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“Fated to Love You” Episode 14

I finally learned how to gif, even if it is sooo awkward. I will get the hang of it soon. 🙂

On to today’s mini recap.

The present can never be pleasant if the past is still bleak. Not a lot of things happened this episode as Gun was trying to give Mi Young her space. But giving someone a lot of breathing room sometimes, and still not being active is not good because, it cause the person to move farther away from you as Gun sees that with Daniel and Mi Young. This was Mi Young’s episode as Gun took the back seat, adhering to Mi Young’s words. Daniel upped his game by not being weird and oh, I think I am touched too.

Episode 14 Mini Recap:

Drunk Gun cracks me up, yet his words do hurt as he speaks, well they hurt me. Gun is hurting bad. Be still my sobbing heart.  <~3

Dang. Mi Young and Gun are so badly wounded by the past, that it stings as they meet again, even in their dreams. Whoo!!….why do I feel pain for them, Go back in tears, you are not falling out of my eyes. </3

Mi Young doesn’t want to Gun in the morning when he wakes up. So boy, bounce!! Daneil Pitt Sshi sees Gun exiting out of Mi Young’s hotel room. Not good. redface

Gun and Daniel have an encounter… more like a passive-aggressive battle of the hens (PG. HERE!!!)

14 FTYL 1
Gun speaking to Mi Young indirectly as Lee Young Ja. Oh!
14 FTYL 1
Mi Young ask if Lee Young Ja has a child!

What I just noticed is that Secretary Tak is barely spoken of. He is actually an important character in Gun’s life as he is his friend, companion, brother and in some sense his other wife. hehe….always nagging Gun. If Tak is not present in Gun’s life. Gun will be utterly miserable as he mops around trying to get his life in order. Tak is the one who helps Gun with that. Reminding him about his doctor appointment or just easily pestering Gun in order for him to come out of his sad shell. They take care of each other and Secretary Tak is the other constant in Gun’s life, except fro Grannie and Dr. Octopus.  ❤    Go Tak! Go!!!!

14 FTYL 4

Daniel is nervous in meeting his new sister. Mi Young accompanies him to calm his nerves.

14 FTLY 4

New Mi Young is giving me the creepies. Me thinks she is fake. Look at her

 14 FTLY 5

Se Ra is frustrated that her students are not focusing. To release tension, she treats them to ice cream. Cool teach.

Ballet is hard though!
Ballet is hard though!

Mi young is drawing a painting, when she reminiscences about her life with Gun to the point of the accident. Daniel comes in interrupting her thoughts as he excitedly talks about catching up with his sister.

Gun looks at the bought painting and talks to the spirit of keddongie about liking the work of mom and the it looking like the painting.  Mi Young texts Young Ja that she leaves for Paris soon and this gets Gun to mini panic.

love this painting!
love this painting!

Yong and Tak are giving a presentation go Gun about looking for a company face to sell hair products to young female adult. Ellie Kim is chosen. Gun opposes.

err say what!
err say what!

Mi young has lunch with her folks.

family time is eating time
family time is eating time

Then later tea/coffee with Yong who is sly enough to schedule a meeting with Gun and Mi Young. Yea…who let the dog out. Mi young is not too pleased with the meeting.

Boy! You joking!
Boy! You joking!
 I guess he ain't joking.
I guess he ain’t joking.

Harsh words that break my heart are being thrown around.

We can succeed in scamming this fool! Fighting!
We can succeed in scamming this fool! Fighting!

Told you fake Mi Young is up to no good. Turns out that she and the detective guy are in on the scam on naive Daniel, take him for his money. Mi young catches them on their scheming act.

If you don't tell him, I will.
If you don’t tell him, I will.

While all three are having lunch, Daniel goes out to take a call. When mi young, bless her heart calls fakie out. She tells her to come clean. But fakie plays the I am  an orphan card too and woo is me. With wits and sharp razor speech, mi young takes fakie glass cup, you know, DNA…fakie is not too pleased and both fight for it. When it falls and breaks. And yep. You guessed it. Daniel heard the whole thing. Fakie runs out.

Mi Young!!!!
Mi Young!!!!

Daniel and Mi Young talk about his past. Oh ice-cream. Yep. As hints as previously told us. This is now for sure, Se Ra is definitely Daniel sister.

Let's skip the date and jump into marriage. You did it before!
Let’s skip the date and jump into marriage. You did it before!

Daniel proposes to Mi Young. Oh snap. BUt you guys haven’t even dated yet. I’m confused.

What? Proposal??????
What? Proposal??????

Mi young talks to Young Ja about the proposal. Of course Young Ja is skeptical about it. hehehe….I do love the way they communicate. So close yet so far away.

Kame-Kame- ah!
Kame-Kame- ah!

Yong tries to convince gun to persuade Ellie to be their artist. That ain’t flying with Gun.

This is awesome
This is awesome

Mi young tells Young Ja she is leaving the country. Gun freaks out . Wants to meet mi young now to give her the painting. Mi young instead goes to meet Daniel in a theater as he does a cool art sand story about his encounter with mi young. It is really sweet. I need a proposal like that. Argh!! gotta start finding artistic guys now.

Yep! I am a goner too for Daniel Pitt sshi
Yep! I am a goner too for Daniel Pitt sshi

Gun see it and Daniel on his knees. Yeaaaa…i don’t know if the painting will take mi young back. Gotta top that Gun.

On a side note: where do I check in. The hotel is banging.


This episode wasn’t really filled up with angst. No trope that we hate is used. People are just acting according to the emotions that they have going on. Daniel finally made a move after three years. Yea, he has weak game. Mi Young is definitely wavering and so am I. It is a fair competition as truth be told, Daniel is a good candidate for Mi Young. This new Mi Young takes no shit. She states what is clearly in her mind as she tells it as it is. Gun has created a beautiful monster. Oh! that should be a song title.

Gun was really quiet in this episode and it is clearly understandable as he wants to disappear, per Mi Young’s request, but he was so passive about his actions that he pretty much drove Mi Young to the hands of another. It is sad to see, but if they have to move on, they need to. If they are fated to be together, they will be. I will guess that of course, Mi Young will not accept Daniel’s proposal. She will be clearly touched, but not touched enough. hehe. dirty mind. Or she will accept his proposal, but later go to Gun. That is if Gun tries to actively fight for Mi Young as he sees that his life is not complete without her. We have six more episode to go, so the next four episodes will not be fun…well maybe a little for me as we get to see Gun try realllllllyyyyy hard to fight for Mi Young’s heart.  ❤

In terms of bromance, I mentioned earlier, Gun and Tak. Now a new bro is in town and his name is Yong. I love their budding relationship. Gun is not hateful as he was in the beginning towards Yong. I guess that his near death/amnesia experience made him understand his father’s actions of getting another wife. Right now, Gun needs more dudes in his life to pump up the life in him that he is slowly losing because of a missing person in it. 😥 Is it Wednesday yet?


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