOVE with his no nonsense Kang Shim (I really love the animations and the songs that are always played when these two are having their moments. Also, beginning to warm up to Tae Joo’s crazy animated faces. hehe)

18 WHTMF 21 18 WHTMF 22Hyo Jin falls asleep on Kang Jae’s bed. Sul Hee and Tae Oh are waiting for Eun Ho and dinner will go to waste again. So, Yang Geum who is waiting for Hyo Jin. Oh, SNAP.  Dr. Kwon and little kid bump into each other.

18 WHTMF 25 18 WHTMF 26Kang Jae and Ye Jin meet each other, well Kang Jae went to the hospital to look for her. Little kid says his dad works at the hospital. Little Kid says Cha Kang Jae is his dad and Dr. Kwon looks like his botox is wearing off and is extremely shocked.


Not a lot happened during the course of the show, but the little that did have a major significance.

Seo Wool, of course, is still mad that Dal Bong insist they become friends, so she is going to milk that phrase until he admits his feelings. The fact that she still calls dad, father-in-law and still recognize the family as her in-laws shows that she is definitely not over Dal Bong, real or fake, she has feeling for him as well. Up to this point, she thought she like the Dal Bong of the past, so now it will be interesting to see how they fall in love with the future self (okay, I just confused me!! :D)

I also like how we have the DalWool? SeoBong?? SeoWool? little shipper. I mean, Eun ho might have a chance with Seo Wool, but, I still don’t see the genuine emotion towards his attractions for Seo Wool. I just think she is someone he is using to block out his damaged self as compared to seeing a therapist for his issues and sorting them out with his mom in a healthy way before he begins a relationship.

Dal Bong. Called it. He will find his passion in cooking and he will be good at it. Well, I can always be wrong. But, the truth of the fact is that he is interested in cooking AND the chef is taking notice. What stuck out to me when he ran out of work to the hospital was the fact that he left his notepad and the chef took note of that. In order for Dal Bong to be successful as a person and a growing adult, he needs be focus and responsible. If he cannot properly prioritize, he will have delays in his careers. I mean, I am not saying that learning isn’t as important as love, but that was just snippet of what I can understand.

Tae Joo is falling in love FIRST, with hard-headed Kang Shim and this is awesome. Now, that he had dialed down his animated facial expressions, I can now enjoy him falling in love with Kang Shim and enjoy Kang Shim being uncomfortable around the situation. Well, she started it…wanted to be close to him and all. You know, for work.

It is really sad to see Hyo Jin wanting to be the best, but people around her are not giving her that opportunity to shine as they are super protective of her or could careless. I do appreciate her hardworking in trying to make things work for everyone even though they do not really respect her and allowing her to speak for herself, in some instances. I DO also hope that in order to be in a marriage, both partners should be interested in being with each other.

Yang Geum and Sul Hee are two lonely people. Sure, they have husbands by their sides(one is non-caring and the other is carefree) but, they just cannot let go of their children who they believe will help remove the loneliness. It is really hard to see a mother trying so hard to keep her kids still when she knows that they are well old enough to make their mistakes and call for their help when they need it. Let them fly, mothers.

New characters, Ye Jin and Byeon, welcome. Hope you guys have an interesting past with the present people you were involved with.


8 thoughts on ““What Happens to my Family” Episode 18 Recap

  1. Oh well, thanks for the comments and please do stop by anytime. I did stop recapping this show, i wish i could keep up with it though, but i couldn’t.


  2. someone can tell me about pgone of seo wool, she receive a message and then the phone have eyes and they blinked, and looks great… someone know app?


  3. I really like this episode, though my favorite couple storyline are Kang Shim and Tae Joo, hehe such dorks.

    About Kang Jae, i really hope he shows more affection to his family now that the marriage seems over, the Cha family it’s the only one he have and he needs to realize this, ’cause the moment his in laws found about In Woo being KJ’s son they threw him out like he was nothing, they only care about appearances and too bad the girl he married doesn’t have a mind of her own and all she can say is “ottokeee?”. The writers should have use it this storyline (long lost child and first love girlfriend) sooner so at least we could see he’s not a robot but have human emotions.

    The main trio Dal Bong, Eun Ho and Seo Wool, i don’t think I’ll have to worry about who going to get the girl in the end, I’m sure Seo Wool won’t change her feelings about Dal Bong but i just feel a little frustrated that Eun Ho is giving all his best to woo SW but Dal Bong can’t open his heart to her and says that he loves her without making circles with his words. I can’t wait to see him maturing and working on his future so he can properly ask SW to marry him.

    Thanks for recap!


    1. Yep yep. I just hope that Kang Shim reciprocate his unfound feelings hehe rather than let other people sway her. Kang Jae i DO begin to see different emotions from him as he is seeing that money isn’t the answer to everything. As for Hyo Jin, I thought she had a personality when she was drunk, now she is reverting back to her omg moment and using cute voice to speak to Kang Jae. I do wish they give her a strong character later down the line. As for Dal Bong and Seol Woo, they are so cute,I get cavities even if they are friend zoning each other. hehe. Eun ho does need to fix himself emotionally before I would think of maybe seeing him and Seol Woo as a possibility.


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