‘Roommate’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap (It’s Okay, Roommate)

Got to watch season 2 of SBS’s “Roommate.” It is the continuation of the season 1, so episode 21. But NEW cast, NEW season. Speaking of new cast, I am not too familiar with half of them. While the other half, I have seen in either variety shows or a drama they acted in. Let’s jump right in into character introduction. Since it is a new season & all, let’s have an idea of how each character is before the season progress.


Park Joon Hyung of g.o.d. (the backstreet boys/N’YSC of the 90s). He opens up about his childhood and notes that he still acts like a kid, even if he is 46 years old.  This will be fun. 🙂 Who is Joon Hyung? A 48 years old man-child, a loud snorer, poor roomie. A guy that used to like “buttery exotic looking girls”(i hope I read the sub wrong! hehe) and hates reading scripts ‘cuz he is not himself. Hence, he loves non-scripted roommate (up for debate 🙂 ). He pretty much is up for anything. Sweet!!!


Bae Jong Ok. A newbie to variety land. Her daughter advised her to do the show. She doesn’t eat meat, veggies and fish, but is willing to try (what is wrong with you woman???) She wants to learn English and Chinese and from the snippet of the show into the future hehe…only way i can describe, we see Joon Hyung and Jackson teaching her. Cute. 


Whoop! Another flower boy in the house!! Jackson from Got7. He is from Hong Kong and fluent in Cantonese and English and Korean. Tsk tsk. He is putting me to shame. 🙂 Already he is a hoot.  He does martial arts. He is the maknae as he now realizes that roommate is a “grown-up show.”  He expects that they don’t do boring stuff together, like cook, wash the dishes, you know, work…yea, you live with people you’re not familiar with and it ain’t all that rosy. 


Comedienne Lee Guk Joo (loved her in running man ep. 205). She has an awesome eating diet. haha. Already she is entertaining with her bubbly personality.  :^) Also, she is a really, really, flexible and a good dancer, who might give Nana and Sunny a run for their money (RM 205 peeps). There is gonna be another snorer. I guess it will be a competition soon of who the worst and loudest snorer is. 🙂


 Sunny of Girls Generation is the next roomie. An honest drinker, 🙂 who has weird sleeping habits and can’t cook ‘cuz fire, boiling water and oil scares her. There needs to be a fire brigade next to the house 24/7.


A fluent Japanese speaker and an actor, Otani Ryohei. He plays volleyball, hates wearing socks & underwear. He often goes commando 😉

“Roommate” Season 2 Ep. 1: Which Star System Are You From?

Sunny is the first to arrive at the roommate destination. She is joined by Ryohei, who makes her nervous, in an awkward way. Next to arrive is Guk Joo. What’s more to say. 8-). Ryohei suggests the ladies wait inside the coffee shop while he is on the lookout and it is a perfect opportunity for Guk Joo to take Ryohei’s pic, “oh for good memories.” 😀 Guk Joo and Sunny become reacquainted fast.


Jackson arrives and Joon Hyung is last to get there. Already, alive. I think imma love this new cast. Joon Hyung is so chatty as he already read up the bio of his new flatmates. hehe…walking researcher. 🙂 At the house, Nana prepares signage while Se ho and Min Woo are looking dapper as  they drive to pick up the new roomies. They are nervous as a fish out of water. (flop flop) 😳


Se ho and Min Woo go through an elaborate intro of the new roomies. haha…Joon Hyung is like “is this scripted” The car can’t take all home, so Joon Hyung, Jackson and Min Woo stay behind. While Se ho is having issues with the minivan. Joon Hyung really loves speaking English as he communicates with Jackson. hehe….poor Min Woo.


I guess Shin omma was a good teacher because Nana is in the kitchen. Otani, Sunny and Guk Joo arrive at the lovely house and already, they are feeling at home. Hold Up. Did Otani say he just brought some good home from his mother-in-law? Gotcha, his friend’s mother-in-law. 🙂 Nana burnt the food. I guess the student is not the master yet. 😦 Se ho goes to pick up the rest of the gang.


The three check out the house… aw I see Cucumber has a buddy, Sunny. Yay, for a woman who can stand her ground in the kitchen. I’m talking about Guk Joo who is showing Nana and Sunny the ropes. hehe. The rest of the gang arrive. Jackson makes note that he is really scared of Nana. (she don’t bite, boy).

R14I already LOVE how this new cast is comfy around each other, well everyone except Otani….keeps looking around (what are you hiding :?:) Jackson has some impressive hoops shot as he shows Guk Joo and Guk Joo shows her boxing skills. Jong Ok arrives on her own and Jackson, bless his heart as if she is a man or woman? 😳 They are all awkward around her as she is the eldest in the house. She makes everyone comfortable as she suggests they call her Noona/unni. Like I said, I LOVE this cast. After the stage of awkwardness, they jump right into doing stuff.  Jong Ok calls out Nana on using instant rice to make the rice rolls, which she totally did, but back up Guk Joo and Sunny covered for her. 😀

R14They make fun of each other, well Joon Hyung is doing the jokes on Guk Joo and as a good sport she takes it. They get to know each other. Jackson shows his mad martial art skills :-x. Yay, the new Song Ga Yeon. Joon Hyung and Jong Ok are the oldest cast in the house…and not awkward around each other.

R15The roommates are now set to know who each will be rooming with. Min Woo and Se ho are roomies; Nana and Guk Joo; Sunny and Jong Ok; Otani and Joon Hyung and lastly, Jackson and either Kang Joon or Dong Wook. OMG….does Jackson have a crush on Guk Joo. Please, let this be a love line.  I wouldn’t mess with Otani. He knows how to sword fight. Jackson hates his room. So he thinks that the roommates will play a game of roomo-changeo. Ain’t happenin’-o.

R1 16Sooner than later, Jackson gets bored as he still assumes that people would want to switch rooms with him. He wants to switch with his JYP bro, Joon Hyung. Yea, but it does look like he fit in just right with his new roomie. Sunny and Guk Joo leave for their afternoon schedule. Se ho tells bored Jackson to do the dishes…yep, you will work Jackson. :)I do love the soundtrack that is played when Jackson is around, Outkast “Ms. Jackson” and M.J. “You’re not alone.”

R1 17Just then, Dong Wook arrives and Jackson goes out to open the door (there is a buzzer, Jackson). Already, Dong Wook looks like he will have to be weary of this newbie. Dong Wook is roomie with Min Woo and Se Ho, meaning Jackson is now roommates with puppy Kang Joon. Dong Wook is perplexed about his room arrangement; it looks like the boys like in a hostel. Not good for the “Blade Man” actor.

R1 18Some roomies already left for their schedule, so Noona Jong Ok and the rest went out for dinner; the dinner buddies. Kang Joon is finally home as already dreads his room; this was his old room in season 1. Oh, but he is not home alone. Before we forget, there is one more roommate arriving.

R1 20Heo Young Ji of KARA’s. She is the newest member of the girl group, but she didn’t come all pretty and dandy. She came with quirks and skills. For instance, she is told not to laugh a lot so now she laughs without sound coming out of her mouth and she sleeps with her eyes open. Kang Joon helps her move and Sunny arrives just when Young Ji is picking up after Cucumber.

R1 19Sunny notices that Kang Joon and Young Ji are already getting acquainted and she wonders if she came too early. 😀 cheeky. Wow, the whole senior and junior colleague in the entertainment business is no joke. Young Ji tries to tell Sunny to come down to come eat marinated intestines that Ryohei told them they could take from. She gets all nervous and tongue tied around Sunny, whom I think notices.

R1 21The dinner buddies play rock, paper, scissors to see who pays for dinner. “I said I was going to pay anyways. I lost in purpose,” says loser Joon Hyung. 🙂

R1 22Young Ji don’t play with her octopus. She is a pro with her knife skiils in chopping off the slimy bugger and she is not afraid to show her homemade skills. Good for you, you rising idol. 🙂

R1 23The dinner buddies arrive home and join Sunny, Kang Joon and Young Ji in eating octopus and marinated intestines. Guk Juice (according to Joon Hyung) arrive minutes later and is greeted by her boy-crush Kang Joon.

R1 25Everyone meet up to talk about the house responsibilities and contribution as well as prepare for their self-intro…you know, their likes and what not so that they know each other a little bit better.

R1 24Jackson arrives just in time, but before he can participate, he still brings up the topic of choosing a room. Drop it kid. 🙂 He insists that he would like to be roommate with Guk Juice.

R1 26Suki Suki now, I smell love line. Reluctant Guk juice is flustered, but flattered as Jackson says, “how do you know I’m not joking?” Be still my wandering heart. <3. He later gets to see his roomie, Kang Joon and he shows Kang Joon his impressive martial arts skills.

R1 27


This was a long recap because this is a new season. So, character introduction was in order. Next week, won’t be this long. I will just give the gist. Anyways, I love this new format of roommate. It is funny, guys. It might be a display they put out there, but they come off real. Joon Hyung is really a kid in a man’s body. Guk Juice is hilarious. She just wants to have fun and we will hopefully see that. I always love how EACH PERSON HAVE A PERSONALITY. They are all shy and awkward around each other, but we will see that they will get really comfortable fast.R1 34We have shy people and outgoing people and I love that balance. The age groups are in close ascending order and that is nice, from Jackson as the youngest to Jong Ok as the oldest.

R1 28R1 29What I think will work for “It’s Okay, Roommate” is the fact that we will see different personalities from each. They won’t look bored because each are going to try to learn from each other and grow as a person. They won’t be getting close to each other because the show makes them or says it, but they will be close to each other as they are learning from each other on camera or not.

R1 30What I love about this new cast is that most of the women CAN COOK or at least hold a spoon in the kitchen. I am not saying a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but it is nice and refreshing to see grown women who can say they can boil rice, cut octopus, or flip an egg. 🙂

R1 31Oh, the editing in this episode was on point. It FLOWED. It wasn’t perfect, but it made SENSE time-wise. It wasn’t confusing and the previews are not giving away something that will not air. It just gave the overview from next week, which I think will air. Don’t prove me wrong, show!

R1 32Overall, this show might have a chance after all since we have people with PERSONALITIES.

R1 33

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