“What Happens to My Family” Episode 11 Recap

Sorry for the delay as this is long overdue. So without further ado, this episode was focused more on Kang Jae and his impending doom; the marriage into the Kwon’s family. Other characters were limited because let’s face it, Kang Jae is the one that needs the most growth out of all the characters. As Mrs. Kwon/Hyo Jin’s mom would say, he has a victim-less mentality. He claims that he is a victim of his circumstance,without trying to make the best out of the situation.

11WHTMF 26   11WHTMF 31

11WHTMF 30       11WHTMF 27

Dad and aunt are late for the family introduction; they took public transportation and took the wrong road to the hotel. In the process, the got wet by the sprinkler. Kang Jae is upset by his family lateness, yet he looks and feels sorry when his dad kept on apologizing for their  lateness for dinner. The Kwon’s are awkwardly understanding to the dilemma which makes Kang Jae more uncomfortable.

11WHTMF 29 11WHTMF 28

Tae Joo meets with Eun ho to discuss furthering their parents wedding. Oh yea, Kang Shim is the Cyrano to Tae Joo’s Christian. Of course. Eun ho is not going to let this plan work if he doesn’t have a condition: “you owe me.” Secretary Kang Shim compliments Tae Joo for being mature about the situation (he should have agreed from the get-go) and this surprises Tae Joo.

11WHTMF 24

The Kwon and Cha eat dinner. Of course, the Cha’s are not as refined as the Kwon’s. For instance, dad takes a drink out of the wine like he is drinking soju. Yea….His act tickles Hyo-Jin, but makes the Kwons look like dad like a countrified man as they take him to school about appreciating the taste of wine before drinking it. pft…that doesn’t do anything for me. The taste is still the same. I guess i’m like dad. 🙂 Of course, Kang Jae looks constipated and stupid as he doesn’t try to defend his folks.

11WHTMF 25

Oh yea, not to be gone unnoticed, Dr. Kwon arrogantly (arched eyebrows or archie, the name sticks) tells Kang Jae to call him “dad” when they are in private. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS LIVING DAD. 😕 What the french toast, dude. Not cool. 👿 And the dad agrees to THAT!! Ahh, sometimes I wanna hit him and say, BE A MAN, dad!! :-x. And plastic Ken presses on Kang Jae to call him DAD, NOW!! Don’t do it Kang Jae, it is not worth it. 😮 Oh snap, he did. 🙂 To add salt to injury, Mrs. archie tells dad to supply his tofu to the hospital.This pisses off aunt as she begins to unveil her wrath. Go Aunt! 😎 Kang Jae still looks constipated 😀 and Hyo Jin, i ain’t got a clue for this girl.

11WHTMF 22 11WHTMF 20

Kang Shim and her cousin, Young Sul (aunt’s daughter who gambled thousands of money and is now putting her husband in debt) are about to have dinner when dad and aunt arrive home. Kang Shim who is usually carefree about Kang Jae’s crazy marriage scheme is concerned about the event that went down. But of course, dad DEFENDS that family by saying that he embarrassed the already nervous Kang Jae in front of the family that he wants to get accepted in. Oh, martyr dad. Oh, dad FINALLY tells Kang Shim that he doesn’t want Kang Jae in that marriage. Hm should have been more like your lil’ sis and tell it like it is during dinner.

11WHTMF 19   11WHTMF 17

Mrs. archie, fine, her name is Yang Geum, is pissed about the dinner situation so Kang Jae doesn’t get invited for tea. Hyo Jin is trying to diffuse the situation by taking the rest of the night into a coffee shop, but Kang Jae refuses and leaves. Girl, don’t try too hard. Yang Geum doesn’t want the in-laws; they are beneath their class, vice versa, woman. Hyo Jin’s parents are reconsidering the marriage, but Hyo Jin is reluctant to. Kang Jae is brooding.

11WHTMF 16 11WHTMF 15

Seo Wool is still sad about Dal Bong wanting to pay off his debt real quick so that she can go home. Dal Bong is having a hard time in the kitchen as Mr. unbalanced head chef is unnecessarily mean to him and tells him to clean up as they all go home. Seo Wool sees all this and is proud of him, well behind the curtains. I guess you could help too. Eun ho overhears his manager talk to his mom on the phone about firing Seo Wool.

11WHTMF 14  11WHTMF 11

Young Sul tries to have sexy time with reluctant hubby Joong Baek. Yea, he falls for it. 😉 Kang Jae is leaving for work when his aunt and aunt apologize for their outburst during dinner. But he is not Kang Jae if he doesn’t have any nasty thing to say back. With that, aunt takes her anger on everyone. 😀

11WHTMF 10

Kang Jae and Young Ji, his ex, are conversing and guess who is still listening on the other end of Kang Jae’s phone, Hyo Jin. Oh, Kang Jae’s first smile. STICK WITH YOUNG JI, guy. Please!! Chairman entrusts Kang Shim to Tae Joo to tame him, you know what that means!! 😀 Oh yea, Tae Joo overheard the whole plan. Why are people eavesdropping? It is invasion of privacy, people. Learn it. Tae Joo thinks of all the times he had been a fool as not to see the plan.


Wedding day!! Tae Joo is sulking. Dude, let it go. You dad is old enough to remarry without him trying to manipulate you. You are 35, deal with it. Seo Wool waits for Dal Bong after work to discuss.

11WHTMF 6   11WHTMF 5

Young Ji is trying to eat with Kang Shim, fishy. On their way to the restaurant, Kang Shim spots Tae Joo’s car in front of her house. Tae Joo has chicken/beer with Kang Shim. He is eating in front of her; not a good sign. Oh, but this is not a friendly or cheering up dinner as Tae Joo tells Kang Shim the reason why he eats alone. He tells her that he is firing her from the family. Dude, you know she won’t take this sitting.


Simultaneously, Seo Wool tells Dal Bong that she is leaving for her home the next day. Dal Bong is shocked. :gasp: But is not not all sweet for Dal Bong as Seo Wool begins to cry that living with him and his family was an experience of living with family members.



This episode was really calm which was a break from the crazies of the past episodes. However, there were little things that stood out for the Cha siblings.  Dal Bong realizes that he really needs to get his act together and have a better life than moping and washing dishes. Kang Shim lending her ears to her dad. Kang Jae SMILING.

Also, side characters were in the spotlight. Tae Joo acts as a grown up in order for his dad to be happy, but at a price of firing Kang Shim. Dad is begining to see that his son is a brat indeed. Aunt shows some mother power as she tells the snotty Kwon off. Hyo Jin still thinks that Kang Jae is all for her and not really reading into his dismissal, stoic attitude towards her. She lacks something that she thinks she can find in Kang Jae. I don’t know how to properly read her. But I will. :D.

Anyways, I guess this is the episode that we should fee sorry for Kang Jae??????? Still not happening, just yet. But a crack of smile, especially from the conversation with Young Ji is a small crack of  light that can be seen at the end of the curvy tunnel.

In this episode, Kang Jae turned down his nastiness and dad raised up my bp. Dad shouldn’t always have the need to apologize for every problem, he always takes the burden without really trying to unload of it to others. It is embarrassing if I see my dad apologizing profusely when it is something that sometimes can’t be helped). Know I know why aunt talks a lot because her brother is spineless.

I get that dad is trying to making the situation around him convenient for everyone, but putting your foot down and having a clear stand on what you believe can take you along way. His constant stepping aside, is why his kids and outside people don’t respect him. He is a cool dad. All props as he tries to make his kids happy by accommodating that stupidity and rudeness, but because he has done that for so long, there is a blur line of where taking advantage of him is drawn. Hence, aunt is the voice of reason. She is what the audience are thinking as her brother doesn’t voice his concern about an issue.

I really do not get Hyo Jin. I am trying to pinpoint how she started liking Kang Jae. Is it love at first sight? Also, he is not reciprocating the affections she needs, so why bother. Listen to your parents and dissolve the marriage.

Tae Joo and Kang Shim are begining to show chemistry and with her sassy and never giving up attitude, Tae Joo is no match for this winning boxing champ.

Seo Wool and Dal Bong’s relationship was on the down-low. So next episode, we will see a momentum in that side of the relationship.

4 thoughts on ““What Happens to My Family” Episode 11 Recap

  1. The two eldest kids are ungrateful. The daughter admires her wealthy boss but is disrespectful to her own elders who brought her up lol The third child is OK with dad because he’s a loser, unemployed always causing troubles and so he still needs his dad help & support, unlike his older siblings. Would he be arrogant like them if he were more ‘successful’? Maybe.
    SW the bumpkin girl left her own grandpa alone to pursue a ‘marriage promise’ made by a kid she didn’t even know and the whole thing happened 12 years ago. And everyone seems to like this dumb, deluded and selfish woman who doesn’t even get in touch with her grandpa. Apparently in kdrama dumb + deluded = naive, innocent lol
    The family took the bumpkin in their house because she had nowhere to stay! Are the writers kidding us? Where did she live till then? She can go back home. Who said she has to live in Seoul?
    And the father is kind but to a fault…he’s a total pushover lol

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    1. Haha Nicole. You really dissected the drama. I tried to remove logic while watching it because it became to redundant and ridiculous. I think that was why I lost interest and motivation to finish the drama recap. It became stupendous. But, I still had fun watching the drama, not just writing about it.


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