Korean Drama

“Fated to Love You” Episode 15/16 recap

16 FTYL 1

This has been a late, late delay of discussion. Well, it is Wednesday. So I got about 4 more hours, till episode 17 airs.

Episode 15/16 were really slow in terms of progress. Both Mi Young and Gun were pulling and pushing each other as they are fighting their feelings for one another, I think. Gun is struggling about what he wants. To me, he really doesn’t know what he wants: either go after Mi Young or let her go in order for her to be happy. He needs to first understand where he stands with himself before he can do any further pursing. 

16 FTYL 4

I want him and Mi Young to actually sit down and talk about the past before any of them can fully move on. They never really had a conversation to “set each other free” and maybe that is why they are both confused. For Mi Young, I cannot fully read her. I understand that she is angry with Gun…you got every right to be girl. However, there are times where she looks like she is sorry for him. Idk. Her facial expressions are limited. As a Jang Nara’s fan, I think she is being limited by what she is given as opposed to her truly expressing  concerns as Mi Young.

Side Characters:

Yong and Ji Yeon. Love them together. Hehe. Ah noona and dongseng relationship. I am not a true fan of it, but sometimes, exceptions has to be made. Especially, if it makes Madam Lee mad and possibly having a stroke. Then I am all for it. So wrong, yet so right! 🙂

Se ra, the more she gets shown, the more pitiable she becomes. I feel like in order for her to find true happiness, she needs to come clean about her past act. I do believe that the upcoming episode will show just that. Well, they better, or else, imma be pissed, writer-nim.

Daniel. Ah, I don’t know. One minute he is pursing Mi Young, the next minute, he backs out. If he truly loves her, he will court her…not in a creepy way, but in a way that is persuasive enough. I guess he really never had a chance because Mi Young still has feeling for Gun. Feelings, I mean, for now, hatred for Gun and that is a strong feeling to harbor for someone you want nothing to do with.

Ah, these episodes were just full of double conundrum for Mi Young and Gun. Gun and Mi Young’s mom, even Se ra along with Daniel.  It is giving me a headache.

16 FTYL 3



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