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“What Happens to my Family” Episode 12 Recap

Talk about backtracking. Work schedule+postponing =laziness.  😦  Sorry for the long delay, peeps. I will have a set day for recaps so this delay don’t happen again. I have seen all the episodes. It is just about the recaps. I will be posting mini-recaps back to back for this drama and Roommates in other to catch up. So bear with me as I write and post a lot. ON WE GO! KA JA!!

“What Happens to my Family” Ep. 12 Recap

12 whtmf 1

We begin where we left off, Tae Joo visits Kang Shim at home and as Donald Trump would say, ” YOU’RE FIRED!” Me was thinking Kang Shim would go off on Tae Joo for being ridiculous at the fact that he felt “betrayed” that Kang Shim would trick him into accepting his father’s marriage with his new wife. But no, she tries to argue her way, but it fell on deaf ears. Of course, eavesdropping family are outraged by this news.  12 whtmf 2

At the same time Kang Shim is getting the bad news, Dal Bong is getting his own blow to the stomach news. Seo Wool is leaving for home, she will get her money later. No need staying in where she is not needed.This news is bad news for our hormone boy who is shy to say his feelings.

12 whtmf 3Aunt and daughter are talking about how loyalty can be broken in a blink of eye…the company, Tae Joo, is divorcing Kang Shim after 15 years of marriage to the company.

12 whtmf 4Eun Ho calls Dal Bongie to tell him that he likes Seo Wool. This pisses our Dal Bongie as he realizes that maybe he NEEDS to step up his game since he doesn’t feel like telling the truth, or better yet tell Seo Wool the truth before it’s late. I doubt it is the latter though or the former.He is fickle. 🙂

12 whtmf 5 12 whtmf 6

12 whtmf 7 12 whtmf 8

The Kwon’s are having dinner and talking marriage business as usual. Hyo Jin wants to set a date and dad is all like “well I guess it’s going to be a shotgun wedding ‘cuz we need him by next month.” Mama is pissed. I am irritated at this scene because ALL THAT FOOD IS GOING TO WASTE.

12 whtmf 9 12 whtmf 10

Our Kang Shim is up and early, ready for work. This got the family worried. Err Kang Shim, didn’t you just get fired???? Yep. she did get fired as Tae Joo made sure to put the notice everywhere at work. How petty master Tae Joo! She gets to work to see that she has been demoted to mail girl.

12 whtmf 11 12 whtmf 12

Hehe Dal Bongie sees Seo Wool talking to dad and aunt about her departure and he stomps to the bathroom like a kid. Dad tells Seo Wool that he had always seen her as a daughter who even treats him better than his kids. He sure will mi…”SEO WOOL! SEO WOOL!! It is haraboji. He is in Seoul. I thought his character would be wasted.

12 whtmf 13

Just as fate would have it, Seo Wool returns her phone to Eun Ho. Grandpa calls her phone. Eun Ho invites grandpa to Seoul. He picks up grandpa and brings him to the Cha’s home. Oh and grandpa recognizes Eun Ho as the guy that in the picture he took with Seo Wool. Seo Wool, none the wiser, says it’s not him, but the real Dal Bong. This rises up grandpa’s suspicion as he thinks “are y’all playing with my grand-baby’s heart. You better not!!”

12 whtmf 14 12 whtmf 15

Mama-with-no-boundaries, can’t seem to remember her name, Yang Geum (had to look it up), is at the hospital to talk to Kang Jae about the wedding. He is indifferent about it. Oh and she wants him to deny his family right after the marriage.

I know i hate my family, but really?!
I know I hate my family, but really?!

12 whtmf 17 12 whtmf 18

All while the convo was taking place with Kang Jae and Yang Geum, Hyo Jin is having a confrontational battle with Young Ji. Young Ji gave her a good fight which Hyo Jin could not handle, “are you confident that he is yours?” or something like that. Hyo Jin is so dazzed by the schooling that she decides that she wants to get married as soon as possible, well next week to be exact. Girl, this ain’t a rush order wedding!

12 whtmf 19Cute Dal Bongie wants to impress grandpa and Seo Wool of course :), as he decides to want to know where Dal Bong works. So he goes around to make an elaborate scheme of pretending to be the chef. So cute how his co-worker agreed helped him. I think he might have found his calling.

12 whtmf 20Of course, this charade doesn’t last long as the real chef comes in. Let’s say, it didn’t go well for Dal Bong. 😥

12 whtmf 21 12 whtmf 22

The day is not going as worse as Kang Shim expects. A tenant has decided to rent her apartment. She is officially a landlord. Oh guess who the tenant is, our grumpy Tae Joo. This is going to be FUN!

12 whtmf 23 12 whtmf 24

Irritated and frustrated Kang Jae is back from home and as usual he is hostile around his folk. He doesn’t see a guest in the home as he walks upstairs. This lack of manner is not gone unnoticed by grandpa. This makes Seo Wool worried about her future with hubby Dal Bongie.

12 whtmf 25 12 whtmf 27

Seo Wool confronts Dal Bong about the earlier incident. Dal Bong says it’s because he wanted to look good infront of her and show grandpa that he is not a loser. Seo Wool is touched.

12 whtmf 26And this is her response. Wonder how she will react when he does actually land a job that pays well and he loves to do and he tells her that he loves her as well. hehe can’t wait. 😀

12 whtmf 28 12 whtmf 29

Papa Tae Oh is P.I.S.S.E.D. because he heard that Tae Joo has demoted Kang Shim to a mail room girl. So he cut his honeymoon short for that. I hope that is not the real reason he came back from his honeymoon early. Anyways, he is so pissed that he begins to do some karate moves on Tae Joo.

12 whtmf 30Kang Shim is talking to her father on the phone when dad and son barge into her office. While Kang Shim’s dad is still on the other line, he overhears the conversation. Tae Oh wants Kang Shim reinstated, while Tae Joo becomes the mail boy. This doesn’t bode well for Tae Joo as Tae Oh keeps on insisting that Tae Joo and Kang Shim trade places. Tae Joo has finally heard enough as he screams, “DAD.” This shocks and surprises our trio, me and Kang Shim’s dad.


Overall, I love the introduction of gramps in this episode. He is going to be the challenge Dal Bong needs in order to step up to the plate as Seo Wool’s potential. Well as Seo Wool believes. So far, he is dodging the big rhinoceros in the room, which is TELL SEO WOOL the truth and clear up the misunderstanding before feelings get deep. I think he has gotten accustomed to the lie as the truth that he feels that there is no need. But as gramps recognized that Eun Ho was the boy that Seo Wool saved from drowning, then he will definitely confront either boys to tell the truth now so that his grand-child don’t get hurt later on.

Aigoo, Tae Joo, what to do with you. His pettiness and well facial expression are beginning to irritate me. But i would LOVE to see a reversal in occupation. Let’s see how he likes being told what to do constantly. Just let your dad be happy. You might not like his decision of remarrying due to the promise he made to you years ago about not remarrying, but come on. He is old and lonely and you are not close to him, so let him have his way.

As for Kang Jae, still cannot read his expressions. However, from what I can barely deduct is that he is beginning to see that all that glitters is not gold. Born rich does come with a hefty price, even born poor as well. But he is beginning to see that marrying into a wealthy family will still not bring him happiness and satisfaction that he is seeking. I don’t think he will find that anytime soon if he doesn’t accept who he is first. He is still indifferent about things, but as Yang Geum begins to interfere in his life, he will see that being born as a Cha is a blessing that he should appreciate.


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