“Fated to Love You” Episode 17 Recap

All it took was Daniel in order for our couples to move on from the past and either face the future together or not.  Almost everyone knew about Gun’s disease and they all kept Mi Young in the dark. It was really sad to watch as Mi Young was still looking for hints on Gun to salvage whatever they have left. But Gun, still being more idiotic than noble, kept driving Mi Young away with his curt response to the answers she sought from him.

I ain't crying
I ain’t crying

To me, Daniel was the star of this episode. He didn’t necessarily come out with the now found truth about Gun’s disease to Mi Young, but he was the catalyst to Mi Young finally finding the truth about Gun and his sufferings. Both Gun and Mi Young are too stubborn to confront each other, but if Daniel hadn’t driven Mi Young to Gun’s, she would have left wondering, what if? She would still not be happy as both have unfinished business. As Daniel, “when it comes to unrequited love, the sooner you stop it the better”. This is so true, however, if there is no valid reason to stop loving unrequited then, it is hard to stop loving.

True Talk!
True Talk!

I actually liked that Mi Young is the one who will be proactive in seeking out Gun and comforting him because man, that boy is gone. He is so lost deep in the hole that he doesn’t know what door to come out from. He is stuck and because of this, he keeps on pushing Mi Young away thinking that he is doing it all for her benefit.

It was really painful to watch them as they kept on struggling with themselves whenever they are in the same vicinity. By them not confronting each other head on about the elephant in the room, they both suffer from the pains of the past and the present.

17 FTYL 6


Apart from Mi Young and Gun’s interaction, I liked how Se ra finally told Mi Young the truth. It was very brave of her and I think that now that she doesn’t have any ties with Gun, as so we know, she would easily find happiness that she once once had. I am not agreeing with her past doings, which in a way, I understood her point of view then, however, now that she has right the wrong, by at least planting a seed of doubt in Mi Young’s hatred for Gun I was pleased to see.

I promise, this is our last meeting
I promise, this is our last meeting

I want Se ra to be happy because frankly she deserves it. From her controlling mother, to her losing her love: Gun and ballet. I do think it is time for Daniel to find his sister once more. So that both of them can be happy and find love as siblings and meeting other people that deserve their love.

Let's move on
Let’s move on

Love really is a bitch. Love ain’t blind. Once you are in truly love, it is hard for you to fall out of it. It messes up your thinking and makes you act irrationally. You are blinded by your own actions and thoughts. Because of Gun’s deep love for Mi Young, he just cannot take his suffering anymore and he has come to peace with his death. The scene of him visiting his parent’s was really disturbing and eerie to watch because it felt like he has given up the fight to love and to live and just accept his diseased fate. Even though he is in remission, his personal battles is what will quickly trigger his sickness and that is just sad. Because he has the opportunity to change all that. Ah, only if our hero wasn’t stubborn. Thank goodness for Mi Young because now that she knows the truth, hopefully she will be the one fighting for him, his health.

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