“Fated to Love You” Episode 18 Recap

Such a late discussion. There wasn’t really any major plot movement in this episode, well except Mi Young and Gun are finally back together 🙂 It was cute and I enjoyed every minute of them being together. Only bump on the road. Omma.

Roll eyes. I knew their getting back together wouldn’t be as easy as it sound. Mom is not reasonably at all. I mean I get that she fears for her daughter being alone after Gun dies and she feels for Gun, but where was the mom that respected Mi Young’s decision. Then again, she was the one who forced Gun to take responsibility of the pregnancy.

Hereditary disease or neurodegenerative disease, people die. Gun can die today, he can die when he is 80+. The point is that it is Mi Young’s choice to stay and fight with Gun to live. So it is best to respect that decision and support it because it is a scary thought and not supporting a love that is strong regardless of opinion is not right. For better or worse

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