“What Happens to my Family” Episode 16 Recap

Owning up to something is very difficult at times. It can lead to a different reaction than you expect as you are brave enough to face the music. By simply owning up to a problem, you are either free from it, or it comes back to bite you in the butt. Nonetheless, the topic is out in the open for a proper discussion. 

“What Happens to my Family” Episode 16 Recap

16 whtmf 1 16 whtmf 2

Yang Geum comes to the Cha’s house to pick up her drunk daughter who is not wiling to be disturbed as she sleeps. She reprise Kang Jae for making her daughter drunk. Kang Jae stands up to her for the first time and says he would not sign a pre-nup; the marriage he is getting into isn’t that great to require him to sign away whatever is left of his soul.

I'm so fast that the camera can't capture my skills. I'm flash.
I’m so fast that the camera can’t capture my skills. I’m flash.

Yang Geum is pissed. Her husband is pissed. Hyo Jin is drunk. Mr. Kwon throwns a floswer vase to the wall, Yang Geum is scared as a puppy and I think there is going to be an interesting line following this incident.

16 whtmf 4 16 whtmf 5

Seo Wool and Eun ho talk, Eun ho has a slip of tongue. Seo Wool’s interest is piqued. She hugs Dal Bong. Dal Bong senses her being troubled.

16 whtmf 6 16 whtmf 7

Dal Bong confronts Eun ho. Eun ho is going to claim the toy that he practically gave to Dal Bong. No takes backs. Kang Jae broods outside, dad tries to cheer him up. He wishes he was re-born. He is still on his stupid track of stupidity. 

16 whtmf 8 16 whtmf 9

Seo Wool is practicing for her daughter-in-law role in the future. 😉 She wants to know every little dets. about Dal Bong. Sul Hee is checking up on Tae Joo and she plans on making a blind date for him, you know, taking in the role as a mom.

Oh! I am flirting with you....
Oh! I am flirting with you….

Tae Joo is having neighbor issues and want landlord Kang Shim to come check it out. But before she leaves the office, they have a little convo.  about their weekend plans and just cute stuff. Don’t these two grown people know when they are flirting and dangerously entering the dating zone. 😕

16 whtmf 11 16 whtmf 12

Yang Geum, who still doesn’t know when to quit, approaches Kang Jae at the hospital to talk about wedding invites. He dismisses it, when Young Ji shows up. Oh, she keeps popping out like a mole. Yang Geum wants Hyo Jin to be fully involved in the wedding, but tells her not to go see her future-in-laws??? Hyo Jin doesn’t heed, thank goodness. Backbone Hyo Jin is becoming my style everyday. 😀

16 whtmf 13 16 whtmf 14

Aunt is not that impressed, buy Young Sul is. Dad shows Hyo Jin the picture of cute, happy Kang Jae and tells her that he is now living a sad life. Hyo Jin goes to the hosiptal just to hug sad Kang Jae and promises to be there for him. He hugs back. Is he showing interest? Dr. Kwon sees this and is happy that his daughter is happy.

16 whtmf 15 16 whtmf 16

Kang Shim goes to Tae Joo’s apartment. Oh, but step-mom saw her. 😯 There’s gonna be troubleeee. Tae Joo makes lunch. The guy whose feelings are waiving says that he just made extra. They dine together, but get interrupted by step-mom. Kang Shim hides in the closet.

So, what I am saying is give me a chance!!16 whtmf 22

Step-mom checks the house. Sees Kang Shim’s shoes standing in midair behind the closet door, from the mirror. Feigns ignores and offers to stay for tea. They talk about interesting things, she leaves. Kang Shim falls alseep in the closet.

Don't you mean you!!
That woman will be ME!!

Tae Joo is dangerously close to kissing her. Gets back his senses. Kang Shim wakes up and leaves.

16 whtmf 17 16 whtmf 18

Dal Bong and Seo Wool are hanging out. It rains. They run. Dal Bong FINALLY tells the truth. Seo Wool is hurt, feels insulted and played. She cries and leaves.

16 whtmf 20 16 whtmf 21

Dal Bong cries as well. Dad comes to comfort him. Eun ho, the creep under the night light, over hears their conversation. He needs a hug too!

16 whtmf 24 16 whtmf 25

Kang Jae and Hyo Jin are finally married. Dad holds his son’s hand to show that he supports him no matter what and is always there for him. Kang Jae shows emotion.


I don’t understand why Eun ho is angry? You started the whole identity switch a long time ago and all by yourself. So the fate might have been yours, but you squandered it. Once you go out of deviation from plans that is called destiny, it is hard to get back on that track. You might take a different route to get there, but once you reach your destination, that destiny is changed to something different. And besides you saying that you were Dal Bong originally made you the official match-maker, the Cyrano to Christian. I get it. Your life is f’ed up. That doesn’t mean that someone has to get hurt while you are still figuring out WHO you are and Seo Wool is not a price toy that you give to someone as a gift then collect it once you see how much worth she is.

Tae Joo and Kang Shim. Get your shit together. Are you telling me that as 30-sometimes years old people, you do not realize that you are flirting. I would think that maybe Kang Shim would have an inkling. But I guess that is the fun of the drama; them playing this “harmless” game with each other until they are in too deep to get out fast. Can’t wait when they begin to discover their feelings for one another.

I do hope that this new marriage that Kang Jae is in will begin to change his perspective on how he views his family. They are supportive of him no matter his bad decisions. So let’s hope that this will be the beginning that would open his heart again to warm up to his family that he suddenly began to detest. I’m going to base my guess from when he entered college or medical school.

As for Yang Geum, there is more to her story than just a busybody mom. It feels that she was in a violent situation, either with her husband or in the past because when her husband threw the vase at wall she was shaken up. There is more that meets the eye and I hope this gets explored as we progress into the story.

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