“What Happens to my Family” Episode 14 Recap

This episode is all about boundaries. Some respect it and others take advantage of it. There are those that invade boundaries due to personal satisfaction and others invite those to cross their boundaries, though not willingly. Crossing boundaries definitely will push people beyond their limit to bear their thoughts or contain their anger. And people become uncomfortable when one speaks an inclining of truth about their lives.

“What Happens to my Family” Ep 14 recap

13 whtmf 1
Ooo what a beauty! The car I mean.

Eun-Ho visits the Cha household, but he just stands out by his sweet blue sports car.

Oops! I farted again.
Oops! I farted again.

Tae Joo is enjoying his new bachelor pad. Reeling in the new home. Love his relaxing face.

    I hate that the chicken    is going to waste
I hate that the chicken is going to waste

Seo Wool and Dal Bong are enjoying each other’s company when his cousin-in-law calls him to tell him that he has a drunk friend in the restaurant. Oh, I guess it. Eun Ho is passed out. Dal Bong reluctantly takes him in. He lets him sleep in Seo Wool room while Seo Wool sleeps in his room. Ah, gotcha. He sleeps with Eun Ho…not like that, 🙂

Hmm Hmm Hmm. I should be sleeping, but lemme listen!
Hmm Hmm . Should be sleeping, but this is juicy

Of course, Seo Wool doesn’t go upstairs to Dal Bong’s room unnoticed. Never minding her business Young Sul sees Seo Wool and eavesdrops at Seo Wool’s convo with Dal Bong which sounds all nasty. But in reality Seo Wool is talking to Dal Bong on the phone. Confusion arises.


How cute are these boys? I want them to be chingus again! 😥

Stop. Dal Bong is here!!
Stop. Dal Bong is here!!

Seo Wool goes upstairs to wake Dal Bong up. Eun Ho rolls over to grab her, but he is still “sleeping.” As Seo Wool and Dal Bong leave to eat breakfast, Eun Ho opens his eyes. Boo!

13 whtmf 7 13 whtmf 8

Breakfast is tense ‘cuz papa is still furious from last night fight that the girls had over Kang Jae’s blood money. Seo Wool goes in to confront him and use reverse psychology on him and apologize to him on the kids behalf. Dad calms down.

13 whtmf 9 13 whtmf 10

Tae Joo has a business lunch with company’s major customer and he is as sleazy as they come as he “compliments” Tae Joo’s step-mom which angers Tae Joo. Of course, it is bad to confront the customer because Dad is furious that the customer is pulling out. Tae Joo needs to fix it. Instead of telling the real reason for the mess up to dad he hushes up. When will you learn that silence gets you no where, Tae Joo ya!

13 whtmf 11 13 whtmf 12

Hyo Jin and mom go bed shopping for the upcoming newly weds. We see here that Hyo Jin doesn’t have a mind of her own as her mom picks out the beddings and disregards her own taste.

13 whtmf 13 13 whtmf 14

But you know, as a filial daughter, she goes along. Hyo Jin and Kang Jae meet up for lunch and discuss honeymoon locations. Err, why do you think he cares????

13 whtmf 15 13 whtmf 16

Dad comes to the hospital to see Dr. Kwon. Oh, this jerks Kang Jae. Dad is here to return the wedding gift. He don’t need your mindless money, Mr. Kwon. All he wants is for his son to be happy in this marriage and for Dr. Kwon to treat Kang Jae like his own son; give him all he desires as he has failed in his shortcomings as a dad. So sad 😦

13 whtmf 18 13 whtmf 19

Tae Joo is having a hard time reaching Mr. Sleazy in order to apologize. But no need to fret, SECRETARY KANG SHIM is here to the rescue. During the meeting, Mr. Sleazy ignores Tae Joo’s plea. The only way for him to maybe reconsider is if Kang Shim can come over to his side and pour him a drink. She does that in order to difduse the situation, but the situation got grossed out really fast as Mr. Sleazy laid one hand on Kang Shim’s lap as she pours him a drink. This angers Tae Joo. So, he did an applaud move, he dragged Kang Shim out of the room. Mr. Sleazy hates it and is definitely not going to work with the company.

13 whtmf 20
You’re a jerk! I know!(4x) You’re jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk!!

Kang Shim is super mad at Tae Joo’s move. WHAT?! Girl, must be jivin’. Anyways, words are thrown around and move hurtful words that shouldn’t have been said were thrown around as well, but come on, I kinda went there myself, (Kang Shim sleeping her way in) and Kang Shim SLAPPED Tae Joo. I know, his ears are still ringing.

13 whtmf 22 13 whtmf 21

Seol Hee, still ever so bored, wants Eun Ho to move in with her and Chairman Tae Oh, if he doesn’t she will take away the restaurant, credit card, the house. Oh, and she wants Seo Wool fired. Eun Ho has had enough. He started spilling. He almost killed himself, by drowning, 12 years ago when his parents divorced. But when he got into the water, he panicked because he didn’t want to die anymore. Luckily, Seo Wool was there to save him. He owes her his life. He went along with the marriage to make his mom happy. He has always put her selfish needs first. HE IS TIRED. Mom is kinda surprised. I can’t tell. 

13 whtmf 23
Ah, to believe or not to believe

Aunt is telling dad what Young Sul saw. Mindless rumor indeed. Dad believes. Y’all should know by know not to believe what Young Sul says.

13 whtmf 24 13 whtmf 25

Seo Wool and Dal Bong are having cute fun piggy back ride home. Is my teeth falling out already?!

13 whtmf 2613 whtmf 27

Eun Ho is passed out again and Dal Bong and Seo Wool bring him upstairs. Oh, you guys know the routine already. But this time, aunt and dad are witnesses.

13 whtmf 2813 whtmf 29

Tae Oh goes to meet Mr. Sleazy at the golf course. Threats comes out of Tae Oh’s mouth, he knows why Tae Joo had an outburst, and all is well again. Kang Shim throws in the towel. She is resigning.

13 whtmf 30
Wait! What!

Kang Jae goes in to see Yang Geum to talk business. PRE-NUP!! dun! dun!! dun!!!

13 whtmf 31
I don’t mean need need. I mean, I need you at work…dur

Tae Joo wants Kang Shim to stay by his side. Boy, say WHAT!!

13 whtmf 32
Hold on! I gotta sneeze!

Dad has important matter to discuss with the young-in’s. He wants them to get married. Appa, say whut!


This episode is definitively all about boundaries. Eun Ho Young Sul, Seul Hee, Yang Geum, aunt and dad and Tae Jo even Mr. Sleazy all crossed boundaries with people they are associated with. Sometimes, there is a blurred line of what we can do within our rights and what shouldn’t even go beyond the line. For instance, Young Sul misunderstanding is all for comic relief. But, I am not liking her character. She is judgmental of others shortcomings and do not see hers, gambling away $200,000 and when the conversation is being brought up, she gets mad. However, her never fully understanding a situation and just jumping into conclusions is annoying. Dad and Aunt believing her word for it is annoying because they should know better than that. But, I will just look at her character for now as a comic relief until they prove that she is capable of not being a jobless wife (not working or being a housewife).

Tae Joo as well crossed the line as he assumed that in order to Kang Shim to get the work done she spreads her leg. Oh, I thought of this as well, but when he said it out loud, I kinda gasp because I saw that he was wrong in thinking that. I guess saying things out loud does make a difference because once you hear your thoughts, it can either be a bad thing or good thing. Well in Tae Joo’s case, this was not the time to speak your mind, boy.

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