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“What Happens to My Family” Episode 17 Recap

Update: Yay! I am finally caught up with this show. Now, I need to refresh my mind with “Roommates” before this weekend. I think I need to give myself a weekly deadline on when I post the recaps so that I don’t use my tiredness and laziness as an excuse not to recap. Imma jump right into recap now. ūüėÄ

17 whtmf 1 17 whtmf 2

Aunt and Dad are a little bit worried that their neighbors will gossip about them for not inviting them to Kang Jae’s wedding. They will be suspicious about the rush wedding. Young Sul says that’s how people are. If they had gotten an invite they would have had something else to gossip about. True words, girl. Seo Wool and Dal Bong are having a spat.

17 whtmf 3 17 whtmf 4

Dad goes into Kang Jae’s room and reminisces about his son. Little Kang Jae was a HAPPY child. Teenage Kang Jae was a grateful teen. Even college Kang Jae sounded optimistic. SO WHAT WENT WRONG???

17 whtmf 5
I am owning the stairs. Right?!

Tae Joo meets with Sul Hee, but he calls Kang Shim out to the meeting as well to help him out; he is uncomfortable¬†around Sul Hee. Of course Sul Hee doesn’t like the sight of Kang Shim at the moment. Blind date shows up and Kang Shim gives them their privacy as she waits for Tae Joo to give him a signal that an hour is up and they would be “late for their meeting.”

17 whtmf 6
Just ‘cuz I’m country, don’t make me no fool.

Seo Wool confronts Eun ho to ask him why he lied about who he was 12 years ago. Eun ho claims that he didn’t know why he introduced himself as¬† Dal Bong after she rescued him. He was a teen and was going through a tough time; his parents were divorcing. He was rebeliing against them and wanted to die. So when she saved him from drowning, he was fooling around. He doesn’t even know why he played that why as he always thinks back to that fateful day. Yea….. Seo Wool ain’t buying the story and neither am I.

17 whtmf 7 17 whtmf 8

Uncle/cousin-in-law gives Dal Bong a good advice, woo her before she gets wooed away by someone else. Sul Hee confronts Kang Shim and pretty much tells her to stay on her level. She didn’t give Kang Shim a breathing room to explain the misunderstanding.

Oh boy. This is how it starts.
Oh boy. This is how it starts.

Kang Shim is rightfully pissed, though, she really could have explained herself there and there. She texts Tae Joo that she is off. She ain’t playing no more. Tae Joo is hurt that she would “betray” him like that and take off. He keeps profusely texting her which lead his blind date to assume that he has a girlfriend that he keeps texting.

17 whtmf 10 17 whtmf 11

Kang Shim is still angry, so the right thing for her to do is to eat spicy chicken at cousin-in-law’s chicken restaurant. Young Sul wants to know why she is acting this way. She starts complaining about the Tae Joo’s habit. Of course, a regular person will think that she is dating Tae Joo as she lists his nasty behaviors. Whoa! Am I agreeing with Young Sul? Daebak!!

Oh baby, I miss you! Me too! I think!!
Oh baby, I miss you! Me too! I think!!

But, not so fast. Young Sul goes in to spill to aunt/mom and her uncle that Kang Shim is dating. After couple of reaffirmations, they figure she is dating the director and her boss, Tae Joo. Aww….Tae Joo and Kang Shim are so used to their texting/banter that when there was no contact from one another, they felt weird. Ohhhhh…. ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

17 whtmf 13
Yep, I got the upper hand

Sul Hee tells Tae Oh/chairman/Tae Joo’s dad about Kang Shim and Tae Joo and he is not happy about the news?? So, he storms to Tae Joo’s house and when he sees that he has no female guest, he leaves. hmm??? Ever so inquisitive Youn Sul wants to know the deal about Tae Joo and Kang Shim. Kang Shim says no deal. But, Young Sul says there is. It is like their are dating.

wp_ss_20141019_002917 whtmf 14

She knows this for a fact because she is married with no kids where as Kang Shim is acting the same way she did 14 years ago before the guy who she dated then broke her heart. She keeps adding more wood to the burning fire and Kang Shim begins to spill Young Sul’s own secret and calling her out on things. But, miss I-can’t handle-the-heat when it’s own yells and pulls Kang Shim’s hair. They fight.

17 whtmf 15
Because I thought I could win. Wanted to make you proud.

Young Sul cries and I love the response her mom and husband said to her, “why did you go against her when you know you can’t beat her/win against her.” And she cries some more like some baby who just lost her pageant trophy to the 2nd runner-up. Dad and aunt kinda take sides with their kids. Don’t fight, grownups.¬†

17 whtmf 16 17 whtmf 17

Dal Bong has been waiting for Seo Wool all day. She finally comes home and they talk. Dal Bong wants to know if they can BE FRIENDS?? WHAT THE F, BOY????? Don’t you know that a girl cannot be friends with someone she likes, especially at the fact that she STILL LIKE YOU AND WANTS TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. Aigoooooo!!. Like me, Seo Wool is pissed at that statement, but all what she can do is cry. Dal Bong is confused. Oh, clueless boy.

17 whtmf 18
Does my hat actually cover my face?

A mysterious woman, who is sporting an awesome hat, is at the hospital looking for Kang Jae. She is there with a little boy, about 6 years old, who kicks his ball towards Young Ji. Young Ji sees the boy and the mom. And I will guess that our little mole, Young Ji, will be the one who Kang Jae will lean on soon because right now, KANG JAE HAS A SON!!! Oh, the shock just hit me. 

I finally have a meaningful line to say!
I finally have a meaningful line to say!

Kang Shim and Young Ji are still fighting. Dal Bong doesn’t understand women’s feelings.¬†Young Ji FINALLY has a smart conversation with Dal Bong about women. Yay…she is becoming useful.

17 whtmf 1917 whtmf 20

Kang Shim explains her side of the story to Tae Oh. He is relived and Kang Shim notices. Hmmm!! Tae Joo and Kang Shim talk about the blind date event and they realize that the conversation sounds like a jealous girlfriend seeing her boyfriend on a blind date that his parents set up.

17 whtmf 22 17 whtmf 23

Seo Wool agrees, she wants to be friends. Dal Bong is flabbergasted. At dinner, dad and aunt begin to quarrel about the girls fighting. They take the fight outside. SIKKEEE, they are pretending. The girls sort out their differences and realize that the folks are bad actors. hehe. They eat dinner and actually have a warm conversation. This is how women should be portrayed, warm and open communication.

17 whtmf 2417 whtmf 25

Anyways, they talk¬†about¬†Kang Shim past relationship 14 years ago with a man¬†named Byeon Woo Tak, who was a prosecutor. Ah! gasp! What do you know? There is a cute prosecutor, who is in dad’s store to purchase tofu, named Byeon Woo Tak. Oh, competition. Me likey. ‘Cuz this one is cute.¬†He has his office set up down the street and I think it is not because of business. Well, he gives dad his business card and foreshadow that whenever dad needs a lawyer, he is his guy. Dad wonders why he would need a lawyer, when the mysterious lady with the hat, the sun is down lady, is at the corner with her son watching Dad.

17 whtmf 26 17 whtmf 27

Kang Jae and Hyo Jin are back from their honeymoon and SHE is ecstatic. They go to her parents house. They would be living there. (It is tradition that a couple stays in the boy’s home to perform her daughter duties to his family) In this case, it is reversed and the Cha’s are not a happy camper, but dad is still waiting for his son to call to announce his arrival back home.

17 whtmf 28 17 whtmf 29

In the morning, the mysterious lady leaves her kid in front of the Cha’s home. The kid presses the doorbell and announces to aunt and dad, who were actually expecting Kang Jae, that he is Kang Jae’s son. He says it like four or five times. Dad has a freaking stroke.


Kang Jae’s change of personality happened around the time he got into medical school. All I can deduct is that if this kid is his, this is when he began to have the change of personality. LEMME EXPLAIN. The mysterious lady, donning a nice hat, is from a wealthy home. Kang Jae and mysterious lady fall in love. He was happy, she was happy and was not wearing a visor to cover her identity.¬†Her parents did not agree to their union. Her parents are separate them mainly because Kang Jae is not from money himself. He might aspire to be a doctor which is a reputable profession, but if you are not from money, it doesn’t matter. So, he begins to hate his upbringing and his family for not being rich. This change of personality happened around the time the lady and Kang Jae separate. Oh, she is pregnant, but ¬†she doesn’t tell Kang Jae. Kang Jae marries into the Kwon family because he is marrying into money. “What is love¬†when you have no money? Who will accept you, even if you are a doctor, if you are not from a wealthy, respectable home?” is Kang Jae’s train of thought.

Seo Wool will be pissed for a long time with Dal Bong. She will then later be friends with him, but still secretly like him (I mean, c’mon, why is she calling Dal Bong’s dad father-in-law? Force of habit? or She still likes the idea of herself and Dal Bong). It is up to Dal Bong to make a move on her and rekindle what is fate?? I guess that that makes Eun ho and Dal Bong equal competitor to win Seo Wool’s heart? They should throw in another factor, another young’in to win her heart. Next time boys, you don’t play with people heart like that.

Tae Joo and Kang Shim. Now there is Byeon Woo Tak and he looks like a strong contender for Kang Shim. Will she forgive him and take him back or will she move on to the boy/man Tae Joo?


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