“What Happens to my Family” Episode 15 Recap

Oh wee!! Feeling are sure rising up. Some happy, some sad, some angry, some confused. Heart beat thumping like a rapid rabbit who is high on too much carotene. Not sure how to sort out your feelings when you are with a person who you like, hate, or indifferent to. Well, so are they. I guess we will learn together.

“What Happens to my Family: Episode 15 mini-recap

15 whtmf 1 15 whtmf 2

Dad gives his blessings to Dal Bong and Seo Wool, since, you know, they done did it! Bow wow! Seo Wool is ECSTATIC.

15 whtmf 3
Must I say I might be liking you?

Tae Joo apologizes to Kang Shim. He wants her back. He begs. She agrees and all is right with the world again.

15 whtmf 4 15 whtmf 5

Kang Shim starts work immediately, but, gasp, she wants to KNOW ALL of Tae Joo’s activities. You know, when he showers, pees, goes on a date, sleep alone, poo even…his life. And this is not daddy Chairman’s doings. ALL HERS. Be careful where you tread girly, everything comes with a price. (“Once Upon a Time” Rumple reference). Oh yea, she looks like a glowing doll in Tae Joo’s eyes. <3. dun-gun dun-gun. Alleluia! O:) heart flutter and angelic song. I’m siiiked.

15 whtmf 6 15 whtmf 7

Kang Jae didn’t sign the paper. He is furious. Yang Geum’s mouth is open and gets stuck. He goes home and sees his dad work. He reflects on his wrongdoings.

15 whtmf 815 whtmf 9

Young Sul says Dal Bong is a clueless being. He needs to FIND OUT for himself on why he is getting married. Okay???! But you put him in that predicament. Dal Bong puts two and three together and they make a heart. ❤ Eun Ho and Seo Wool talk about the picture, about a third party. Eun ho flashes his pearly whites instead of saying the truth.

15 whtmf 10

Dal Bong has had enough of the madness and like magic Eun ho appears. All is solved, Young Sul is in troubbbbleeee. Dal Bong thinks. Dad comforts.

15 whtmf 11

Hyo Jin keeps coming to the hospital, Kang Jae keeps getting agitated.

15 whtmf 12
My son needs to cool, so I need another one to bother

Seul Hee wants to know about Tae Joo’s love life. Are you in the contest of pursing him as well? Nah, she just wants to be an awesome step-mom.

15 whtmf 13
I want be friends with the invisible boy. Oh you’re real!

Dad and aunt converse. Aunt is in troubleeeee. Seo Wool is psyched to see Dal Bong. Yea, there is a third person in the picture. He is invisible.

15 whtmf 14 15 whtmf 15

Hyo Jin still is in the hospital because her dad owns it, that’s why. Kang Jae is all like, girl leave. I’m going to eat with my colleague and ex and bye. She begs. They drink alcholol on empty stomachs. Kang Jae stares at Hyo Jin. Fascinated? Intrigued? Clueless? In love? Hyo Jin and I will never know.

Doesn't he KNOW about privacy???
Doesn’t he KNOW about privacy???

Tae Joo begins his full life report to his potent….I mean to Kang Shim. He is RELENTLESS. Man, Kang Shim, I did warn you. He calls at odd hours. This raises Young Sul alien antenna.

15 whtmf 17 15 whtmf 18

Love drunk Hyo Jin. She has PERSONALITY and AN OPINION. She is human after all. She sobs, she cries, she looks like a raccoon. She passes out. Kang Jae walks out on her. She is awake. She is pissed Kang Jae left her alone. She falls.

15 whtmf 19 15 whtmf 20

Oh, I thought she was drunk. Hyo Jin comes to the Cha’s home to see Kang Jae. She still has a bubbly personality. She is tipsssy. 😯 She throws up.  😳

15 whtmf 21 15 whtmf 22

Eun ho hates his mom. He drags Seo Wool out of the restaurant unwilling. He speeds. He is endangering lives. He doesn’t get a ticket. 😕

Do I LOOK like a freaking miracle worker to you?
Do I LOOK like a freaking miracle worker to you?

Eun ho wants to be saved. By an angel? By a doctor? No by Seo Wool that’s who.

What are you doing at our flimsy home?
What are you doing at our flimsy home?

Yang Geum comes into the Cha’s home. I guess Kang Jae isn’t heartless. He called Yang Geum to come pick her drunk daughter from the bar before he walked out like a Calvin Klein model.


I loved how this episode we get to see more emotions from people who I thought were just emotionless. Hyo Jin was my favorite character this episode. I got to understand who she is, while she is drunk. She is just hopelessly in love. Meeting Kang jae was love at first sight. Not knowing her own emotions, she went with the flow. The more she thinks of Kang Jae, the more she falls in love with him. She doesn’t know why she is in love with him, but she is. This is sad because he is not reciprocating this. Right now, Kang Jae needs some lovin’. Not family lovin’ since he doesn’t want that, but from a woman who can appreciate him for him and not what he is aspiring to be. It IS true what people say: love makes you do something stupid; it clouds your reasoning and makes you do things out of the ordinary. Oh Hyo Jin!

I need to see more of personality Hyo Jin and not Hyo Jin who agrees with what mummy and daddy think because you think they are right. You are old enough to know what you want. It is definitely fun to see drunk Hyo Jin, but I don’t need drunk Hyo Jin to know her true feelings.

All I know is that a girl cannot change a guy. Just hopes that she realizes that Kang Jae is not into her????? so that she doesn’t enter an unhappy marriage where she is the only one in the relationship while she claims to be married. Look into your parents marriage, girl, to know if you should be married to a guy who is not willing to be by your side, who doesn’t even know what he is want. Kang Jae is a confused boy/man.

Other Characters: Eun ho, you need therapy, boy. Seo Wool is not who will save you. Do not take your hefty baggage like that and say you need to be in a relationship because it is not fair to Seo Wool. We all come with baggage, but if our baggage are not bearable to our partners, then it is not fair to them and to yourself. Fix yourself FIRST before you get into a relationship. She saved you once, from drowning. That is physical, but she can’t save you emotionally. I think?! Except she studies to be a therapist because I believe she will make a fine therapist. Part of her client list will include Tae Joo because that boyish man needs to be schooled. He is going to cataracts soon if he doesn’t stop with those eye movements. Seul Hee and Yang Geum because they can’t stop pestering their kids. Let them make their mistakes, but guide them so that they don’t derail too far to make their mistakes.

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