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“What Happens to my Family” Episode 13 Recap

Grandpa is the highlight of today’s episode as he is the voice of reason and the audience’s voice as he states what we think and yell at the computer for. He states the fact that if Dad Cha don’t handle his family very soon, they will NEVER appreciate all his hard work and the ENDLESS LOVE that they fail to appreciate. Appreciate is the word of the day.  Go Grandpa!!

13 whtmf 1

Tae Joo composes himself and so does everyone else. Dad still wants him to be mail-boy while Kang Shim returns back working for him.

13 whtmf 2

Seol Hee is mad that their honeymoon is cut short due to a disagreement. So, she decides to take a nap at Eun Ho’s office to cool down.

13 whtmf 3

Kang Shim begs Tae Oh to reconsider. She knows what she is doing. Tae Oh gives her a week to figure out her mess. Me too Kang Shim. I wanna know what your plan is, girl!!

13 whtmf 4

Grandpa and Dal Bong went to the mountain, since 5am just for fun! Hehe. I lie. Just to train Dal Bong into a man and know what his deal his with his grand-daughter.

13 whtmf 5

When they got home, Dal Bong shows that the trip was tiring after all. Dad offered him water first. This irritate grandpa as mannerless Dal Bong did not offer to give him drink first. After he drank to his fill, grandpa suggests that Dad drinks next. Dad just offers the drink to Dal Bong.

13 whtmf 6 13 whtmf 7

And grandpa had to say a piece of his mind which was awesome “If you say ‘yes’ to your kids all the time, they won’t learn to be thankful. They will think they did everything all by themselves…Everything about you is great, but that one aspect.” YEP, YEP, YEP.

13 whtmf 8 13 whtmf 9

Grandpa is scolding Dal Bong so that he can be the man that he wants to be, especially to his grand-daughter. But before he can become that man, he needs to educate his mind, body and well-being. Grandpa ask Seo Wool what she sees in Dal Bong. She sees happiness with him. He makes her smile and she is comfortable around him. Dal Bong buckle up, bucko.

13 whtmf 10

Yang Geum is trying to dissuade Hyo Jin from marrying  Kang Jae. Marriage is not as hyped up as it is and besides Kang Jae isn’t the one that will make her happy. In short, she is afraid that she will have a sad marriage just like hers which is all about business and holding your tongue in your own husband so that your husband don’t get frustrated whenever you try to speak your mind. But Hyo Jin is not seeing that and just wants to get married to her love.

13 whtmf 11 13 whtmf 12

Grandpa is leaving and he left Seo Wool at the house. He is not going home with her after all. Dal Bong escorts grandpa to the train station. He confronts Dal Bong and tells him to tell Seo Wool if he deems to be a worthy opponent.

13 whtmf 13

Grandpa leaves. Seo Wool cries. Dal Bong hugs Seo Wool. Seo Wool demands to know what grandpa and Dal Bong talked about since grandpa wanted Dal Bong to see him off.

13 whtmf 14

Eun Ho is infatuated by Seo Wool and her smile. Girl got that effect on ’em.

13 whtmf 15

Kang Shim and Tae Joo have a little spat on the elevator.

13 whtmf 16 13 whtmf 17

Kang Jae comes home to give his family the gift from the Kwon, $200,000. This upsets the Cha’s. They are being mocked by the Kwon’s who suggests that they didn;t need to pay for wedding. Just show up for the wedding AND don’t bring your friends. Okay????? Kang Shim finally speaks. She is pissed that Kang Jae is actually going in accord with this absurd marriage.


Kang Jae feels a little bit bothered by his family reaction, but he still mouths off as Kang Shim tries to talk him out of it. Kang Shim’s cousin, whose name I won’t bother to learn until she changes her behavior, can’t sleep. She wants more from the Kwon, a car to be exact.

13 whtmf 19 13 whtmf 20

Tae Joo moves in. Kang Shim comes to expect her new home. They meet. They hate the idea. They fight about refunds. They are stuck being landlord and tenant until one can come up with the money for refund.

13 whtmf 21 13 whtmf 22

Another bored mother, Seol Hee, comes to bother Eun Ho, telling him to move into the house with her and Tae Oh. Eun Ho is angry. He comes down to cool off. He sees Seo Wool and just looks at her. Love Seo Wool’s comment to the stare ” tell me what you want rather than look at me.” Eun Ho says he likes her.

13 whtmf 23Kang Shim comes home and ask dad if it is possible to borrow her $50,000 from Kang Jae’s wedding gift in order for her to use. Dad is silent. Cousin eavesdrops and over hears.

13 whtmf 24 13 whtmf 25

After work, Seo Wool hugs Dal Bong and says he is the only one for her. haha 🙂 It feels like she cheated on him because she feels guilty that Eun Ho likes her. Of course, Eun Ho hears this interactions.

13 whtmf 26 13 whtmf 27

Kang Shim and cousin are fighting over the money, Dal Bong comes home and states that he wants a scouter, ignoring the tension at home. Dad comes out his room and is f@#ing pissed. Angry that the useless money is causing a rift in the family and his son is being sold into a loveless marriage that he doesn’t support. He is so pissed that he causes and rips the check into a confetti. Ohh dad is on FIRE!

13 whtmf 28


As I said earlier, appreciate is the word of the day. Each character display lack of appreciation for either each other or their situation, all except Seo Wool. Seo Wool appreciates Dal Bong and the fact that he reciprocates her appreciation makes me love their little love going on. It’s sweet. She appreciates dad for his work and for taking care of her. Her grandpa for being their for her and raising her. As grandpa’s train left the station, she ran crying after the train like a little girl who lost her doll because she knows what she is losing at that moment. That constant person who tells her the right thing to do and appreciate her as well.

Dad, as grandpa says, felt the slap that Kang Jae landed him with, the wedding gift. In addition, Kang Jae stating that he would live with the in-laws which is not their customs shows that indeed his children do not appreciate him and do not respect him enough to understand him.

Seol Hee doesn’t appreciate her son. She still doesn’t get that even if her son is not happy with the marriage, he still went along with it because it would make her happy. She is still pushing him to the edge because she is not satisfied with what she has and frankly bored. She says she wants the best for Eun Ho, but so far, all I see is in her interest. I am positive that 50% of her in the marriage is all about Eun Ho getting a position in the company and one day inheriting it.

13 whtmf 29

Even Aunty. The kids the don’t appreciate her, even her own daughter. So when Seo Wool told her that she is good to her like a real aunt. Aunt enjoyed that little comment. It made her feel appreciated for raising four kids.

Even though Yang Geum is annoying in her tactics, I do understand her standing, especially in the marriage. She is not out-right telling Hyo Jin that she is in an unhappy marriage, but her being against the marriage and telling Hyo Jin not to go further falls on deaf ears because Hyo Jin sees her parents marriage as the perfect marriage which is just sad as she is blinded by nativity.


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