What Happens to my Family Episode 1-10 Recap

So I started watching “What Happens to my Family” or “What’s With This Family” and I enjoyed it. I wanted to recap right away, but dang, I have been lazy 😦  According to wikipedia (a reliable source hehe), it is a 50 episode weekend drama series about a father who has three ungrateful, selfish children so he decides to take them to court for their attitude against their unfair and rude treatment towards him. After this quick character introduction and summary of all 10 episodes, I will continue to do weekly recap. Lemme jump into the premise of this weekend drama.

Kang Seo Wool
Kang Seo Wool

Kang Seo Wool (Nam Ji Hyun) comes from the countryside to Seoul because of a 12 year promise that was made to her (getting married to the boy that she saved from drown 12 years ago). She is uppitty and so care-free, yet really nice and considerate of the people around her.

Dal Bong and Seo Wool

She comes to Seoul to look for her betrothed Dal Bong and ends up staying with the supposed Dal Bong household that she thinks she saved. It is a case of stolen identity that could have been easily resolved by the real Dal Bong. But this is a 50 episode drama. So yea! Seo Wool shows up in front of the Cha’s household to get her man.

Dal Bong
Dal Bong

Cha Dal Bong (Park Hyung Sik). The last born of the Cha family. Seo Wool believes that he is the one that she saved from drowning. He knows that he is not the one she rescued and he knows the person that she saved, but he keeps it a secret because he doesn’t want her to know that he has been harboring a crush on her ever since she saved his ex-bf. The one who created the misunderstanding and a stolen identity. He is unemployed and falls for a pyramid scheme in marketing (pay the company to sell vitamins. Get 10 people to register with them, then when those 10 people get 10 more person=100 people…he gets a commission). At the moment, he wants to work as a tofu maker (same as his dad), but his father wants him to dream higher.

Cha Kang Shim
Cha Kang Shim

Cha Kang Shim (Kim Hyun Joo) is the first born and only girl of the Cha family. She is a stoic and meticulous person, well that is what is believed.  At work, she is the head of Dae Oh’s Group secretary who is highly organized and takes no shit from anyone, as she answers to one person only, which is her boss.



At home, she gives an I-don’t-care attitude about her household, yet she she takes extra care of her boss and treats him like a dad. She does and says things in an ironic way that makes you want to pull your hair out as she tries to reconcile a father and son relationship (the president and his director). She wants to move out of the house because she thinks that her family, her dad, is annoying.

Cha Kang Jae
Cha Kang Jae

Cha Kang Jae (Yoon Park) is the second son of the Cha household and the first son. He is a doctor with a woe is me, victim-less complex. He believes that he is the one that puts himself through school. He hates his background and hates how he is born into poverty. He blames his father for being born into the family.



He says his friends and schoolmates had things given to them, had their parents connections to get to the top, but his father is a common tofu maker so he never had those stuff. He is ashamed to be seen with the family.  Even though he talks shit, whenever he says mean things to his dad, you can see his vulnerability. He finds himself to be in an arranged wedding with the director of the hospital he works for. The director wants him to marry his naive daughter.

Director of the hospital and wife....Did we go to the same plastic surgeon
Director of the hospital and wife….Did we go to the same plastic surgeon?


Kang Jae tells his family that he will cut ties with them once he marries the girl (he wants to take over the hospital once he marries into the family. So he won’t be looked down upon).

Cha Soon Bong
Cha Soon Bong

Cha Soon Bong (Yoon Dong Geun) is the head of the household. If you think your father is nice. I think  Soon Bong beats that hands-down. He owns a tofu shop. He is very caring and worries for his kids, but his kids do not take notice of that. He loves them dearly and sacrificed a lot for them, but they do not appreciate him. He gives them their space whenever they are acting out, yet he still wants to try his best to help them out. The kids won’t give him the chance to. All he wants is to spend time with his kids on his birthday, or at least letting him know that one is getting married. Can’t wait till he sues their asses.

Moon Tae Joo
Moon Tae Joo

Moon Tae Joo (Kim Sang Kyung) is the director of Dae Oh Group and the son of the president. He is childish and immature. He believes that Kang Shim is having an affair with his dad, but later recoils that thoughts. Kang Shim becomes his personal secretary (he wants to make her quit working the company, but Kang Shim is resilient). He is beginning to thaw around her. He hates eating with people because he doesn’t want them to stare at him while eats. He has an estranged relationship with his dad. His mom left the dad when he was born and she raised him. After she passed away, he came to live with his dad. His dad has known him for only 14 years.

Kwon Hyo Jin
Kwon Hyo Jin

Kwon Hyo Jin (Son Dam Bi) is director Kwan Ki Chan’s daughter (director of the hospital Kang Jae works at). She is a graceful, sweet, but too naive of a girl who goes with her father’s decision of marrying Kang Jae without any question. She has a weird infatuation with Kang Jae. She is blinded by stupidity to not see that he doesn’t love her and that he is not going to be happy…pretty much like her mom. Her mom is trying to tell her to reconsider, but she isn’t. So her mom supports her. I do hope that she will be the one to thaw Kang Jae victim-less cry of being the victim of his household and be a character to make Kang Jae see his stupidity.

Yoon Eun Ho

Yoon Eun Ho (Seo Kang Joon) is a former idol and a president his restaurant. He is the son of Baek Seol Hee (a media personality who is engaged to Tae Joo’s dad). He was the one who started the whole misunderstanding of telling Seo Wool that he is Dal Bong after she saved him from drowning. He is beginning to have a crush on Seo Wool and is in competition with Dal Bong to see who will win her heart.


Well, I am done. These are the main characters and the overall synopsis of the drama. Other side characters will come into play as I do weekly recap.

Holla peeps.

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