“Fated to Love You” Korean Drama Review

Awesome! My first recapping project that I FINALLY got through. Whew! For a second there I thought, I wasn’t gonna make it 😯 I do plan on recapping more series. I think, I will take on the challenge of recapping a weekend drama that has caught my interest. Cross fingers. 💡

I want to THANK EVERYONE WHO READ THE RECAPS AND STUCK WITH ME! I love your COMMENTS and please continue to drop your comments! KAMSAMIDA  [I think it is spelt/spelled that way…another grammar issue….:) ]

Without further randomness, this is a short review for the Korean remake of “FATED TO LOVE YOU” that ended on September 4, 2014

I ain't nervous!
I ain’t nervous!

This drama was something that I longed for as I was in a Korean drama dry-spell. I tell you, there wasn’t a drama that caught my interest, so I had to revert back to catching up on my American/British shows….Scandal, Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), Spy and many more…..ANYHOOS…..

I had seen the Taiwanese drama of “Fated to Love You” and I tried to be objective. Key word: TRY. I didn’t want to judge both dramas back-to-back because each had their own flare. Luckily, the Korean version deviated away from the main drama. Sweet. But, of course, it had its own faults.

 “Fated to Love You” Korean Drama Review

Rather than rant on about the drama, I will just categorize my opinions on the drama:

OST: I actually loved the OST played throughout this drama. They did fit with the theme and mood of the drama, so that is a plus. Ailee….this is why I continue to love her music. “Goodbye my Love” was awesome whenever it came up. So serene..that voice. I am listening to it now and I just wanna cry. A good cry.  😥

Ailee- “Goodbye My Love” OST

Chemistry ON: WHOOOooooo…..did someone call the ambulance already? The Jangs’ were amazing. I had seen their previous work before, “The Successful Story of a Bright Girl,” but their chemistry is nothing to be compared to this. Okay, I lie. It was better. 2014, brought the sexy back. Whenever they were on screen, they were on fire. Jang Hyuk made me fall in love him AGAIN. It might be because I am biased, but I do think that he carried this show from the beginning to the end. He was ON, every single time. I felt his pain, his laughter, his nervousness, his heartbeat. Yea, I am not creepy :), but he was on. I am not saying that he is the best out there., but he brought his A-game. Jang Na ra….such a sweetie…saw her in “Baby-faced Beauty”  and enjoyed her work and music ever since. They were just on whenever they were together. All good comes to an end right? Wrong. There were times….the noble idiocy, separation, Mi Young new found confidence….it didn’t really mesh their chemistry together…however, they were able to bring it on again 5 more episodes towards the end. YAY  ’em!


Chemistry OFF: Choi Jin Hyuk (Daniel Pitt)  I am beginning to love Jin Hyuk, but his chemistry with Na ra was a little bit weird. It is high time he does get his own lead….except for “Emergency Couple” (hated the drama by the way…maybe will do a late review on it) he needs to actually get the girl and have chemistry with her. He was like he said earlier, a neighborhood oppa and I did love that; their chemistry was on. But as he was creeping into the potential love interest, it became weird. Like that lurking oppa that just begins to fall in love with you, and you are like w-t-f, when did this happen? He began to lose that oomph he had all the way till the end of the show. He fell flat whenever he was onscreen with Wang Ji Won ( Se ra), Na ra and even Hyuk. The last 6 episodes were just plfftttt….On a plus side….he does have a beautiful voice. Owww!!!

5FTLY 56

Peeve: The DISEASE with no name. I hated that the drama went all cliche on us…but hey, as long as it is done right. In this case, the hereditary disease that Gun had became a clause….an unnecessary barrier, a misunderstanding that could have been cleared up, a choice for Mi Young to make on her own….i’m done….Instead, it became a selfish tool Gun had to use to randomly and unnecessarily separate himself from Mi Young. We could have avoided 5 episode of angst and 2 episodes of random fillers if he had cleared up the damn disease that came to write the remaining of the drama and we would have a meaningful and a good drama on the hand.

ah! don't remind us.
ah! don’t remind us.

Okay….so they went that route. What now? I did wish that they had talked about their separation for THREE YEARS. Actually use one episode to discuss the future and not try it to fill it with cuteness or a pinch on the cheek. It felt so awkward watching them get together without talking about the baby, breakup & separation. Mi Young accepting Gun, just like that because now she has a definite reason of why they broke up. I mean, they could kiss and make up, but Gun should have worked for all the suffering he put Mi Young through. A PINCH ON THE CHEEK doesn’t do it. Instead, she should have kicked his ass. hehe.  It was poorly executed with the cuteness that felt off-putting.

love this painting!

OVERALL: I enjoyed watching this drama. It got me out of my kdrama slump. I can now recap again and watch kdramas. hehe.  🙂 It was a good experience recapping and watching at the same time. Watch out for my next recap: “What’s with this Family” a weekend drama. How the heck am I going to recap 50 episodes. Need a system. Stat

Rating: (Overall quality/Did I enjoy it) 7.5/8.5

6 FTYL 15

7 thoughts on ““Fated to Love You” Korean Drama Review

  1. I meant to say, I thought the writers, PD and actors had done such a great job conveying the message that the fear of death or a difficult future can be paralyzing and to suspend your present in anticipation of such future is a mistake. I thought it was obvious to everyone but seeing so many people completely dismissing this tells me they must’ve made mistakes I didn’t see or they should’ve been more explicit. Maybe they should’ve shown Geon dying from the disease and that way people would’ve understood exactly why he had been so afraid of his illness and its impact on his loved ones.


    1. I did get the overall message, but I guess I subconsciously tucked it away and generalized the outcome. Of course, the whole staff and actors of this show did their best in portraying their role. I mean I don’t want the message of the show to be really obvious, nonetheless, I wish it really didn’t drag and become repetitive in such a way that the meaning gets lost in translation. That was his I interpreted the show. I began to understand that life is too short to be flaky with others so enjoy the here and now…but I did wish to see Gun to actually have that convo with Mi Young after he discovered his father’s “treasure” and diary as compared to grazing over that. I believe it is an important convo to have with someone, especially since he believed he was dying. All I’m saying as I ramble on 😊😊 is that I wished it was written that Mi Young actually does have a say and choice in living and choosing to live with Gun. Then the message would have been something that is a dominant message to the audience. Nonetheless, I do agree with you as i really grazed over the overall message of the illness and its impact.


  2. I appreciate your review although I totally disagree on what the disease meant in the drama. It sad for me to see how many people actually misunderstood this important point in the drama which brought the most important evolution in the characters of Geon and Mi Young. The message that its best to be happy here and now, and not worry so much about the future was completely lost to many and in my opinion, the writers, PD and actors did such a great job with those episodes. They were the most heartbreaking but also the most meaningful. I do feel like Im repeating myself everywhere though so I’ll just stop here. Regards


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